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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Re: Unbelievable... or should I say, BELIEVABLE, knowing Israelis:....( about WATER given to the Arabs)

SHmuel said:

Lets see...
They have stolen most of the productive land via the "kibbutzim".  And by the same means pillaged billions from both foreign loans-grants and Holocaust victims.
Attacked and destroyed the best Jewish farms in Gush Katif and other locations.
Last week they "recognized" that they selectively enforce... against Jews.
Lets not mention their irradiating people or stealing kids.
They have abandoned or betrayed Heritage from Hebron to Har Habait.
So... why not also doing that with the water reserves?
It is part and parcel of their premeditated anti-Jewish procedures.
My comment:

and what do you say., SHmuel, about the policeman NOT killing the terrorist today? It took an Egoz soldier to do the deed. This policeman probably had orders from above not to hurt terrorists. Otherwise I can't find any explanation as to why he didn't kill the murderer caught in the act of slaughtering Jews: wasn't he armed??

Unless...... remember, the police NEVER gave any explanation for their horrendous behavior vis-a-vis the murderer and his family at Mercaz Harav: there was significant evidence of COLLUSION between the police and the Arab murderer. Who is to say......?

Just food for thought.

True the policeman got wounded;;; but that would be part and parcel of the brainwashing inflicted on policemen in their training, I'd assume: rather you get hurt than your enemy, specially if the victims of terror are religious Jews.

I bet you all the media will be mum about that, nobody will utter a peep of criticism against the police force for NOT killing a terrrorist caught in the act of MURDERING RELIGIOUS JEWS IN A RELIGIOUS NEIGHBORHOOD.


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