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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brave Haredi parents, I support you fully; finally Jews with a backbone! BUT THE SHOCKER: THE N.I.F.,THE FORD FOUNDATION, THE U.N., etc., OUR WORST ENEMIES, ARE BEHIND THIS MACHLOKET, behind this controversy! Proof provided here, together with a whole report.

"The moment there is a High Court order and they refuse to fulfill it repeatedly, it's the end of democracy"


Bravo. Somebody finally found out how to break this illegal, usurper court system of Israel. Somebody found how to break the bones of this illegitimate government of Israel that repeatedly offends its Jewish citizens, hurts their beliefs, robs them of their freedom of religion, of their freedom of occupation, of their freedom of residence, etc, etc, etc.

The rule of Rome cannot coexist with Torah. It is either Torah, or Rome, and thank G-d these Jews don't have a doubt, they have chosen Torah.

Maybe in their merit Am Yisrael will be saved from annihilation. 

 While our 'Court system" protects Pride parades and the rights of men to be married to each other, protects terrorists from their victims,  encourages the murder of Jews and the destruction of their homes, some courageous Jews have decided that for Torah and the free choice of education of their children, they are willing to face prison time. They are brave, and I admire them. They don't send their kids to demonstrations unlike some other groups, THEY demonstrate themselves.

The attitude of the state of Israel has not changed since the time of the Ma'abarot and the Moroccan children. WHO is more racist than the Israeli elite? How many black illegals live in Ramat Aviv Gimmel?

The state of Israel is massively engaging in persecution of its religious Jews. While it sent its Jewish religious soldiers to be butchered by Turkish terrorists, while it exposes Jews of Yesha to murder and terror, while it destroys synagogues and turned its own Gush Katif population into refugees, it aids and abets the enemy and subverts the Jewish character of Israel.

I do hope that this is the end of "democracy", once and for all. Thank God for that. Who needs this kind of democracy?

Even though I am neither Haredi nor Chassidic, I fully support you, brave parents.  May Hashem be with you.

Just a question: I wonder how the evil ones plan to stop these massive demonstrations, which are to take place at the entrance to Jerusalem. They gave permission, but I don't think they'll be able to handle half a million angry Jews. What sneaky way will they find to stop the demonstrations? Would arson do? 

( Update: no, they didn't chose arson, but they did everything in their power to minimize the "damage". Even so, see how many people showed up).

May this evil government and court system, which serve our enemies and not our people, see their demise very, very soon.

  • Beware: Leftist Witch Hunt against Haredim: By Moshe Feiglin
Be [] Editor's note: Israel has been in an uproar this week over the Supreme Court ruling forcing Ashkenazi parents to send their daughters to (a private) school track where they will be in classes with Sephardic girls. The parents refuse to do so, and the court ruled that they must be jailed. The issue is being framed by the media as racism and antagonism is running high. Moshe Feiglin has a completely different view:

The demonization campaign against the Haredim is pre-meditated - no doubt about it. Suddenly, everyone is very concerned over what subjects the Haredim are teaching their students. Suddenly the leftist, secular, Ashkenazi elites wake up and bemoan the small numbers of Sephardic girls in the Chassidic schools.

It is not too difficult to figure out where the source of this ugly wave of anti-Semitism hides. Those people who have everything to gain from the "secular" name-brand are Tzippy Livni and media-personality and aspiring politician Yair Lapid. The politics of hate are very effective. Ehud Barak waged an anti-Haredi campaign and became prime minister. Tommy Lapid won an amazing election victory with anti-Semitic tactics, Tzippy Livni also won over incited voters in the last elections and Tommy's son, Yair wants a piece of the action, as well.

The promotional firms and their well-funded clients are cooking up a political big-bang for the Israeli public. Recent history has proven that when Israeli society moves Right, hatred for the settlers does not bring in the votes. So who will be the bad guy? Which witch will the raging mob learn to hate and hunt down? Who else but the Haredim?

The problem in Emanuel is not Ashkenazi discrimination against Sephardic Jews. 30% of the students in the school in question are Sephardic. The real question in this case is: Who determines what education our children will receive - the parents, who ostensibly have the right to educate their children according to their beliefs, or the State and its justice system?

Manhigut Yehudit has always been an egalitarian movement that does not differentiate between Ashkenazic or Sephardic, observant or non-observant Jews. But this open approach must be a product of free choice and not of coercion. We believe that schools should unconditionally accept all children who would like to learn. But we can certainly honor the desire of parents who, in this age of permissiveness and rebelliousness, choose to keep their children in a more closed learning environment.

In Israel today, the Education Minister is the supreme authority over our children's education and can expropriate the parents' rights to determine the type of education they want for their children. This abnormal reality creates distortions, such as the attempt to force parents to send their daughters to an educational track that does not meet their educational/spiritual standards under the threat of fines and imprisonment.

There are thousands of children who illegally do not attend school in Israel. Some of them even illegally work for their parents, or work with their active consent. But these children are mostly Bedouin or Arabs, so no public storm clouds will burst over the issue and the "rule of law" will not have its way. But when the parents in question are Haredi and are doing their utmost so that their daughters attend school, the court will not hesitate to show them who is the boss. The media will accuse the parents of racism, the war drums will beat and the public atmosphere will become hateful and closed-minded.

Essentially, we are all in the same boat. The Supreme Court, which has nowhere near 30% representation of Sephardic Jews on its lofty bench, should not be allowed to force its values on the parents of Emanuel. Manhigut Yehudit is not in favor of segregation, but we are totally opposed to coercion of values in any realm - and certainly in the all-important educational realm.

The educational "seminar in jail" that the Supreme Court has imposed upon the Emanuel parents for their refusal to send their daughters back to school is reminiscent of the "educational seminar" to which the Jews opposed to the Expulsion from Gush Katif were treated by the courts. Now, when the media is hunting down witches and the flames of hatred are being fanned high, we must stand united with the Haredi public. This struggle is the struggle of every Jew who cares about individual liberties and the Jewish nature of this country.

( Thanks to Aryeh)

  • Yossi Sarid, Haaretz:

"This is a war that has been forced upon us, a war we cannot afford to lose. The rebellious Haredim must be put in their place, so that we, too, have a place in which to live."


  Page 39, item # 121: 

But before that came THIS!

