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Monday, February 9, 2009

Two US items of importance - related or not? Certainly worrisome. A NEW and MORE POWERFUL top-down heavy Jesuit control of National Security Council, while Blackhawk Helicopter makes hostile sortie in Virginia.

Go to the original article to see General James Jones's picture. I don't know about you, but his picture is giving me the creeps.

James Jones, Georgetown famous Jesuit University alumnus, raised in France, and Supreme NATO commander.

As is Robert Gates, also a Georgetown Jesuit University Alumnus - and as did Bill Clinton, Hillary''s husband. So we have a Jesuit University alumni TRIUMVIRATE up on top.
Obama's NSC Will Get New Power
Directive Expands Makeup and Role Of Security Body

By Karen DeYoung
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, February 8, 2009; A01

President Obama plans to order a sweeping overhaul of the National Security Council, expanding its membership and increasing its authority to set strategy across a wide spectrum of international and domestic issues.

The result will be a "dramatically different" NSC from that of the Bush administration or any of its predecessors since the forum was established after World War II to advise the president on diplomatic and military matters, according to national security adviser James L. Jones, who described the changes in an interview. "The world that we live in has changed so dramatically in this decade that organizations that were created to meet a certain set of criteria no longer are terribly useful," he said.

Jones, a retired Marine general, made it clear that he will run the process and be the primary conduit of national security advice to Obama, eliminating the "back channels" that at times in the Bush administration allowed Cabinet secretaries and the vice president's office to unilaterally influence and make policy out of view of the others.

"We're not always going to agree on everything," Jones said, and "so it's my job to make sure that minority opinion is represented" to the president. "But if at the end of the day he turns to me and says, 'Well, what do you think, Jones?,' I'm going to tell him what I think."

The new structure, to be outlined in a presidential directive and a detailed implementation document by Jones, will expand the NSC's reach far beyond the range of traditional foreign policy issues and turn it into a much more elastic body, with Cabinet and departmental seats at the table -- historically occupied only by the secretaries of defense and state -- determined on an issue-by-issue basis. Jones said the directive will probably be completed this week.

"The whole concept of what constitutes the membership of the national security community -- which, historically has been, let's face it, the Defense Department, the NSC itself and a little bit of the State Department, to the exclusion perhaps of the Energy Department, Commerce Department and Treasury, all the law enforcement agencies, the Drug Enforcement Administration, all of those things -- especially in the moment we're currently in, has got to embrace a broader membership," he said.

New NSC directorates will deal with such department-spanning 21st-century issues as cybersecurity, energy, climate change, nation-building and infrastructure. Many of the functions of the Homeland Security Council, established as a separate White House entity by President Bush after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, may be subsumed into the expanded NSC, although it is still undetermined whether elements of the HSC will remain as a separate body within the White House.

Over the next 50 days, John O. Brennan, a CIA veteran who serves as presidential adviser for counterterrorism and homeland security and is Jones's deputy, will review options for the homeland council, including its responsibility for preparing for and responding to natural and terrorism-related domestic disasters. In a separate interview, Brennan described his task as a "systems engineering challenge" to avoid overlap with the new NSC while ensuring that "homeland security matters, broadly defined, are going to get the attention they need from the White House."

Organizational maps within the government will be redrawn to ensure that all departments and agencies take the same regional approach to the world, Jones said. The State Department, for example, considers Afghanistan, Pakistan and India together as South Asia, while the Pentagon draws a line at the Pakistan-India border, with the former under the Central Command and the latter part of the Pacific Command. Israel is part of the military's European Command, but the rest of the Middle East falls under Central Command; the State Department combines Israel and the Arab countries surrounding it in its Near East Bureau.

"We are going to reflect in the NSC all the regions of the world along some map line we can all agree on," Jones said.

The national security process, he said, will also be "transparent to its clients" inside the administration, with meeting agendas and outcomes made available to "the whole community" in real time. Each department will appoint someone to monitor the NSC process, enabling senior officials across the government to be ready to jump into issues without steep learning curves.

Directorates inside Jones's NSC staff will oversee implementation of decisions. "It doesn't mean that we micromanage or supervise," he said. "But you have to make sure, . . . particularly if it's a presidential decision, that the president is kept abreast of how things are going. That it doesn't just fall off the end of the table and disappear into outer space."

Most modern chief executives have issued an early directive outlining a structure for making national security decisions. Although the 1947 National Security Act created the NSC and listed its membership -- including the president, the vice president, and the secretaries of state and defense -- each president has redefined it to fit his own needs and style. In recent administrations, the CIA director, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and at times the Treasury secretary have regularly attended principals meetings. At the same time, the role and power of the president's national security adviser, and the size of his staff, have grown larger or smaller depending on the president's wishes.

