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Sunday, February 22, 2009


DS replied:

Oh, please, give me a break! You just want the water to go to your sister at secular Kibbutz R...... in the Negev. Well, it won't, THIS WATER is staying RIGHT HERE, in Kiryat Arba, and will be used to water my GARDEN: Yes, you read it. It will water EVERYTHING in this garden, from the fruit trees, to the shade trees, to the flowers. G-d gave it to me, right here, and I sure hope EVERY GOOD JEW FOLLOWS MY EXAMPLE AND KEEPS THE WATER G-D GAVE HIM OR HER, right where he or she lives.

Enough with this water tyranny
: the government supplies it to the Arabs more than to us, whether in Jordan or in Yesha, and they steal it themselves anyway, if not for the Americans giving it to them via USAID. Don't you see it is another assault on our sovereignty? They'll do everything they can to deprive the Jews of anything good; first it was Gush Katif, now it is water rationing. If we distributed the wated equitably to the Jews, and forgot the Arabs, there would be enough for everybody. But no, they have to supply our enemies first, and let US , the JEWS, suffer. I am NOT buying it.Better I use is than the Arabs. Or that I should have to pay Mekorot to sell it to me at outrageous prices.

Tough luck if you don't like it.


ET wrote:

Dear DS, as long as you use the water for Drinking for survival & NOT for watering flower-gardens & washing your car !
you can always use this water for brushing-your-teeth without Floride ....he  he  he !
just a Fun !

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