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Wednesday, February 18, 2009



by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East analyst & commentator

In the last foolish release of convicted terrorists, little or no visible effort was made in this perfidious scam of Kadima, to trade for Corporal Gilad Schalit. This current government of Israel are merely corrupt politicians, only interested in themselves and the benefits they received from the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in gestures to the Palestinian Terrorists.

Similar gestures will be likely to come on orders from the Obama Administration.

The pretense by Rice that Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah so-called militants (the popular euphemism for Terrorists) were moderate with the Al Aksa Brigades at their core was a well-known lie. But, Rice, like Olmert couldn't care less. Now that Hillary Clinton has assumed her mantle of authority, 'the more things change, the more they stay the same'.

One key unanswered Question: Is Gilad Schalit still alive and well or is he (G-d forbid) dead? There has been no "proof of life". [See: Part 2 to follow soon]

We have seen the Muslim Arabs negotiate for Israeli hostages, pretending they were alive but, delivering bones because their Jewish hostages were savagely murdered long before.

Who else would know if Schalit was alive or dead? Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres through Israeli Intelligence? Who else? Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice through the CIA who maintained contacts within Hamas and Fatah from their days as Yassir Arafat's paymasters and trainers of the PA Security Police.

Hamas has refused to allow the Red Cross to see Schalit. Still, Olmert released Terrorists without asking for Schalit. Hopefully, I am wrong.

Hopefully, the current corrupt Israeli government will all meet the fate of Ariel Sharon in time as he lies on his hospital bed in a vegetative state, tortured by the memories of how he betrayed the Jewish people.

When will we, the people, us commoners, learn that it's only the personal glory of politicians and many generals that interests them. Is a single man (Schalit) of consuming interest to these corrupt leaders? No. Sadly, Schalit means no more to these self-centered ego-driven crooks than does Jonathan Pollard. For them such individuals are merely expendable sacrifices for their own advancement. Such selfish monsters would (and have) sacrifice a thousand, even ten thousand Schalits if it meant even one step upward for their career.

Jews are obligated to do everything they can to rescue Jewish hostages. We are not, however, obligated to sacrifice others. We can risk our own lives if we choose to rescue a hostage but, that is a personal choice.

The Kadima government ordered an early halt to their Gaza offensive, which demonstrated that they were willing to sacrifice soldiers in an assault the Olmert cohorts planned with false premises (and false implied promises). That is, they decided NOT to win. And, sure enough, the rockets continue to fall.

There were earlier opportunities to retrieve Corporal Schalit from Hamas but, that was never the goal uppermost in the minds of people like Olmert, Barak, Livni, Avi Dichter, among others. But, now these same politicians who were not consumed with the need to rescue Corporal Schalit wish to release another 1000 deadly killers so their last days in the public eyes as politicians will be a monument to their passing. Many people think that they should be dragged to Court for capital crimes against the Jewish people and meet the fate dealt to the criminals at the Nuremberg Tribunal.

Those 1000 caught, arrested and convicted will not only kill again (when released) but, they have and will train other radical Islamists to kill Jews in as bloody a fashion as they can imagine. If they happen to kill their own Muslim Arabs as collateral damage, they won't care. They'll label them "martyrs for the cause of Islam". This will all be the fault of the Kadima demons who are ready to sacrifice the Jewish people and Israel for the nightmares they call their dreams of peace.

May their days and nights be cursed to a hundred generations. Did anyone believe the fate of one brave young soldier meant anything at all to these "false" leaders except for whatever political advantages that could be squeezed out of him and the people?

We Jews are in a bad way. I am reminded of the days around 70 C.E. when the Romans desecrated the Holy of Holies in the ancient Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Romans contaminated the Holy City of Jerusalem in filth with their pagan presence. Is it so different now when Israel's current corrupt leaders sell parts of the nation and homes of their people to the pagans again?

After the Jewish IDF defeated the Jordanian Army in June 1967, the Temple Mount was given over to the Muslim Waqf by Moshe Dayan so the Jews would not be able to rally around their holiest religious site. Now the same perfidious Jews who hate the Jewish Land - wish to surrender Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and all those parts of Jerusalem occupied and desecrated by Jordan for 19 years from 1948 to 1967. That includes the North and the South - as well as the East part of Jerusalem, especially the ancient walled Old City.