Administrative Petition 241/06 ACRI v. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports ( Judge Yehudit Tsur, Ruling from April 26 , 2006

Some actions taken by ACRI to safeguard the right to equality:

 Successful litigation to prohibit discrimination in acceptance to Haredi (ultraorthodox)
seminaries on the grounds of ethnic origin (2006)

The State of Human Rights in Israel and the Occupied Territories ...

 page 18:

 : PDF/Adobe Acrobat - 5 Administrative Petition 241/06 The Association for Civil Rights in Israel v. ...Sport (Justice Yehudit Tzur, ruling issued on 26 April 2006). 6 HCJ 1067 and /08 Noar K'halacha Association v. Ministry of Education. ...... petition was filed by Physicians for Human Rights – Israel and ACRI through the Human Rights ...


  • In 2006-2008, the New Israel Fund (NIF) authorized grants worth $2,671,443 to ACRI (2006, 2007, 2008)

  • ACRI receives funding from the European Union (€231,759 – 2010-2012), Sweden (via Diakonia), UK, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Ford Foundation, and Christian Aid.



  • In 2006-2008, the New Israel Fund (NIF) authorized grants worth $503,537 to PHR-I (2006, 2007, 2008).

  • Funders include NDC, Sweden (via Diakonia), EU, Oxfam, Christian Aid, Ford Foundation, and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

  • In practice, PHR-I’s primary objective is strongly political, despite claims that it opposes “the subjugation of medical care to political considerations of any kind...”

  • And who is Christian Aid?

    This is an artificial controversy, encouraged, inflamed by our worst enemies, for the purpose of creating division within AM Yisrael.

    We are falling into their trap.

    These people work for the UN, UNRWA, the Ford Foundation, the Europeans, the churches, etc. There is a lot of information to be found about these groups on the internet.

    The purpose is clear: to drive away Torah from Eretz Yisrael, and to weaken Jewish Communities in Yehuda and Shomron.

    We are all falling into this trap, Ashkenazim, Sephardim.

    Please, dear Jews, OPEN YOUR EYES!!




    • "And now, some facts " Talkback from Shalom Hartman, Ynet ( Shalom Hartman Institute)

    Emanuel is home to a community of Slonimers and a community of Sefardim – the majority of which are not religious.
    There is one elementary school for girls there -the Beit Yaakov in controversy. Until this law suit came into being, the school had 2 tracks – the religious track which serviced the religious girls i.e. the Slonimers and a handfull of Sefardi girls who are religious – and the non-religious track which serviced the non-religious girls – all of them Sefardim. Both tracks were quite happy with this arrangement.

    Mr. Lelom, who receives funding from a extreme left anti-chareidi organization, has no personal interest in Emanuel, as he does not live there nor do his family members. His law suit is motivated by an agenda to vilify charedim as racists, and not at all to promote the interests of the Sefardim in Emanuel. 80% of the parents from the non-religious track signed a petition to stop the lawsuit because they are happy to keep their daughters ’segregated’. The teaching staff for both tracks of the Beit Yaakov consisted of Slonimer mothers – those now going to jail – and so Lelom’s victory has left the ‘vicitimized’ Sefardi girls with no teachers and has done nothing to help their education.

    When this lawsuit began, the Slonimer parents consulted with the Slonimer Rebbe who advised them against mixing the tracks and bringing their daughters into contact with mixed dancing, television, treife etc. The parents sent a request to the bagatz to allow them to explain their position. This request was ignored, and until 1 1/2 months ago, all of the proceedings were based off of information provided by Mr. Lelom.
    In the meantime, they took their daughters out of school, and started ‘home schooling’ them.

    The week before Lag B’Omer, the Slonimer parents were subpoenaed to court to deal with their ‘contempt of court’ for not integrating the classes (and for not sending their daughters to a recognized school).

    In court, the parents explained that their decision to keep the classes separate was not racist – in fact there were Sefardi girls in the religious class! – it was merely a religious matter. One track preferred a sheltered religious approach to education, and the other did not.

    The court was taken aback by hearing this ‘new’ information and ordered a compromise – that they create an acceptance board with members agreed to by both parties, kick all the girls out of school, re-accept them and place them in an appropriate track via this acceptance board.
    Lelom did not accept this compromise so the parents were again ordered to send their girls to Beit Yaakov and mix the classes.

    Despite the fines and threat of jailing, the parents adhered to the Slonimer Rebbe’s advice. They were told that the court would not oppose them if they decided to send their daughters to school outside of Emanuel. However, when they arranged for their daughters to attend a chassidish Beis Yaakov in Bnei Brak – the misrad hachinuch threatened to close the school down if they accepted the girls from Emanuel. The court would not allow the Slonimers to open a private school in Emanuel either.

    The judge (the only Sefardi judge on the bagatz – hmmm… sounds kind of racist….) stated clearly that he sees no reason why a Rabbi’s opinion should have any baring once he has made a ruling. And he compared this to the ’separate but equal’ and desegragation struggles in the US 50 years ago.
    The Slonimers have stated clearly that they answer to G-d alone (not to some arrogant man who believes in judicial activism), and compared this to the sacrifice and triumph of the Chashmonaim when the Greeks tried to undermine their Judaism.

    • And some more facts:

    Israel has several courses of public schools - National (essentially secular in its entirety), National-Religious (schools following National Religious/Modern Orthodox religious stream with general public school curriculum as well), Nation-Arab (public schools with an Arab cultural focus, as well as Muslim and Christian religious content).

    The school in this particular case is in the category of Recognized Unofficial School - essentially private schools that have been deemed suitable, having fit certain registration and acceptance criterias, to receive partial funding from the local municipal council. They are not public schools, but they do receive some support.

    The school in question in Emmanuel did try to convert itself into a fully private school without any state funding to alleviate the state pressure that began with this trial, but this failed. Further, the parents who wanted a separate, more religious framework tried to move their children to a school in Bnei-Brak, but the Supreme Court threatened to take away license of any school that would accept these kids, regardless of its state funding.

    The Supreme Court wants to force the parents to remain in the school in Emmanuel, and for this school to operate exactly like the Supreme Court wishes. They've turned it into a show of force, and I think they've long since abandoned the laws as written, focusing solely on appearances.

    • Now that the ACRI  and their financiers have been exposed to be the cheaters, liars and criminals that they always were, and now that their efforts HAVE BACKFIRED , they are trying to get themselves out of the hole they have dug for themselves. 

    Petitioners against Emmanuel segregation: Release parents
    Organization who filed controversial High Court petition calls judges to issue alternate punishment, says, 'Circumstances clearly show parents will continue to violate court ruling; will not send girls back to school'
    Aviad Glickman
    The Noar K'Halacha organization, which filed a petition to the High Court of Justice against the segregation of the Beit Yaakov girls' school in Emmanuel that lead to the incarceration of the Ashkenazi girls' parents, filed a response to the petition for the parents' release, asking the court consider an alternative to their imprisonment, such as revoking funds and licenses.

