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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Re:Tsir Tsion in Kiryat Arba - Hevron, the release of terrorists, etc. Of course what I am going to suggest to you is hypothetical. But please follow my reasoning, see if it doesn't make a lot of sense, and explain certain recent developments. Below

New title, shortened version, in case you missed it last night because of a misleading title. Thanks. DS


Shavuah Tov to all,

I want to speak about the protest and the prayer last night, Erev Shabbat, in Kiryat Arba. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it , being just too exhausted from last week's heavy schedule,  but like everyone here I did get a call from the organizers, and received the pamphlet distributed to all residents, calling us to action. The pamphlet was only mentioning the government giving in to the "Arab enemy". It is hard to believe that this is the way people understand the reality on the ground here. How can supposedly intelligent leaders be that blind? Or are they just being politically correct?

So I am going to give you my interpretation of the recent events; granted, some of it is hypothetical - the part having to do with the release of Khalid Al Javary by the USA this week to some "Unknown destination". The rest of my theory is pretty much confirmed facts, however.

So here we go: - read the news clips, and Carolyn Glick's article for more evidence .

Obama's administration is clearly hostile to Israel, and is, similarly to previous administrations, committed to the two state solution, a code word for the destruction of Israel. Now Netanyahu has just been CHOSEN by Peres to form a government, despite his failure to win the election, His left-leaning sympathies notwithstanding, Netanyahu is still an Israeli, and is NOT committed to the SUICIDE / DEATH CAMP ( from now on, I shall call the LEFT, the DEATH CAMP, that is, death to Israel camp, and the RIGHT, the LIFE CAMP, that is, AM YISRAEL CHAI CAMP). So to make him toe the line, the Obama administration, "just in case", released a assassin who has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he has the motivation and  ability to kill an Israeli prime minister. The goal: to force Netanyahu to adopt suicidal policies for Israel under threat of death to himself.

Speaking about death policies:

Until now, the US, together with the UN, Europe, the NWO, and of course, behind them all , ROME,  had counted on diplomacy to reach their goal of a two -state solution, and the division of Jerusalem. But now that diplomacy has clearly failed - Netanyahu has been elected, and even the PA refuses to play ball with Israel! -, it is on to PLAN B: time to KILL the obstacles to a PA state: time to KILL THE SETTLERS: specifically US, the Kiryat-Arba Hevron settlers. Because our enemies know that whatever the fate of Hevron, so will be the fate of Jerusalem. So they have decided to KILL US. How do they do that? Very simple: by ORDERING THE ARMY TO OPEN THE ROAD TO ARAB TRAFFIC. First, overriding a court ruling and simple justice, the Defense Minister evacuated Beth Hashalom. We didn't know then what their sinister plans were. Now their plans have become very clear: the evacuation of Beth Hashalom was a first step towards a massacre of Jews. The next part of the plan is the RELEASE OF THE 1000+ TERRORISTS, using Gilad Shalit as a pretext..... and let's not forget all the terrorists conveniently released from a Jericho prison. So all the "DEFENSE MINISTRY"( oops, forgot,"OFFENSE" - AGAINST JEWS-  MINISTRY) has to do is open the road, let the terrorists do the job.... and of course THEY had nothing to do with it! It's the Arabs! Of course, it has nothing to do with Mitchell coming here and putting pressure, nothing to do with Blair meeting Olmert, nothing to do with Obama meeting Peres.... nothing, nothing... THEY are innocent as can be.

Maybe you wonder how the police managed to expel Baruch Marzel from Uhm -el Fahm despite a court ruling in his favor; how Hershkowitz still cannot access his land in Jerusalem despite a court ruling in his favor; how despite a court ruling Beth Hashalom was evacuated; etc, etc. Obviously there are some very dark forces out there, some people with influence, representing foreign governments, the UN, the US, Europe, THE POPE, WHO GIVE ORDERS TO OUR GOVERNMENT TO DO AS THEY WISH, OR ELSE.... AND UNTIL NOW , UNDER OLMERT, LIVNI AND BARAK, THE GOVERNMENT HAS DONE WHAT THOSE HOSTILE ELEMENTS HAVE REQUESTED. BUT NOW, WITH NETANYAHU AND A RIGHT-WING GOVERNMENT IN PLACE, IT IS NOT SELF-EVIDENT THAT THEY WILL COMPLY... AND THAT IS WHERE THE PRIME MINISTER ASSASSIN COMES IN, CONVENIENTLY RELEASED FROM AN AMERICAN JAIL, JUST AT THE PROPER TIME.


Kiryat Arba Residents Protest Proposed Road Opening

Shevat 28, 5769, 22 February 09 01:55

Hundreds of Kiryat Arba residents conducted Friday night prayers in various locations in Hevron, outdoors, in protest over the IDF's plans to open the road between Ramat Mamre and Beit Hadassah top Arab traffic. The outdoor prayers were authorized by Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior. The road passes many important security points in the area of Jewish Hevron, including Lapid Junction, where Mordechai Lapid, Shalom Lapid, and Yechzekel Mu'alem were murdered by Arab terrorists, as well as the Hazon David Synagogue, built on the site where David Cohen was murdered.