But initial presidential intentions have often been waylaid by personalities and events. George W. Bush criticized Bill Clinton's NSC style as rambling and indecisive. Over the next eight years, however -- as first-term Bush adviser Condoleezza Rice was outmaneuvered by Vice President Richard B. Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and as Bush's second term became mired in an unpopular war and a failing economy -- decision-making quickly became more reactive than strategic, and deliberations were opaque to all but a small inner circle.

The Obama administration -- with powerful figures such as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates -- appears crowded at the top of the national security pyramid and heavy with military officials, including Jones himself and retired Navy Adm. Dennis C. Blair as director of national intelligence. Special envoys to trouble spots -- former diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and former senator George J. Mitchell to the Middle East -- have been given broad presidential authority.

Although Jones said he strongly supports increased resources for the State Department, which is increasingly dwarfed by the size and expanding missions of the Defense Department, he has long been an outspoken proponent of a "pro-active military" in noncombat regions. He has advocated military collaboration with the oil and gas industry and with nongovernmental organizations abroad.

But Jones said he sees an administration filled with colleagues rather than competitors. Since Jan. 20, "I've had more meetings with the secretary of state and the secretary of defense than I've had in my entire lifetime," said Jones, who served as Marine Corps commandant, NATO military chief and, under Bush, a special Middle East envoy.

During a midafternoon interview last Thursday, Jones said he had already spoken face to face with Gates and had four telephone conversations with him that day. He has set up a standing Wednesday morning meeting with Gates and Clinton together in his office.

"I believe in collegiality . . . in sounding out people and getting them to participate," Jones said. "I notice the president is very good at that." But he made clear he plans to apply military-like discipline to the NSC. "The most important thing is that you are in fact the coordinator and you're the guy around which the meetings occur. When we chair a principals meeting, I'm the chairman." One of the first of many internal Bush administration clashes occurred when Cheney proposed that he, rather than Rice, chair NSC meetings.

In his initial conversations with Obama before taking the job, Jones confirmed, he insisted on being "in charge" and having open and final access to the president on all national security matters. "We engaged in about an hour-long discussion about what I was already thinking about the NSC; it happened, I think, to mesh pretty well with what his instincts were. He was clear about the role of the national security adviser," Jones said of Obama.

The NSC will take on all national security matters that are strategic in nature and "of such importance that the president of the United States would care" about them, he said. Action groups from various departments and agencies will be formed around specific issues for as long as it takes to resolve them. "Some of these things will be very short-term. When the problem goes away, the group goes away." Others will be ongoing. "An Afghan strategic review, that's going to take a while," Jones said. "The policy that is generated from that review, and the implementation, is going to take a while."

Some principals will be regulars at the NSC "just by force of issues," he said, and "you can't just designate the whole government as being there." But everyone should be kept aware of "what's going on" and given an opportunity to say, 'Wait a minute, I've got something to say here.' "


From Jack



From: Al Cuppet
Subject: Blackhawk Helicopter [hostile] sortie over Madison County, Virginia



(To email addresses A thru G)


OK folks, here's a BIG one!!!!! 


Jewish friends you'd better make Aliyah because a bunch of us have stuck our necks way out, WAY OUT, to save your

slow-moving bodies from the FOURTH REICH!! SHALOM


Al Cuppett


Alexander "Al" Cuppett

US Army & Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Retired)

366 Graves Mill Rd

Madison, VA 22727

7 February 2009 


Subject: Blackhawk Helicopter [hostile] sortie over Madison County, Virginia


TO: Director, Army Operations Center, the Pentagon (email)




Refs:      a. Telecon Madison County 911 Dispatcher – A.B. Cuppett, same subj, 5 Feb 2009


               b. Telecon A.B. Cuppett-Duty Officer, NMCC, same subj, 5 Feb 2009


               c. Telecon A.B. Cuppett-LTC Lowe, DO, AOC, same subj, 5 Feb 2009


d. Telecon A.B. Cuppett-Duty Officer, AF Ops Cen, same subj, 5 Feb 2009


e. Telecon A.B. Cuppett-Duty Officer, Air Combat Cmd Ops Ctr, same subj, 5 Feb 2009


f. Letter, A.B. Cuppett to Col Wayne Huggins, Supt VSP, subj: Hostile Cobra Sortie over Orange VA, 17 Feb 1995 (NOTAL)



Ref a. was initial request, at 2035 hours, to provide assistance indentifying a Blackhawk helicopter over Madison County, VA; or to determine the aircraft's proponent/O&M command.  Refs b thru e were subsequent attempts to obtain operational data. 