    Attorneys Aviad Hacohen and Yeshayahu Avraham wrote in their response, "The circumstances in this case clearly show that the parents will continue violate the court ruling and will not send their girls back to the school."


    Capitulation not an option / Yair Lapid

    Capitulating to haredi violence would mean rule of law’s demise in Israel
    Full story

    Therefore, the lawyers added, the parents' release should be considered "and discuss alternative options such revoking budgets and licenses of the institution where the segregation is taking place.
    "Since the message that was at the basis of the petition regarding the need to stop the unjust separation and honor the court's rulings has been received, albeit only partially."
    Representatives of the organization emphasized that their decision "does not show consent to the parents' prolonged violation of the ruling, and their revolt against the authority of the honorable court."

    Haredi protest on Thursday (Photo: Reuters)

    The lawyers added in their response that they had never received a copy of the parents' request to cancel their detainment, and that it was not the first time they did not receive copies of court documents filed by the parents.

    Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy decided on Friday to delay discussion of the appeals filed by mothers from Emmanuel, who requested to cancel the detainment orders, until Sunday. The decision was made due to difficulties in convening the panel of judges before Sunday.   
    The mothers continued to violate the High Court ruling on Thursday, after they failed to show up at the police station in order to serve their 2-week prison sentence.

    The attorneys representing the parents filed an urgent appeal with the High Court of Justice to cancel the detainment orders issued, due to "special circumstances."

    According to the lawyers, some of the women are mothers of ailing children, while others are pregnant or have many children. Along with the appeal, the lawyers attached classified documents from the welfare services.
    Justice Levy, who was the center of haredi criticism, decided on Thursday to delay the detainment of the 22 women until a decision was made in the matter.


      • VIDEOS of the demonstration in Jerusalem here:

      • Now some sobering pictures:

      There are no words...what an evil regime. Seeing the baby in that policewoman's arms breaks my heart.When is the last time we saw Jewish children taken away from their mothers' arms by police???  Nazis did that. What does that say about this court, this police, this regime?

      • ...Knesset Member Moshe Gafni said the situation was delusional: "Young girls are saying goodbye to their fathers, who did nothing wrong. It's a terrible sight befitting dark regimes in history, rather than a modern state."

      • Meanwhile, THIS is the state of Israel: this is how the Sabbatean, degenerate "Jewish" state celebrates its victory over the Haredim today:

       Disgusting, "becrossed" gay pervert is the Jewish State's celebratory statement today

      Elton John concert in Ramat Gan stadium begins

      Published: 06.17.10, 20:53 / Israel News
      British singer Elton John has kicked off his performance in the Ramat Gan stadium, which is slated to last two hours. John landed in Israel on Thursday afternoon and is expected to leave the country immediately after the show.
      • Dozens of haredim gather outside Maasiyahu Prison
      Dozens of haredim assembled outside the Ayalon Prison, which is adjacent to the Maasiyahu Prison, in order to protest the incarceration of the parents of students of the Beit Yaakov school in Emanuel.
      Large Prison Service, police, and Border Guard forces are present at the scene. A bus carrying 32 men and their babies is making its way to the prison from Jerusalem. (Raanan Ben-Zur)


      Mass Protest
      Photo: Dudu Azoulay Bnei Brak protest Photo: Dudu Azoulay
      click here to 
enlarge text click here to enlarge text
      • Tears, commotion at massive haredi protest

      More than 100,000 rally in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak in support of parents heading to jail for refusing to adhere to High Court ruling; supporters accompany parents to police station, handcuffed children join protest
      Shmulik Grossman

      Dramatic day for Israel: Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators rallied in Jerusalem and in Bnei Brak Thursday to protest the High Court of Justice's decision to jail haredi parents who refused to adhere by the court's ruling regarding their children's schooling.

      By the afternoon, about 100,000 people accompanied the parents to the Jerusalem police station where they were ordered to report to, ahead of their imprisonment. The protestors were waiting at the site without rioting.

      An elderly haredi protestor was hurt in the commotion and was evacuated by Magen David Adom paramedics.

      Jerusalem rally (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

      The parents were ordered to report to the police station at 5 pm, but were delayed by the mayhem. The bus accompanying the parents also transported some children sporting handcuffs as a form of protest.

      Many children at the site bid their parents farewell in tears. At least 20 school girls were standing at the police compound, crying and calling out for their mothers. The girls' fathers were hugging them and attempting to calm them down.

      Knesset Member Moshe Gafni said the situation was delusional: "Young girls are saying goodbye to their fathers, who did nothing wrong. It's a terrible sight befitting dark regimes in history, rather than a modern state."

      'God will rule for all eternity'

      Earlier, more than 50,000 ultra-Orthodox people gathered in the central city of Bnei Brak to protest the High Court ruling against the discrimination between Ashkenazi and Sephardic girls at the Beit Yaakov school in Emmanuel.


      Emmanuel rabbi: It's like what happened in Germany / Ari Galahar

      Head of Slonim Hasidic dynasty meets with 86 parents slated to be sent to be imprisoned for failing to honor High Court ruling against school discrimination, says 'we are willing to go to jail over this matter'
      Full Story

      Some of the parents ordered to be detained by the court were present at the rally, and were carried on the shoulders of some of the participants with dance and song. They then boarded a bus to the Jerusalem police station where they are to be detained.

      Their bus's progress was blocked by protestors standing on the main road leading out of the city, but police special forces cleared them off.

      At the same time, more than 60,000 protestors flocked to Jerusalem's Yirmiyahu Street along with signs reading, "High Court against the people" and "God will rule for all eternity".

      Other Emmanuel parents who took part in the rally held in their honor in Jerusalem also boarded a bus to the station. The protestors carried the parents on their shoulders to the bus, and began to follow them to the station.

      In Bnei Brak, children held signs reading, "The High Court is fascist" and "Flotilla terrorists free! Students' parents to jail."

      Jerusalem protest (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

      Massive police forces were deployed across the country to prevent clashes. "More than 10,000 policemen and Border Guard officers will deploy on the main routes and especially at the main places of protest," said Commander Nissim More, head of the operations division at the police's national headquarters.

      The Bnei Brak rally was stopped for a few minutes after several protestors fainted. Other protestors took advantage of the break to sing and dance. In Jerusalem, paramedics treated eight for dehydration and fainting.

      'Judge Levy biggest racist in history'

      The Jerusalem protestors appeared to be enraged with Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy, who ruled that the Ashkenazi parents who refused to send their girls to school should be sent to jail.