These same Jewish corrupt "pretend" leaders have already given away and destroyed Gush Katif's thriving innovative agricultural million dollar profitable industry, uprooted and expelled 10,000 Jewish men, women and children in 21 self-sustaining communities in Gush Katif/Gaza and 4 in Northern Samaria. They demolished their homes, industries, farms, gardens, schools, yeshivas - even their cemeteries. Those people are still living in exile, in paper-maché trailers - using sewer pipes for their bomb shelters against the thousands of Hamas Rockets, Missiles and mortars. Most of them are still unemployed as the corrupt government abrogated all their promises.

If all these scoundrels are willing to give away all of this with all our deep Jewish history, of what matter to them is the life of one sweet-faced, innocent Corporal Schalit?

The word "corruption" doesn't even approach what these leaders have done. When they walk the streets of Jerusalem, they literally hate the ground they walk on (3) because it is so rich in Jewish history. There is no forgiveness for such contempt, such perfidy. As Arik Sharon pays a bitter price for his cowardly abandonment of his own Jewish people, so too will these betrayers of the Jewish nation and the Jewish people ultimately pay a terrible price.

Never forget and never forgive any of these leaders who gave away Jewish Land, Jewish homes and endangered Jewish lives. Remind them every day of their lives of their betrayal. Pray that they and theirs suffer for the catastrophes they brought upon Jewish families.


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from Shoshanna Walker  ("I say "release" - Israel should release the terrorists and then hunt them down and kill them" - Shoshanna Walker

Even with coalitions talks underway towards forming a coalition government, Arab and other media reports surrounding an "imminent deal" towards the release of Gilad Shalit remain top news in Israel.

Activists working on behalf of Shalit pleaded with the government over the past year NOT to enter into the first ceasefire and NOT to end Operation Cast Lead without Gilad at home, but their voices fell on deaf ears. The government is now [strangely Ed.Note! EW] tenacious in its efforts to bring Shalit home. The nation prays it is not too late, albeit aware a deal will carry an extremely high price.

The price for his release will be at least 1,000 terrorists, some the most senior terrorists held in Israeli prisons, terrorists who will undoubtedly boost the morale of Hamas and other terror factions, terrorists who yearn to murder Jews. Some feel anything that will spare the pain of parents is worth the price while others point out with each deal, the price increases and we must stop the madness before these most venomous of terrorists are released in exchange for Shalit's freedom.

Hamas continues to release statements that it absolutely refuses to release Shalit in a ceasefire deal, but the Gaza-based terror regime does indeed wish to close a deal. Hamas officials fear if Binyamin Netanyahu becomes the next Prime Minister, since he is perceived as a hard-liner, a deal with him may be less attractive. In addition, the carnage that has befallen Gaza has left the Hamas leadership even less popular than before Operation Cast Lead. Gaza's in ruins and poverty is rampant, as Hamas leaders and representatives continue their reign of terror on opposing factions, stealing humanitarian aid for their own profit, while the masses languish in dire straits. Hamas closing a deal which includes the release of some 1,000 terrorists, and the opening of the Gaza gates, will bring a badly needed boost to the terror regime.

PM Olmert has the support of his most senior ministers and it appears the cabinet will raise their hands in a showing of support later in the week, clearing the path for closing a deal which will bring Shalit home. (Yechiel Spira YWN Israel)


..........Briefing the cabinet ministers of events in Gaza was ISA (Israel Security Agency - Shin Bet) Director Yuval Diskin, stated weapons smuggling continues as Hamas remains determined to rearm and prepare for the next military confrontation with Israel. He added Hamas has stepped up its dealing with opposition parties, reporting Hamas gunmen shoot their opponents' legs (and break their hands). Then they prevent medical personnel from treating them. Diskin added that opponents of Hamas are also wounded and thrown out of windows as the Hamas regimes continues its reign of terror in Gaza. (Yechiel Spira YWN Israel)

                                MINISTERS WILL 'PAY THE PRICE' By Hana Levi Julian Arutz Sheva 7 February 15, 2009

The government is likely to agree to "pay the price" set by Hamas terrorists for the return of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, according to Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit who told reporters Sunday morning he was "willing to pay the price to bring Shalit home," even in a two-step process, "so long as Gilad is released from Hamas hands in the first phase and passed to the Egyptians." Sheetrit said as he went into the meeting, "We must not make any agreement without including Shalit."