During initial phonecon (Ref a.) I was advised a Blackhawk chopper was apparently engaged with unknown target/individuals on the ground near Elly Road and State Route 634 in Madison County. Citizen making the initial 911call apparently was able to identify the blacked-out chopper as a "Blackhawk"; as the A/C was about sixty feet AGL over one of the dwellings. There was also a bright three-quarter moon. Furthermore, at some point in the over flight the A/C fired a star-shell pyrotechnic device. I agreed to contact appropriate agencies in an effort to assist.  


Subsequent investigation on 6 Feb 2009 reveals that small arms fire was also heard, as attested to by Madison County officials; furthermore, the A/C was intermittently employing "noise cancelling" technology. Specifically, at times the A/C could be seen but the rotor blades could not be heard. Be advised, in 2008 I observed this "system" being employed, at night, on a rotary wing A/C directly overhead at about 400 feet AGL in Wolftown, VA. Further advise that I hold FAA, Private Pilot – Single Engine Land Certificate (license) # 1797720. At this point the above information is probably all that's known about this particular incident. Investigation is ongoing.


However, in an effort to "illuminate" any concerned Directorate, Command, or Commander, I've taken the liberty to "cut and paste" Ref f. below, as an attachment. The specific "Cobra sortie" occurred on 14 Feb 1995 in Orange, VA; however, there are countless other such "sorties" which have been reported to me in Virginia, as well as in CONUS, since 1994. Be advised I know who is flying these aircraft and I have identified at least two of the operational bases in Virginia. 


Moreover, in-depth investigations, as well as observed/circumstantial evidence over the last 15 years, reveal these A/C are also employing radar spoofing transponders which can spoof CONUS FAA surveillance/acquisition radar. Professional experience, deduction, and pilot experience reveals that these A/C, however, cannot spoof US or NATO AWACS platforms.


To make it more interesting, this proliferation of choppers, as well as hundreds other of fixed wing A/C, are operating, within CONUS, under the auspices of the Treaty on Open Skies (TOS). We can thank several Administrations, as well as previous Secretaries of State and FEMA Directors for this "counter-sovereignty policy". The new Administration can be expected to continue this "initiative"; to include these "black operations".



Respectfully submitted with warm regards,



/s/   Al Cuppett


Alexander B. Cuppett


Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medal Recipient, et al, Vietnam, 1970-1971   (1957-1979) 

Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Joint Staff, 1984-1990

Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge Recipient, 1989 


Atch: A/S 








 Madison, Virginia                              

                                                                                                                                       17 February 1995

Colonel M. Wayne Huggins

Superintendent of State Police                                                           

Post Office Box 27472

Richmond Virginia 23219



Subject: Hostile Cobra Sortie over Orange VA,

Dear Wayne,  


               I believe the following chilling "helicopter" account of what happened to Sheriff Bill Spence and Captain C.G. Feldman, on February 14th, may be what's necessary to assure me of your undivided attention.


Three days ago, Bill and CG were on their way from the Sheriff's Office to the monthly County Supervisor's meeting in the town of Orange. As they drove south, they noticed a helicopter operating in the immediate area; which then disappeared below the visible horizon. Bill continued to drive the four or so miles towards Orange, passing his home neighborhood in the process. As they neared the outskirts of town, they observed a black, unmarked, Cobra attack-gunship, hovering just above the elevated terrain, across Route 20 from Waugh Enterprises. Several people, upon hearing the chopper, had come outside, and were watching. Moreover, "Bud", a Waugh motorcycle salesman, confirmed that on the 14th, there was in fact, a chopper operating to the immediate front of the business; as noted above.


Bill pulled his official, unmarked car, off the road. He and Capt Feldman then, in full uniform, exited the vehicle, visually observing the hovering aircraft. Then, as I understand it, the Cobra, which, according to Colonel Hinkle of the US Army Staff Aviation Training Directorate-Pentagon, is normally armed with a 20mm "Gatling" cannon, immediately climbed up to about 100 feet, and assumed the normal, nose-down "attack attitude"! The Cobra then executed what is best described as an unorthodox, albeit hostile, tactical attack "engage-and-evade" maneuver. With the cannon/nose aimed at the two law officers, the Cobra, commenced a series of rapid pirouettes, circling the lawmen, for approximately three revolutions, continually maintaining a "gun-to-target-lock" on the lawmen. The cannon barrels were clearly visible. Upon completing three revolutions, the Cobra flew up over the town, loitering briefly; subsequently egressing the area. (It was discovered, by an observer with binoculars, as the conditions were CAVU, that the chopper had sortied from the Peter's Mountain FEMA base, in Cismont, VA! **The base is now guarded by foreign ("PfP") troops! Just drive up there and see!)