      "Edmond Levy is the biggest racist in history. This is what happened in the (former Shas Minister Shlomo) Benizri case as well. Where else in the world have you seen such a precedent – adding to the sentence after an appeal? There is a clear trend against us because of our black skullcap," said Amram, one of the protestors.
      Shmuel Naimi is one of the parents slated to be imprisoned. His son Shimon, 20, told Ynet that "there is no racism in Emmanuel. The education is better, 30% of the students are Sephardic and there is no such thing as separating between Ashkenazim and Sephardim. It's an argument created because of the crazy media."
      He also expressed his anger at the Supreme Court judge. "I have 10 brothers and sisters and I have no idea what the little ones are going to do. Perhaps Edmond Levy could find them a babysitter."

      Netanel, a Ger Hasid, arrived to support the Slonim Hasidic dynasty in its battle. "It begins with Slonim and it will reach all of us. I am here to make sure it won't reach Ger," he said.
      "Who is Edmond Levy to tell me what to do? No one has the right to tell me how to educate my children. The idea that the High Court would intervene is a crime. Any haredi would be willing to go to jail."
      Yoav Zitun, Amnon Meranda, Ronen Medzini contributed to this report

      • 20,000 haredim in Bnei Barak: Withstand secular war against us

      Rabbi Shmuel Rosner, the keynote speaker at the haredi protest in Bnei Barak, called upon the haredi public to hold out against the "war of the seculars against us."
      "Something big has befallen Israel. The seculars' Supreme Court has issued a decree to go to prison and is crassly stomping on those who keep mitzvot and Torah. This is a decree that was never issued by the gentile nations," he said. (Yoav Zitun)

      •  And now, for the saga, starting from the beginning.....


      West Bank haredi parents ordered to jail

      JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israel's Supreme Court has ordered haredi Ashkenazi parents who refused to send their daughters to school with Sephardi girls to go to jail.
      The Slonim Chasidim kept their daughters segregated from other girls at the school in the West Bank settlement of Emanuel, going so far as to have separate entrances and a dividing wall through the school's courtyard.
      After the courts ordered the school to remove the separation, the Chasidic parents kept their children home from school. The case has gone through months of court hearings, rulings and mediation, culminating in the court's ultimatum late Tuesday afternoon.
      The parents, who were required to inform the court in writing by Wednesday that they would abide by the court's ruling, sang a song of faith in the courtroom following the justices' decision, and they have vowed to march to prison on Thursday. 

      Arab Youths Released to House Arrest

      Tammuz 5, 5770, 17 June 10 01:29
      ( A Haifa court on Thursday released to house arrest several Arab youths from Tarshiha, who were caught throwing molotov cocktails at cars in the wake of the Gaza flotilla incident. The court said that it needed to reconsider the ability of one of the fathers of the youths to fulfill the conditions of the house arrest, after the father was caught trying to smuggle a knife into the courtroom during the trial. 
      Comment: what's worse: throwing a molotov cocktail, or choosing to educate your children as you see fit. If you ever needed proof.....

      Emanuel Parents: We'll Go to Prison

      Tammuz 3, 5770, 15 June 10 07:58
      ( Parents from Emanuel who have been threatened by the High Court that they will be sentenced to prison for at least two weeks if they refuse to agree to send their children to a Beit Yaakov school in the city say they plan to go to prison rather than comply with the court's orders. The parents have refused to send their children to the school, after the court earlier ordered the school to integrate a program for girls from Hassidic-Religious families. The parents could be sent to prison on Wednesday if they do not submit a written agreement to the court, stating they will comply with its orders.

      MK Gafni: Won't Honor Court Rulings Contrary to Torah

      Tammuz 4, 5770, 16 June 10 04:59
      ( MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) attacked the Israeli justice system on Wednesday saying, "We, the Haredi religious community, will not honor rulings, neither of the district court nor of the Supreme Court, which contravene Torah law."

      Leading Haredi Rabbi Elyashiv: Join Demo Against Court

      Tammuz 4, 5770, 16 June 10 08:59
      ( Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the current leader of the Lithuanian Haredi religious community, called on his followers to participate in the Haredi demonstration in Jerusalem on Thursday against the Supreme Co

      Emmanuel: Foster homes for kids of jailed parents
      Parents prepare to be sent to prison for refusing to honor court order on school policy deemed discriminatory
      Yaheli Moran Zelikovitch
      Residents of Emmanuel are preparing for the arrest of 40 couples who intend to violate a High Court of Justice decision by refusing to send their daughters to the town's Beit Yaakov school.

      On Tuesday, members of the Slonim Hasidic Dynasty began attempts to find foster families for their 250 children, whose parents are to be taken to prison for two weeks. One of the parents told Ynet Tuesday that they were determined to fight the decision by accepting the prison sentence.

      Emmanuel Dispute

      Legalists slam haredi parents' defiance  / Aviad Glickman

      Senior legal sources amazed by violation of High Court ruling against discrimination between Ashkenazi, Sephardic students in Emmanuel school. 'Those who refuse to obey the orders of the judicial system should be punished,' one of them says
      Full story

      Haredi education spokesman Dudi Zilbershalg, who is representing the parents, reiterated this determination. "We are not deterred. It is a 'decoration' for the State of Israel, which sends parents to prison whose only crime is to desire to educate their children in the ways of the Torah," he said.
      Zilbershlag added that there was no discrimination in Emmanuel. He admitted the haredi faith was littered with examples of girls who had not been accepted to schools because of their oriental background, but that this was not the case in Emmanuel.
      "Here it is based solely on religion. The parents are unwilling to accept students whose parents do not practice a proper haredi lifestyle, such as not smoking on Saturday," he said, adding that Emmanuel was "the exact opposite of any racial discrimination" and that it should not be criticized.
      "Israeli society tends to blame haredim, but the haredim come from a place of incredible cognizance that the education of children depends on that of their parents," Zilbershlag continued.
      He said the parents were not looking for trouble, but that those who were going to prison would "defeat the High Court" because they were unwilling to "sacrifice their children to the court's hobbies".

      Rabbis urge cash donations for fined parents

      But the Education Ministry said it would continue to uphold the High Court's decision. Dr. Shimshon Shoshani, the ministry's director-general, told a Haifa conference he had been trying to stop the discrimination at the school for a while now, unsuccessfully.

      "But once I realized there was a group of parents there who say only rabbis will decide what their children will study, I gave up. In this case only a court could decide," he said. 

      Even before the court had made its decision, Emmanuel parents launched a campaign for donations to parents who would be forced to pay fines. On Tuesday, haredi papers published ads backed by rabbis calling on members of the faith to donate cash.
      The campaign, dubbed "The fund for saving pure education in Israel", showed pictures of the school bound with iron chains and a sign saying "Closed by order of the High Court of Justice".