Members of the Kiryat Arba Action Committee, which organized the protests, condemned the proposal to open the road. "This road is sown with the blood of our friends. What else has to happen in order to stop the opening of this 'road of violence?'" asked one member of the Committee.

PA Official: No Negotiations With Right Wing Government

Shevat 27, 5769, 21 February 09 10:20

Palestinian Authority chief negotiator Saeb Erekat told an American delegation Saturday that the PA would not negotiate with any new Israeli government that "rejects the principle of a two-state resolution to the Middle East conflict," and does not agree to preventing the construction of new Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria.

At a meeting with US Consul General in Jerusalem, Jake Walles, and Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, Erekat said that "Any Israeli government rejects the two-state principle and the previously signed agreements and [rejects] pledges to halt settlements, lift the siege and closure will not be a partner of the PLO and there will be no political negotiations with it." Erekat added that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas had already officially notified the US, EU, Russia, and the UN of his position.

U.S. Wants to See Hamas-Fatah Unity Govt.

Shevat 28, 5769, 22 February 09 02:55

The United States is pushing for a Hamas-Fatah unity government, despite the fact that Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by both the U.S. and EU. Reports Saturday said that the U.S. has "offered encouragement" to Egypt as Cairo seeks to draw the two warring terror factions together in order to build a unity government for the Palestinian Authority. Last Thursday, George Mitchell, President Barack Obama's special envoy to the region, said that he wanted to see a unity government formed.

The talks were to have begun in Egypt last week, but have been pushed off until this Wednesday. Among the thorny issues to be sorted out will be Hamas' demands that its people be allowed to help supervise the Rafiach crossing. According to the PA's current agreement with Israel, only Fatah troops are allowed to monitor the crossing.


US Frees Man Who Plotted to Kill Golda Meir

Shevat 26, 5769, 20 February 09 08:17

( The United States has released from jail a Black September terrorist who placed bombs timed to explode with the arrival in New York of then-Prime Minister Golda Meir. The bombs failed to detonate. The terrorist, Khalid Al-Jawary was freed because authorities took into consideration time he had served before being convicted and because of "good behavior."

He will be deported, but it is not known yet to which country. His identity never was proven, and he held passports from Jordan, Iraq and France. Al-Jawary was part of the Black September gang that killed 11 Israeli athletes at the Olympics Games in Munich in 1972.

ONE MORE MAJOR TERRORIST RELEASED.Interesting timing, isn't it? Just on time for our new Prime Minister of "right-wing" persuasion, and to join the thousand others . Where do you think the US will send him? How much do want to bet, right here???

Daisy Stern
Feb 20 (2 days ago)

Iraq Directly Tied to 1973 New York City Terrorist Bomb Plot

By Sean Osborne, Associate Director


3 February 2009: The Palestinian terrorist above, Khalid Duhham AL-JAWARY, is currently in a federal detention center in Manhattan serving a 30-year sentence imposed by Judge Jack B Weinstein on April 16, 1993 for his direct role (fingerprints on one of the bombs) in a planned PLO/Black September multi-VBIED plot that would have killed hundreds of innocent people during a visit by Israeli PM Golda Meir in March 1973. Three powerful bombs were placed in cars. Two were positioned on Manhattan's 5th Avenue outside Israeli banks and the third at Kennedy International Airport's El Al cargo terminal. That vehicle had the parts for a forth bomb within it.

The federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) currently plans to release this terrorist on February 19th "after completing only about half his term, including time served prior to his sentencing and credit for good behavior." He will then be handed over to U.S. Immigration authorities for deportation to who knows where. Details about Al-Jawary are found in this KDKA report filed 10 days ago. Initial links to Iraq are found in this report.

News of this terrorists impending release has caused nothing less than a firestorm which has apparently resulted in the declassification of a National Security Agency (NSA) intercept of an official diplomatic communication sent from the Iraqi mission in New York City to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in Baghdad. The NSA interception of this kind of transmission most likely was accomplished via the highly-classified eavesdropping capabilities of its National Diplomatic Communications (NDC) program. Here is proof of direct Iraqi government involvement in a terrorist action on American soil with the PLO/Black September terrorist group used as the proxy agency. In other words, this was an act of war. An act which was likely the first of several Iraqi acts of war on American soil.

An article by Maggie Haberman in todays edition of the New York Post provides the first glimpse of this new revelation. Quoting Haberman's article, "the National Security Agency intercepted a message about where they had been placed. The encrypted message was sent possibly from Iraq's New York mission to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in Baghdad, said Jim Welsh, a NSA analyst. Then the message was relayed to the Palestine Liberation Organization headquarters, Welsh said."

Iraq in 1973 was ruled by the Ba'athist party under the leadership of Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr. Al-Bakr had come to power via a coup d'etat in 1968. The infamous Saddam Hussein was Al-Bakr's right-hand man in that coup and was subsequently given the position of Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. As the head of the Iraqi security apparatus it is inconceivable that Saddam Hussein did not have explicit foreknowledge of this planned terrorist attack. On July 16, 1979 Saddam Hussein forced Al-Bakr to resign and became Iraq's dictator six days later.

Convicted terrorist Khalid Duhham al-Jawary should never be released from the U.S. federal prison system, and hopefully he will reach the age of 76-years old while a resident within it.

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