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Monday, February 9, 2009

Hard to believe; if I saw these girls in real life, I'd think they are the cutest...unless they open their mouth: what is in their heads, my G-d! - The scope of the problem

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Tell me again about the "peace process." I'm still not getting it.



Send this link around the world.  The video takes less than 2 minutes. Two sweet, 11 year old girls are interviewed.  Better to watch it first, and if you need the English translation, then scroll down below.  Amazing world we live in.  (The link is embedded in the attachment above.)










Interviewer (I) : you spoke of the martyr as a beautiful thing. You believe it is a beautiful thing to do?

First 11 year old girl (F) : Yes, the martyr is a very beautiful thing because every human being fights to be a martyr.. What can be greater than to go to the Garden of Eden!

I: what is better, peace with full rights for the palestinians or martyrdom?

F: martyrdom / the martyr. I will get those rights after I sacrifice myself to martyrdom because we don't stay children forever.

I: Ok Yossa (second 11 y o girl  S), You agree with those things?

S: Clearly the martyr is a good, sweet thing because we don't want this world but the world to come. Therefore the Palestinian youth are not like other youth/teens. We have hot blood and clearly they/we want martyrdom because they/we are palestinians. The palestinian children find the idea of martyrdom and death by martyrdom, the best thing possible. Every palestinian child, lets' say every 12 year old, says g-d / martyrdom is great.



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