Shas party chairman, Eli Yishai, also said "We mustn't make progress with the cease-fire without Gilad Shalit," echoing Sheetrit's words, "We will need to pay a heavy price for his return."

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter...told listeners that the government is prepared to free numerous Palestinian Authority terrorists with "blood on their hands" in order to secure Shalit's return...and might include the top terrorists whose freedom has consistently been demanded by Hamas – Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti, PFLP secretary-general Ahmed Sada'at, and Hamas bomb maker and terror mastermind Abdullah Barghouti.


As "Danny" at // said on Feb. 15, 2009:

"The disengagement was not a disaster. [I think it was. Ed. Note: EW] Just as the biblical kingdom expanded and shrunk on occasion, so the modern Israel, under a decent leader, would retake Gush Katif. But its destruction was a strategic error."


Previous mass releases of Palestinian Arab terrorists, in addition to encouraging further kidnappings for the purpose of wresting still more terrorists from Israeli jails, has been shown to lead to the murder of more Jews by released terrorists.


"A terror organization called Almagor reminded everyone that no less than one third of released terrorists return to terror and that they have murdered 180 Israelis."


The Olmert government has emphasized repeatedly that that those being released included those who recruited, trained and dispatched suicide bombers. The Almagor Terror Victims Association, which petitioned the High Court of Justice to delay the release, said that 179 Israelis have been killed over the last seven years by Palestinians freed in previous deals. Jerusalem Post

, July 18, 2007).

A 2006 detailed report by the ATVA (Almagor Terror Victims Association) shows that between 1993-1999, Israel released 6,912 terrorists for "confidence building measures" and prisoner deals. Of that number, 854 (14%) were arrested subsequently for lethal terrorists acts which claimed the lives of 123 Israelis. The ATVA report concluded, "The mass killing due to these attacks included … a huge number of victims left with disabilities due to the attack and many other victims. In all the previous death-bargains, the overwhelming majority of those released returned to terrorist activities, at the cost of a huge destruction of life."



PART 2 OF RECIDIVISM OF TERRORISTS by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East analyst & commentator

No one has seen or heard from Corporal Gilad Shalit since his capture and Hamas refuses the Red Cross admittance to see him.

Allow me to offer a scenario which can be denied by PM Olmert, Condoleezza Rice, George Bush and the Obama team of Middle East advisors.

Suppose Shalit was either executed or died in captivity, (G-d forbid). The Muslim Arabs are expert in dangling the release of their hostages for whatever benefits they want, on the pretext of having hostages who are still alive in order to make Israel willing to cut a deal that is dangerous to the Jewish State. In past exchanges, the Arab Muslims demand and received live terrorist prisoners but, in the end, they returned only the bones of their executed Jewish hostages.

What could be happening this time?

If Shalit were dead, who knows and what will the sham exchange bring?

Those likely in the know would be Olmert, Livni, Barak and Peres. The source of such information would probably be Israeli Intelligence. This would explain why Olmert seemed not to try very hard for Shalit's release until now as he is about to leave his control over the Israeli government. This would also allow Olmert to release batches of terrorists under the pretext that he was negotiating for Shalit's release.

Then there is the present urgency for Olmert to release 1000 caught, tried, convicted and jailed Terrorists, including Marwan Bargouti. Here enters the U.S. State Department, Rice, the CIA and other Intel Agencies. For some time, the U.S. has wanted to find another "Yassir Arafat" character because Abbas has proven too weak.

Marwan Bargouti who is now in prison, serving 5 life sentences with no parole, plus 40 years for massive murder, is very much like Arafat. The U.S. want him released, theoretically to be like Arafat - their man on the 'inside'.

Bargouti is a known super Terrorist. If he takes over Fatah and its military/Terrorist wings of Tanzim and Al-Aksa Martyrs' Brigades, his credentials as a killer would also suit Hamas. But, to get him out of prison would take a very high-value trade - like Shalit for Bargouti.