      Condemning the campaign was Rabbi Uri Regev, who heads Hiddush, an organization for freedom of religion in Israel. "It is shocking to read about Ashkenazi haredi rabbis declaring a donations campaign for the obstruction of Sephardic girls' paths to their schools," he said.
      Regev called on the Education Ministry to halt all funding to independent education until the court decision on Emmanuel had been implemented. "By continuing to fund this system the Education Ministry is assisting the undermining of the rule of law," he said.

      'Blood Libel Against the Haredi Public'

      Tammuz 4, 5770, 16 June 10 10:59
      ( Haredi education spokesman, David Zilbershlag, said in an interview with Arutz Sheva that the decision by the Supreme Court in the case of the Emmanuel school was accompanied by a 'blood libel' media campaign against the Haredi religious public.
      “The parents will go to jail with their heads held high. They'll go to jail fully aware of what they are doing and I am sure the court will understand it made a mistake," he said.

      10,000 Cops to Deploy Over Emanuel Protests

      Tammuz 5, 5770, 17 June 10 07:45
      ( Police are preparing for mass protests by Hareidi-Religious demonstrators over the expected detention of parents who have refused to agree to send their daughters to the Beit Yaakov school in Emanuel. Police are on alert in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, and outside Ramle prison. Over 10,000 police are being deployed at sensitive sites around the country to handle the protests.

      Photo: Noam Moskowitz
      Monday's High Court discussion  Photo: Noam Moskowitz
      Cheshin. 'Stopped playing by the rules'  Photo: Gil Yohanan

      Legalists slam haredi parents' defiance

      Senior legal sources amazed by violation of High Court ruling against discrimination between Ashkenazi, Sephardic students in Emmanuel school. 'Those who refuse to obey the orders of the judicial system should be punished,' one of them says
      Aviad Glickman
      Published: 06.16.10, 00:35 / Israel News

      The High Court of Justice's decision to send ultra-Orthodox parents to jail over their refusal to obey a court ruling was courageous, senior legal sources told Ynet on Tuesday night. "Finally, the judges are saying that a High Court ruling cannot be violated and disregarded and that those who do so will be punished severely," one of them said.

      Blame Game

      Livni: Politicians to blame for haredi parents' conduct / Attila Somfalvi

      Addressing case of discrimination in girls' school, opposition leader says politicians don't accept High Court rulings, making its intervention necessary
      Full story

      The remarks were made several hours after Supreme Court judges announced their unusual decision, in light of the fact that the parents at the Beit Yaakov school in Emmanuel have refused to obey the ruling against the illegal discrimination between Ashkenazi and Sephardic students in the educational institution.

      Temperamental day in High Court (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

      The judges wrote in their decision that the parents had violated the ruling, which clarified that the discrimination stemmed from an ethnical rather than religious approach. The judges added that the ruling was not subject to the approval of any external element, replying to the parents' claims that their rabbis must approve the ruling before they could act on it.

      The legal sources added that they could not remember such a repeated "blatant and scathing violation" of a High Court ruling in the history of the State of Israel.
      "This is a democratic state, and the judicial system is one of its symbols," one of the sources said. "Those who violate the orders and ruling of the judicial system should be punished, especially when this is done in such a defying, open and blatant way."

      'Violation end of democracy'

      Retired Deputy Supreme Court President Mishael Cheshin was amazed by the parents' declarations in light of the High Court ruling.

      "The moment there is a High Court order and they refuse to fulfill it repeatedly, it's the end of democracy," Cheshin warned in a conversation with Ynet. "For the first time, people are saying – openly and blatantly, that they will not obey a High Court order.
      "The High Court is acting in the framework of its authority and is the State's messenger, and the parents are basically striking the State. What can the High Court do? The precedent here is in the blatant and scathing violation of State orders. Those parents have stopped playing by the rules, not the court. What can I say, every man does that which was right in his own eyes," he added.

      The parents in Emmanuel have no plans to obey the High Court ruling. A senior source in the Slonim Hasidic dynasty estimated that "the greatest sages of Israel" will accompany the 50 pairs of parents to prison and that "this is the start of a great war on the Jewish character."
      Associates of Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush said they were looking for a venue to reenact the "protest of half a million people" which was held against the High Court in the past, and are looking into dates, transportation and understandings between the different Hasidic dynasties. At this stage, it appears the demonstration will be held at the entrance to Jerusalem. 

      Yitzhar Yeshiva Demolition Warrant Date is 19 Days Away

      Tammuz 3, 5770, 15 June 10 07:27
      by Zev ben Yehiel
      ( “Save Our Building” is the name of the last-ditch campaign launched by students and supporters of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar.
      July 4, 2010 marks the demolition date for the yeshiva, located in Samaria.  According to a hotly contested order imposed by the IDF’s Civil Administration, the 11-year-old building in the town of Yitzhar is not properly authorized, despite amply documented government authorization and funding for its construction.

      Yeshiva staff, students and supporters, shocked by the May 9th demolition order, have mobilized to prevent the destruction, which many claim to be due to a policy adopted to punish area residents and students for conflicts with the IDF and for alleged acts of retribution against nearby Arab towns.

      Another theory for the government's allowing the warrant to be issued is that by successfully demolishing a structure with a higher level of authorization than most settlements in Judea and Samaria, the court system will have a precedent for uprooting other buildings and settlements. Sources close to the case emphasized that “legally speaking, the building's status is better than several others in Judea and Samaria.”

      The building has been deemed illegal because it has not received its final approval from the Defense Minister – currently Ehud Barak, who himself helped establish the yeshiva as Prime Minister and who initiated the recent demolition order. “We plan to... gather all the documentation showing how many government offices were involved in the construction of the yeshiva, as well as to pressure… Ehud Barak” to rescind the order, the yeshiva’s executive director Itamar Posen told Israel National News.

      The ruling to raze the large yeshiva building cites an 11-year-old work-stoppage order, which nobody at the yeshiva has any record or recollection of, according to Posen. He estimates that the government has invested some 3-4 million shekels in building the 13,000 square foot facility since the onset of construction in 1999, meaning that the original stop-work order claimed in the May 2010 demolition notice took place at the same time that issuers of the order were funding the work.

      The facility “was built with the aid of the Ministry of Housing and was approved by the relevant authorities to serve as an educational institution,” adds Posen.

