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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just wait and see what they do to him: the courts and the media will assassinate him, once the word gets out ( figuratively, that is). They'll find a way to find him guilty.

Terror Attack Hero was Anti-Disengagement Activist

30 Sivan 5768, 03 July 08 01:37

( Moshe Plesser, the soldier who shot and killed the tractor terrorist in Jerusalem Wednesday, was among the youths who protested the Disengagement and faced criminal charges for his actions.

"Plesser was beaten unconscious by policemen [during the Disengagement], was arrested and even had to fight to enlist in a combat unit," Yesha Civil Rights Organization Chairman Orit Struck told Israel National News. "Today he saved the lives of many and these days, when there is talk of pardoning the anti-Disengagement activists, this should be taken into account," she added. 

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