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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Venezuelan Kristallnacht: Venezuela is another antisemitic hot spot totally out of control, VERY scary. I hope the Jews leave ASAP and come here.

Thank you, E.T. for alerting us to this major disaster.

Hi - sorry to send you this message, but it is important that the word get out asap on what is happening in Venezuela.

The attacks this weekend occurred after Gov't sponsored papers published articles such as the one below.  It is terrifying to read the proposed actions against Jews in Venezuela.    Given the fact that an organized gang has now seized the names and address of almost all Venezuelan Jews, the suggestions below are even more threatening.

The anti-Israel crap, par for the course... but the steps below are right out of the SS playbook:

*       "To publicly challenge every Jew that you find in the street, shopping center or park to take a stand shouting at them slogans in favor of Palestine and against that abortion: Israel."

*       "Denounce publicly, with names and last names the members of powerful Jewish groups present in Venezuela"
*       "...capitalist agents as these Zionist Hebrews are the thing that hurts them most is the pocket (including Jehovah) it is inappropriate to buy their products and go to their stores and to the stores, supermarkets, restaurants, etc., that have relations with them or are owned by them"
*       "...question the existence in Venezuela of educational institutions for Jews only"
*       "...Public, massive, periodic concentrations not only in front of the Israeli embassy but also in front of all Jewish institutions"
*       "Detect and watch, by the intelligence entities of the State and by the social comptroller of the organized peoples, the undercover agents of Mossad and NGOs and other groups of the so called civil society (including the filthy ("escuálidos") students of the private and autonomous universities) that have received advise and financing from the artificial state of israel,"
*       "Purge the government institutions of those filthy officials, that with or without the red beret act in favor of the interests of Zionist groups located in our country."
*       "Nationalization of the companies and confiscation of the assets of the Zionist jews that support the excesses of the nazi fascist state of israel and the immediate donation of said assets to the Palestinians, victims of the present holocaust."

Pay special attention to what the perpetrators retrieved from the administrative  offices of the synagogue this morning -  "computer hard drives , containing the database with the names, addresses, of almost every jewish family in Venezuela" ( Donor lists, member lists, jewish school lists, including residences and place of business)

This was not an act of common,  even professional antisemitic vandalism, this was a  well planned mission, to retrieve the name, address of every jew in Venezuela. You know what this means.

And if you think the Venezuelan government is going to do anything about it, forget about it. With this list on the hands of this highly trained and organized group, every Venezuelan jew is at risk. This cannot happen again.


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