The sheriff, later, upon hearing from his household, was told that just a few minutes after the aforementioned event, a chopper had hovered directly above the family residence, literally vibrating the windows/structure! Both segments of this incident must be considered to have been performed with hostile/intimidating intent! Furthermore, the Cobra, being unmarked, was in violation of FAA/US identification directives, and was most certainly in violation of low altitude operating criteria, i.e., too low to be performing such a complex, and unnecessary, aerial maneuver in such close proximity to personnel/structures on the ground; particularly in a peacetime, continental US environment!


Additionally, Col Hinkle, an Army Staff, rotary wing officer in the Army Aviation Directorate, and a certified Cobra gunship pilot, advised that the US Army had never trained him on this particular [controls-coordinated] attack maneuver. Therefore, it appears to be of foreign origin, and is not intrinsic to US-rotary wing, tactical operations doctrine! Moreover, he asked for the "airframe number", and "date/time" of the incident. Of course these choppers, as you have been previously advised, don't have markings; nor are they US-controlled assets! Therefore, he told me, "It was not an Army chopper".


Due to the sensitive/threatening nature of what's happened, extreme discretion must be taken regarding this incident in official circles! Further, it's time, past time in fact, to elevate this, and previously provided information, to the "appropriate individual", because it's far more ominous than first believed! 


Respectfully, with warm regards,           


                              /S/ : Al Cuppett

US Army/ Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired -- Bronze Star-Purple Heart, et al, Republic of Vietnam, 1970-1971

The Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal, the Joint Staff, the Pentagon, 1984-1990,


LATE Memo: Jim Gilmore (then-Attorney General) tried to tell me it was a "military chopper". Bunk! Wayne Huggins called the FBI to investigate the intimidation sortie against his old Trooper buddy, Bill Spence; but as best as I can postulate, Justice Dept 'upper echelon'[i.e., "shadow government"], used pressure to put the investigation in the bottom of Agent Tom Carter's "In" basket"!





Page 2


**[This Homeland Security/FEMA base, one of 34, may have had the Partnership for Peace troops replaced in a "damage control" move to discredit the author. However, hunters and gin seng diggers have discovered black-uniformed, non-American guards, on the Rt 20 [hill] side of the "redoubt". This has been confirmed to me personally also by Fabio, the Italian restaurant owner in Gordonsville, a cab driver, an electric company-contracted lineman, and one other individual, all of whom drove through the "generic" No Trespassing [with no proponent agency indicated on the] sign and drove up the end of the road @ 3200 Peters Mountain Road; encountering black uniformed guards with automatic weapons drawn. All were told, "Get out of here!" Recent reports (by two truck drivers) in 2008 reveal cement was/is being poured down to 210 feet below the surface. One driver had his truck taken over, while he was left outside to wait, and the cement poured by site personnel; with the truck being returned to him two hours later.]  



 Memorandum for record:


To whom it may seriously concern: 

This above account is what happened, in the form of a Cobra gunship, to Sheriff Bill Spence, a personal friend of mine, as well as C.G Feldman, also a friend, who later served as Sheriff of Orange County for 6 years, after Spence retired. 


Cover up story: About 3 years ago, over 10 years after the sortie, Sheriff Feldman told me he had been told the "shakedown" sortie had been flown by some "Hot shot Army pilot"!!  I immediately countered, since I have a Private, Single Engine Land FAA ticket/certificate, that there's no military pilot going to perform this maneuver at 100 feet AGL in a densely populated area; unless he wanted to have a career-ending reprimand or a court-martial! Moreover, I asked Feldman, "Why then did the chopper hover 50 feet or so over the Sheriff's house and scare the three kids?  Sheriff Feldman stated he was never told about that part of the "sortie". 


Furthermore, FBI Special Agent Tom Carter (Fredericksburg, VA) called me, subsequent to the 17 February letter to Colonel Huggins. Colonel Huggins asked him to investigate the "sortie" against his old Virginia State Trooper buddy Bill Spence. Agent Carter asked me if I knew "about the situation" and I told him, "Yes". He said he would set up an appointment to interview me. However, he never called back. The reason he never came back to me was because when it became known to "higher ups" (a.k.a. the "shadow govt" operatives) in his FBI/Justice chain of command, that he was investigating the black chopper, he was told (my words) "to cease and desist" As in "Put the investigation into your in-basket and forget it!! Note: The sheriff had, 2 wks prior, exposed United Nations/New World Order operations on a radio show for 2 hours!


This is a primary example of a daylight "black  operations" mission; with weapons displayed but not employed!]






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