      Gush Etzion Regional Council Chief Sha'ul Goldstein notes that “build first, approve later” has long been the model of construction throughout all of Israel, including Judea and Samaria.  He cited a study conducted last year of 200 towns, some of which were established as far back as the 1980s. The study found that “every single one of them was first built, and only years later received final approval.”  %ad%

      Goldstein stresses that Barak’s decision is politically motivated. "To accuse us of building illegally,” he said, “when a host of government offices helped us, and when this is how the entire State of Israel was built, is simply to lie and deceive.”

      Minister of Science Rabbi Prof. Daniel Herskovitz (Jewish Home) met recently with senior officials in the Ministry of Defense. “They admit that the demolition warrant is a way for them to threaten the yeshiva, which they perceive as a nuisance,” he said.

      Menachem Gottlieb, spokesman for the Honenu civil rights organization, highlighted a historic irony: “The current yeshiva building was constructed to replace the old Od Yosef Chai building at Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem. That yeshiva was destroyed by the Arabs - and now Jewish Defense Minister Ehud Barak has set his crosshairs on the same institution.”

      Leftists Thank PM for Saving Illegal Arab Homes

      Tammuz 4, 5770, 16 June 10 09:59
      ( The leftwing Ir Amin organization, which supports the division of Jerusalem, has congratulated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for reportedly intervening to stop the planned demolition by the city of Jerusalem of illegal Arab homes built in the city.


      The police plan to close main routes in Bnei Brak starting at 11 am, ahead of the mass haredi protest scheduled to begin in the central city on Thursday afternoon. Heavy traffic jams are expected in the area. (Yoav Zitun)


      Bnei Barak: Haredi protest organizers call to avoid provocations

      Published: 06.17.10, 11:35 / Israel News

      The organizers of the haredi protest in Bnei Barak started making loudspeaker announcements on the streets calling the public to participate in the protest against the High Court.

      Pamphlets were also distributed in the city, saying, "Sons of Israel are going out with a firm hand! The Torah is our life, and we are loyal!" The organizers, the Committee for Saving Pure Education, called at the behest of their rabbis in their announcements to avoid violence and provocations. (Yoav Zitun)

      Court Says: One Parent in Jail at a Time

      Tammuz 5, 5770, 17 June 10 09:55
      by Hillel Fendel
      ( The 43 Hassidic sets of parents from Emanuel threatened with two weeks of jail time have made various arrangements for their children to be cared for by neighbors and family. This morning, however, the Supreme Court issued a statement saying the judges would consider exempting one parent in each family from serving jail time – at least until the other parent is freed from prison.
      The Court stated that exemptions of this nature could be made for parents who filed a written request to this effect.
      The parents are being jailed because of their refusal to follow a Court ruling to send their daughters to a school they feel has lower religious standards than they wish for their families.
      Monkey Wrench: "Come to Jail at Noon, Not at 5 PM"On another plane, the Court has apparently thrown a monkey wrench into the plans for the giant demonstrations of today, by ordering the parents to report to the Russian Compound jail in Jerusalem by noon today. The protest is scheduled for 1:30 PM, and is to end four hours later with a parade of protestors escorting the parents to prison.
      Hareidi-religious sources emphasize that the issue is not one of ethnic discrimination, but rather a question of religious observance. “If there is discrimination against Sephardim,” said hareidi spokesman Dudi Zilbershlag, “it has nothing to do with the city of Emanuel. The school there is divided along religious lines, and even the parents in the ‘general’ stream want this separation to continue.”
      “The Supreme Court has distanced itself from various population sectors," Zilbershlag said, "which itself casts a shadow over the rule of law. The giant hareidi protest against the Supreme Court a few years ago [helped in that] the hareidim are no longer viewed as an enemy of the Court - but other sectors, such as the settlers, the bereaved families, and many others, no longer have any confidence in the Court. When a body of this nature loses its trust, this is [a problem].”
      Others have asked: "What's next? A court ruling that boys and girls must study in the same classes?"
      Hareidi protests are expected not only in several places in Jerusalem, but also in Bnei Brak and other hareidi centers around the country.
      President Shimon Peres is meeting with Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush of the hareidi-religious United Torah Judaism party in an attempt to reach a compromise.

      Myriads Expected at Hareidi Protest

      Tammuz 5, 5770, 17 June 10 09:08
      by Hillel Fendel
      ( Tens of thousands of policemen are on hand in Jerusalem to counter what could be twice that amount of hareidi-religious protestors in what has been called the “mother of all protests.” The hareidi-religious are expected to accompany 68 parents from Emanuel to jail in a mass protest against irreligious coercion.
      The protest is called for 1:30 PM at Yirmiyahu St. near the large hareidi neighborhoods, and is scheduled to last about four It is feared that it will begin even earlier in other areas of the city, however. Lending the protest an air of urgency, leading Torah giants such as Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyahshiv, age 100, and Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky of Bnei Brak have said they will take part. In addition, the rabbis have taken the unusual step of calling on all yeshiva and kollel students to take a break from their Torah studies and join the protest.
      The issue is the Supreme Court ruling that forces Hassidic parents in the Shomron town of Emanuel to send their daughters to a school that they believe does not meet their religious standards. The Court, however, adjudicated the issue based on ethnic lines, accepting the position of the plaintiffs who claimed that the current school discriminates against Sephardic families.
      The defendants say in their defense that among their number, roughly a quarter are Sephardic.
      The 68 parents who refuse to send their daughters to the designated school are to be taken to jail today – an unprecedented move in itself. They have said that they will gladly go to jail rather than compromise their religious principles. In accordance with a ruling by their rabbi, the Slonimer Rebbe, they will wear festive Sabbath clothes and will be escorted to jail in song and dance by the myriads of protestors.
      In court, the parents cried out the Shma Yisrael prayer, and sang “Zion, will you not care for your prisoners?” and “Make your plans, but they will not come to fruition, for ‘Emanu-e-l’ [G-d is with us].’”
      It appears that a statement by the one religious Supreme Court justice – Edmond Levy, the only judge to rule against the removal of government stipends to Kollel students this week – is what set the religious world on fire. Regarding the declared refusal of the parents to follow the Court’s ruling and to follow their rabbis instead, Levy said, “It cannot be that rabbis’ rulings will take precedence over the Supreme Court.” Today’s mass protest is essentially saying, “Oh yes they can!”
      Based on recent hareidi protests, violence is expected, though rabbis and other leaders have called on the public to show restraint. The police, for their part, have said that they will act to quickly quell any disturbances - an ominous threat in the eyes of the protestors.

      The hareidi public has felt itself under the gun recently regarding the desecration of graves in Jaffa, the removal of bones in Ashkelon, the removal of the Kollel stipends, unwanted autopsies in Jerusalem, anti-hareidi statements made by public leaders, and more.
      The original court suit was initiated by a veteran resident of the city, who had various claims against the relatively newly arrived Slonim Hassidic community – including what he felt was ethnic discrimination, despite the presence of Sephardic families in the Hassidic school. Notably, teaders of the hareidi-Sephardic Shas party have come out against the Court ruling, though they did not call on their supporters to join the protest.

