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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Re:: OUTRAGE! CHRISTIAN SOCIALITE ( DONATED TO CHRIST THE KING HIGH SCHOOL), NOT A DISTANT RELATIVE OF STANFORD UNIVERSITY FOUNDER despite his claims to the contrary.....and by the way, that school is also fraudulent, it seems!

Disclaimer:correction and my apologies. I was mistaken by the statements in the previous articles.

 I found this:

Back in the United States, he stirred controversy by claiming family ties to Leland Stanford, who founded Stanford University in the 1890s. The university says there is no genealogical connection between the two and sued Stanford Group in October for infringing on its trademark.

(Editing by Matthew Lewis)


WHOA! Slow down! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around $50b and here you come up with a new scandal of $51b. And I expect we will not be told of Stanford's religion. After all, it's not newsworthy, is it?




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