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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here is a beautiful poem I am ADDRESSING TO YOU, ARABS in YISRAEL, DIRECTLY. Will I also get accolades from the media? It would only be fair! From now on, I say we REVERSE EVERYTHING, give THEM a taste of their own medicine, be they Arabs, Jesuits,..

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The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Another Tack: Justifying the feeding frenzy

Feb. 12, 2009
Sarah Honig , THE JERUSALEM POST  [ article clipped, DS]

Last summer Laor reminded us of the sort of Arab extremism which enthralls him. It was right after the death of Mahmoud Darwish - "the Palestinian national poet," once an Israeli-Arab communist, later a PLO luminary and author of the Palestinian "Declaration of Independence." Darwish never softened his uncompromising abhorrence of Israel, not even for appearance's sake, as many of his fellow-Fatah leaders expediently did post-Oslo.

Darwish contemptuously labeled Israel's Jews "those who pass through passing words." He dehumanizingly referred to them as ephemeral despicable parasites - "flying insects" - spiteful transient interlopers, bound to depart without trace, leaving no vestige of ever having sojourned here. He steadfastly and unabashedly denied any Jewish connection with this land, any history, tie or right to remain here. He was the ultimate unrepentant advocate of ethnic cleansing and - barring that - of outright genocide. Directly addressing Israeli Jews, he demanded:

"Take your names and get out.

Steal what you will

From the blue of the sea and the sands of memory...

Don't pass among us like flying insects...

Take your bony skeletons...

Collect your illusions from abandoned holes and get out...

It's your time to get out.

Reside where you will but not among us.

Die where you wish, but not among us...

Ours is the past here

And the present and the future

Ours is the world here...

So get out of our soil

Our earth, our sea

Our wheat, our salt...

Our everything.

Get out

Of all memory

And remove with you your dead..."

Freethinking individuals may be forgiven for considering Darwish's visceral loathing anathema to progressive enlightened humanists. But those who lay claim to the liberal mantle often excel at perverting liberal articles of faith. Had any Jew dared utter an infinitesimal fraction of Darwish's harangues, he'd be ostracized, pilloried and probably tried by Israel's bon ton judiciary for incitement and hate-mongering.

BUT IT'S DIFFERENT STROKES for different folks. What wouldn't be tolerated from a Jew becomes cause for adulation in an Arab. By heaping honors and accolades on mortal foes, local pseudo-liberal sorts paint themselves as admirably benevolent. They massage their own inflated egos by embracing those who seethe with revulsion against their own people.

Little surprise then that Darwish's death was announced on our TV channels with sorrowful, somber expressions. Some radio stations accompanied the obligatory mournful tones with suitably solemn musical selections. Israel's most liberal daily - the one we should count upon to deprecate all fanatical racist exhortations - paid him the greatest tribute.

Ha'aretz commemorated Darwish with a special issue of its literary supplement - devoted exclusively to the poet who wished to expunge all of us from all memory. Exuding unmistakable post-Zionist zeal, the entire edition was headlined: "He wrote for us too." There was no hint of the mildest criticism........


.[and here are a few more beautiful words from his poetic mouth which I shall gladly send back to the originating political faction, in a boomeranged fashion, DS]:

....Darwish enunciated in his deceptively titled book, Leaves of Olives. It contains the 1964 poem "Identity Card" which bloodcurdlingly cautions: "The usurper's flesh will be my food. Beware! Beware of my hunger and my anger!.....................


And to end this chapter, here are some wise words from our dear friend and visionary, Eric Phelps, in a similar vein:

Re: And if the guy was a Jew like Madoff, you'd never hear the end of it. Maybe we should start: "catholic tycoon", "episcopalian businessman", " baptist capitalist" murders scores of innocent people with utter ruthlessness; ALL Christians are murderers!

Dear ( DS),
Totally agreed.  Every criminal should first be known by his religion, then his race and then his nationality.  Then we could do some really helpful profiling in order to keep these savages out---or kill these savages out---of our nations.

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