      See also here about Edmund Levy:,7340,L-3128280,00.html





      Police to Close Jerusalem Streets for Protests

      Tammuz 5, 5770, 17 June 10 09:13
      ( Police on Thursday will close off numerous streets in central Jerusalem for an expected mass demonstration by Hareidi-Religious protesters over the expected detention of parents who have refused to agree to send their daughters to the Beit Yaakov school in Emanuel. Streets to be closed include Yirmiyahu, Bar-Ilan, Shmuel Hanavi, Shivtei Yisrael, and Hanevi'im.
      Magen David Adom officials have put their rescue workers on high alert, to deal with expected injuries at the demonstrations Thursday. 

      Feiglin: Leave Emanuel Parents Alone

      Tammuz 5, 5770, 17 June 10 11:28
      ( Manhigut Yehudit head Moshe Feiglin has come out in support of the parents in Emanuel who have refused to agree to send their daughters to the Beit Yaakov school. Feiglin said that it was not at all clear that the issue in the Emanuel case was a refusal of Ashkenazi parents to send their daughters to school with Sephardic children, since the percentage of Sephardic families in Emanuel and in its schools was significant, “certainly higher than the percentage of Sephardic members of the High Court,” he said.

      Feiglin said that he supported the parents over their demands for the right to educate their children as they, not the court, see fit. “If the court were  to withhold funds that do not teach according to state demands, that would be legitimate. But in this case, where the parents are forgoing any state funding for their school, no one has the right to take away their fundamental right to educate their children as they wish,” he said. 

      High Court cancels arrests of Emmanuel mothers of disabled kids

      Published: 06.17.10, 12:11 / Israel News

      The High Court has accepted an appeal by the State Prosecutor's Office to cancel the arrest warrants for mothers who have children who suffer from disabilities in the discrimination case in Emmanuel. (Aviad Glickman)


      Haredi parents of girls from the Beit Ya'akov school in Emmanuel were due to enter prison at 1 p.m. on Thursday, for contempt of the Supreme Court.

      In a last-minute attempt to prevent the incarceration of 86 Emmanuel parents of the Slonim Hassidut, Noar Kahalacha requested of the High Court of Justice to put off the implementation of the court order till Sunday, so that the sides might be able to reach a compromise.

      Noar Kahalacha is the NGO headed by Yoav Laloum, that filed the 2008 petition against the segregation in the Emmanuel Beit Ya'akov school for girls.

      Police announced that 10,000 officers were on alert in preparation for haredi demonstrations against the Supreme Court decision. Ambulance services were also on alert.

      Prison officials said that special arrangements had been made at both men and women's prisons to create conditions that would enable the haredi parents  to maintain their orthodox lifestyle.

      The court has ruled that parents who refused to return their daughters to the re-united school would be imprisoned on Thursday for two weeks for contempt of the court.

      The court said that the imprisonment of one parent could be postponed till the release of the other, in order to ensure the welfare of the children, but only in the cases in which the parents would file such a request.

      Parents from Emmanuel facing prison said that their rabbi said only the man should go to prison, but stressed that they didn't intend to file official requests to the court, since their rabbi's directive is what determines.

      The Hassidut Slonim parents have continually refused to comply with High Court orders to let their daughters study at the Beit Ya’acov school, alongside other girls whose religious standards they believe are not stringent enough.

      click here to 
enlarge text click here to enlarge text

      More than 20,000 protest in J'lem with Emmanuel parents

      Published: 06.17.10, 14:25 / Israel News

      The police estimate that more than 20,000 people have gathered for a haredi protest in Jerusalem against the High Court ruling against segregation in an Emmanuel school.

      A bus filled with parents of students in Emmanuel arrived on the site. They are slated to continue from there to the Russian Compound to start serving their prison sentence. (Shmulik Grossman)

      Some haredi protesters faint due to oppressive heat

      Published: 06.17.10, 14:00 / Israel News
      The haredi protest was halted for a short time after some protesters passed out from the oppressive heat. Some ten thousand people convened on the site in order to protest against the High Court decision against segregation between Ashkenazim and Sepharadim at a school in Emmanuel. (Yoav Zitun)

      Rabbi Melamed Calls for 'Full Support' of Protests

      Reported:15:10 PM - Jun/17/10

      Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed, Rabbi of Beit El and head of the Yeshiva in the town, has called for full support of the demonstrations in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak Thursday against the decision of the High Court in the Emanuel school case.

      “The separate classes in Emanuel are not based on ethnic background,” Rabbi Melamed said in an interview with Arutz 7. “As is well known, we are in favor of integration of all communities, and this is how we conduct our educational institutions. Even so, I call for participation in the protests, in order to protest the interference of the High Court in educational matters,” Rabbi Melamed said.


      Tens of Thousands rally against High Court

      Some 85,000 haredim gather in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak for 'mother of all protests' against decision to jail Ashkenazi parents who refused to send their daughters to school with Sephardic students. Children hold signs reading, 'High Court fascist'...

      • And for a minute by minute report on today's events, in the Yeshiva World:!-%28UPDATED-20%3A43-IL---2%3A43PM-EST%29.html

      See also: 


      For further report , videos, etc.


      DS said...

      SHmuel said:

      Proud of them. Finally a sign and from a source I expected to be the one.
      They do not send kids to be mashed while they stand on the side lines with videos.


      Anonymous said...

      I don't want my tax money to be spent on racists schools.

      DS said...

      DS's reply:

      Anonymous, you have been brainwashed by the system completely. Why don't you READ ABOUT THE FACTS: 30% of the girls in the school are Sephardim. The issue here is not race, despite what wannabe MK Yair Lapid and his equally demagogic friends are claiming. The issue is modesty and religion. The families object to their kids being educated in a class where the families don't observe Shabbat and Mitzvot properly. It is the families' right to choose however they want their kids to be educated. In the United States, one million kids are home schooled. Why do you think that is? FREEDOM OF CHOICE, freedom of religion.

      And go to the schools of these supposedly enlightened judges families, find out how their own kids are being educated. Read about the protests in Ramat Aviv because of Chabad even MOVING to the area. I ask you, WHO IS THE RACIST HERE?

      This is simply demagogy by the media, inflaming of hatred against the religious.

      DS said...

      Anonymous, one more thing. Your objection is, you don't want your tax money to be spent on racist schools.

