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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Didn't I tell you they'd character assassinate our hero? Now the courts want the public to forget him, lest Israelis justly start admiring one Gush Katif soldier who did the right thing. Israelis still know deep down who is good!

Soldier Who Killed Terrorist Had To Fight To Be Drafted

30 Sivan 5768, 03 July 08 05:46

( The off-duty soldier who killed the bulldozer terrorist Wednesday was an anti-expulsion activist who had to fight the IDF in order to join the army. The IDF acted to bar from the army hundreds of youth who actively opposed the Disengagement program that ended up with the expulsion of thousands of Jews from their Gaza and northern Samaria homes, which later were destroyed. The Gaza communities were given to the Palestinian Authority, which now is governed by Hamas, which has built terrorist training bases where several towns once were located.

The soldier's name was published afetr the attack, but a gag order on publishing his name later was issued in Jerusalem Magistrate's Court Wednesday night. One court source told Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA), "I thought I have seen everything, but this is the most absurd thing that has ever happened."

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