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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Re: Netanyahu blows it! Meanwhile, it appears to me that PERES is the real winner of this election: after all, HE MAKES THE DECISIONS; am I understanding correctly? If so, then, once more, the Vatican wins, to our great sorrow...Please enlighten me.

nik comments:

it would not have mattered one iota if netanyahu had won... he is part of the slime too and would have just followed the very same orders livni or whomever will be following now... bibi is a fool and a rasha and a total sell-out... and i'm personally glad he lost after what he did to feiglin... i hope he is over and done and thru for good... i despise him utterly... the best case scenario is for no one to be able to form a coalition and have to go to new elections which will help the right-religious-nationalists to try and find common ground and come together... but i put no stock in this happening nor do i have any faith in the system... as i consistently quote from binayamin kahane hy"d..."the political system in israel is broken and is beyond repair... therefore no yeshua for k'lal yisroel will ever be forthcoming from it... the whole thing needs to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch..."  

DS responds
--I agree with you; but how on earth do you expect to do this, with 25% of the population voting for a Livni, the rest equally divided between various inept, traitorous and/or corrupt factions?? When a grand total of 2.5% of the population voted for what can be considered the only honorable, self-respecting, nationalist Jewish party?!( of course these are just polls, not the final tally).


As I see it, THE MAJOR PROBLEM IS ONE OF DEEP IGNORANCE , naivete, belief in the most superficial of analyses, and massive brainwashing of the population by the various media. We have a very big job of EDUCATION ahead of us. This blog is one such attempt, but unfortunately it only reaches a tiny proportion of the population, and what's more, it is in English. We need a SIMILAR SERVICE IN HEBREW. We need to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC. The public is ignorant, stupid, naive.... that is a large part of the problem.

The NWO is doing a great educational job: while it brainwashes the Arab kids - and adults - to kill and butcher us, via UNRWA, it brainwashes OUR population to be goody-too-shoes, wimpy, defeatist, dumbed down, falsely moral, and stripped of any real convictions, through the public school system, TV and the newspapers. The result is a Livni, a fake right-wing , and other such disasters for choices of prime minister.

... And then of course you have Shimon Peres and his acolytes...

So HOW on earth can you change this system? The population is NOT with us, only a tiny minority is. In order for change to occur, you need to have the support of the population.... and apparently we do NOT have that.

EDUCATION, EDUCATION.. I am thinking of that we need to start another blog, maybe with just very short, concise articles or sayings, and pictures , for people with very short attention spans - today's public.. But I can't do it all, I need help. Maybe somebody else on this list has an idea how to do it?Is willing to volunteer?


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