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Thursday, July 3, 2008

AHA! Here we go. I was waiting for this. NOW you understand why the policeman didn't shoot: it is all a political game, JUST LIKE AT MERCAZ HARAV. The Left( and their bosses) NEEDED THIS TERROR ATTACK

Ramon: Terrorist's Neighborhood Shouldn't Be in J'lem

30 Sivan 5768, 03 July 08 01:54

( Vice Prime Minister Chaim Ramon said Wednesday that the neighborhood which the tractor terrorist lived in should not be a part of Jerusalem. Jerusalem should remain Jewish, Ramon said, and the neighborhood of Tzur Baher should be outside the security fence. The same thing, he said, was true of Jabal Mukaber, from which the Merkaz HaRav killer came.

Ramon conceded that even if Israel decided to separate Tzur Baher from Jerusalem, that would not necessarily have prevented the attack, but "in the long run there would be a lot less terror attacks."

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