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Monday, July 7, 2008

Re: A warning to shoppers!! Please tell your friends/family!!

Before I take a taxi, I always check the nationality of the driver., I will NOT enter a cab driven by an Arab. Have had this policy for years already, without any embarrassment., If everybody did that, it would take their business away, and make life safer for all of us. But people are so stubborn! ( Or so dumb, should I say?)

A Mehadrin butcher shop in the hands of a Moslem?? Who in their right mind would purchase "KOSHER" meat there? I would never touch that thing. Would rather starve. Haven't Jews learned, from the rules on Kosher wine? Insanity, that is what it sounds like.,


Shmuel  wrote:
Have you ever taken a "sherut" taxi?  Most of them are driven by Islamic folk and they drive like maniacs. I can sense that one day one of those will be intentionally driven into a truck or tree or wall at full speed.
Regretfully our Rabanim decided to install a MEHADRIN butcher shop in Dir El Assad, a Moslem village near Karmiel.  Thus virtually forcing Jews to go there to buy.
The shop is of course manned by Moslems and owned by a close friend to the Sharon family, also a sheep grower and a Moslem.

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