As long as Gilad Shalit seemed to be alive, the negotiations could move forward with a bit of parallel cover by Hamas demanding the release of 1000 other Terrorists.

The process of tricking the Israeli and American people would have begun on the Bush-Rice watch. It would now be handed over to the Obama Middle East team, with Hillary Clinton, Jim Jones - among others, picking up where Bush and Rice left off.

Assume  Shalit is still alive. Let the exchange go through for Bargouti. When it comes time to hand over Shalit, Hamas would say: "With regrets, Shalit died from natural causes or was killed during the Israeli attack on Gaza." That trick has been used successfully in the past, making Israel the executioner.

Granted, this is only a possible scenario but, Hamas is showing "no proof of life" (the required condition for a hostage negotiation to proceed). Therefore it would be to their benefit in terms of getting what they ask for IF he is not alive. In fact, the absence of "proof of life" is very indicative of his NOT being alive.

If the Olmert/Kadima party leaders have known this, they should be promptly tried for treason by aiding and abetting Terror and Murder. Releasing thousands of Terrorist killers who have proven to return to killing again, is a crime against the nation, the Jews of Israel and the Jews world-wide.

As for Bush and Rice, if this scenario has basis, they should also be brought before the Court in the Hague. Collaborating to release a Super-Terrorist would be like releasing Adolph Hitler or Osama Bin Laden, knowing they were fully committed to Genocide and Terror.

The question: Why release Bargouti? is not being explored sufficiently by the Media. Whether Corporal Shalit is alive or, G-d forbid dead, he is still being used as a pawn in a much larger game. See this through the eyes of the Arabist State Department and the Leftist government of Olmert, Livni, Barak and Peres.

Having a Super-Terrorist equal to Yassir Arafat controlling the Palestinians would produce the following: In collusion with the above, he could create the false image of Palestinians, be they Hamas or Fatah accepting a peaceful mode at least until Israel gives up massive amounts of territory. Remember that Arafat always posed for his picture under the map he created of "Palestine" covering ALL of Israel, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea - with ALL of Jerusalem as the capital of the new State of Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) kept that picture and image - as does Hamas - in all their declarations.

Then considerable pressure could be applied by President Obama for Israel to evict Jews and hand over their ancestral heartland for another Palestinian State - because there were no missiles being launched during this up-coming "Hudna" (temporary peace).

Even as of this morning on the front page of the Wall St. Journal, February 17th, Tzipi Livni who hopes tbe designated Prime Minister said: "The country must give up territory in exchange for peace."  Oh, you mean when Israel gave 7 cities to Arafat by virtue of the Oslo Accords, which led to massive Terror attacks which killed more than 1,500 Israeli men, women and children, maiming thousands more for life?   

Or when Israel totally withdrew from Gaza, uprooting 10,000 men, women and children, Israel  has gotten only increased Terror by 10,000 Hamas Rockets, Missiles and Mortars launched into Southern Israel?     

There is absolutely NO basis for Livni's proclamation.

The fact is that the political Left, in collusion with the Arabists in Washington, have little interest as to whether the Palestinians are reliable enough to keep any agreement even if it means subverting Israel's safety.

Bargouti has pledged and acted upon the destruction of Israel so there can be no reliance on a Super-Terrorist to abort his plans to eliminate Israel. The Arabist State Department clearly shares his point of view denials - notwithstanding.

As for Corporal Shalit, he is a pawn to be played with by Olmert and the Leftist government until he is replaced by another abducted hostage or hostages. While I fervently pray for his return (alive and well), Olmert's release of 1000 more Terrorist Killers plus a Super Terrorist leader means hundreds of Israelis must be sacrificed to these Terrorists who overwhelmingly return to their Islamic task of killing Jews - in as horrific and bloody a fashion as possible.


Please send this on to your newspapers, the Hebrew Press, all the Likud and the rest of the Knesset. Olmert is on the threshold of another of his infamous tricks.

P.S. Please note the previous article of February 17: "RECIDIVISM OF TERRORISTS" which includes the data describing the numbers of released Terrorists who returned to committing Terrorist Murder against Jews.

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