      No worry: here is the scoop:

      "But in this case, where the parents are forgoing any state funding for their school, no one has the right to take away their fundamental right to educate their children as they wish,” ( Moshe Feiglin) said.

      So if I were you, I would worry more about my tax money being spent on a school in Ramat Aviv Gimmel. There, you might encounter some REAL, honest-to-goodness racism.

      And what about your tax money going to FUND THE PA? Is that racist enough for you? Are you protesting that too? Are you protesting the millions of shekalim spent on transferring goods to Hamas? After all, that is tax money too. Is Hamas racist enough to your taste? Are you protesting that too? Just curious.

      DS said...

      Excellent report here, at the Jerusalem Post:

      Actually, the Sephardim are getting back everything they did to the Ashkenazim before the state was born. They were the ones discriminating against the Ashkenazim. Now they are the recipients of the scorn and humiliation.

      Not that I approve. I think it is sad that children are prevented from playing with each other. On the other hand, I am a daily witness to the loudness, lack of manners of Sephardi kids. I can understand the Hassidim.

      DS said...

      And see this in Hebrew:,7340,L-3906723,00.html

      steve klein said...

      DS, I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I've not read the entirety of your posts. Is Emanuel a private institution or a public institution? When I was last in Israel, I witnessed first hand, "ethnic" segregation between Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews. Are you maintaining this is not happening in Israel?

      DS said...

      Steve, you are a little bit out of touch: Emanuel is a town in the Shomron. We are talking about parents who want to educate their children in a PRIVATE school, for which they are NOT asking any money from the state.

      Read the article from Moshe Feiglin, the second one. I highlighted his statement. If anybody should know, it is him.

      steve klein said...

      DS, OK I read Moshe Feiglin's piece. I am on Feiglin's mailing list, by the way. Are you associated with the Haredi community yourself?

      Some things are black and white, such as the protests against homosexual parades in Jerusalem which I have and do support. Others are not so clear.

      I would have to agree in principle, if this is a private school, I cannot see the court having jurisdiction, except perhaps if it is out and out racism; something you maintain it is not.

      I say this because it would seem to me, were there a private school in the US that maintained no "Negroes, Jews or Hispanics need apply," the courts might have to intercede.

      So what I am asking you is this. Is there no "ethnic" segregation, Ashkenazi from Sephardim, in Israel today?

      Secondly, what exactly are the religious distinctions between Ashkenazi girls and Sephardic girls that these parents cannot accept? In what way (precisely) do the Sephardic girls fall short?

      DS said...

      Steve, you say that you are short of time. Meanwhile you are asking me a bundle. I am also short of time.

      May I please ask that you read ALL entries first, including my comments. I think I answer at least half of your questions. When you are done doing that, please rephrase your question,and I will try to answer them.



      steve klein said...

      DS, here are a few questions / observations. I am trying to keep an open mind, though this does not look good.

      You wrote: "While our 'Court system" protects Pride parades and the rights of men to be married to each other, protects terrorists from their victims, encourages the murder of Jews and the destruction of their homes, some courageous Jews have decided that for Torah and the free choice of education of their children, they are willing to face prison time. They are brave, and I admire them. They don't send their kids to demonstrations unlike some other groups, THEY demonstrate themselves......"

      I fully support Haredi protests against "gay-pride" parades in Jerusalem. I am on record supporting this protests. What about the young mother who ostensibly starved her child? That was not right, was it? Do you believe "religious Zionists," unlike the Haredim, wrongly send their kids to demonstrations against mass-expulsions of Jews?

      You wrote, Edmond Levy's comment is typical of the prevalent religious-Zionist attitude....."

      I tend to identify with religious Zionists because it is these Jews - by and large - who are fighting for the integrity of our land. No? I can self-identify as a "Zionist." Why don't we see Heredim, led by their rabbis, joining their brothers and sisters, protesting this massive assault on Torah and our covenant?

      DS wrote: "While it sent its Jewish religious soldiers to be butchered by Turkish terrorists, while it exposes Jews of Yesha to murder and terror, while it destroys synagogues and turned its own Gush Katif population into refugees, it aids and abets the enemy and subverts the Jewish character of Israel....."

      True. Are there (were there) protests by Heredi rabbis over the sending of religious soldiers to be butchered by Turkish terrorists, over the exposing of Jews of Yesha to murder and terror, over the destruction of synagogues and turning its own Gush Katif population into refugees? Where were / are the protests?

      DS wrote: "The Slonim Chasidim kept their daughters segregated from other girls at the school in the West Bank settlement of Emanuel, going so far as to have separate entrances and a dividing wall through the school's courtyard......Haredi education spokesman Dudi Zilbershalg admitted the haredi faith was littered with examples of girls who had not been accepted to schools because of their oriental background, but that this was not the case in Emmanuel.

      "Here it is based solely on religion. The parents are unwilling to accept students whose parents do not practice a proper haredi lifestyle, such as not smoking on Saturday......The campaign, dubbed "The fund for saving PURE (emphasis mind) education in Israel", showed pictures of the school bound with iron chains and a sign saying "Closed by order of the High Court of Justice". "

      Such as not smoking on Saturday. I do not smoke DS. Is this such an egregious offense, Haredi parents will not allow their children to come near the children of these violators of the Sabbath? Because these parents are not PURE enough?

      DS, you wrote: "Regev called on the Education Ministry to halt all funding to independent education until the court decision on Emmanuel had been implemented. "By continuing to fund this system the Education Ministry is assisting the undermining of the rule of law," he said."

      Continuing to fund this system? Does the school receive state funding or not?


      Do you really believe Zionist's God (our God) is the state? My God is not the state. Why do you say this?

      DS said...


      Thanks for reading the material after all.

      Re: funding, it is one word against the other. From what I understand from reading several sources, the parents were willing to create their own arrangements. Ask Feiglin for clarification. I trust him more than the other guy.

      Re: Religious -Zionists: Of course not all religious- Zionists choose the state over Torah, but the great majority do. The few that don't are our heroes, and I salute them. I have lived among them for over 12 years, and I know how they think. You obviously live in the US, so you don't know the Israeli mentality. The average mafdal person is totally loyal to the state. They always try to make some kind of compromise, but there are times when compromise is simply not possible, and you have to choose. When faced with those choices, the great majority of them go for the state. Although I have to say that Amona opened quite a few eyes, thank God. Whoever that doesn't apply to, first of all my apologies, and second, Kol Hakavod. For you living in the US. it is easy to talk. I suggest you come live here, in Yesha, and then speak about state vs. Torah.

      Re: the Haredim not demonstrating for Gush Katif, etc, I agree with you, and have brought it to their attention in the past.

      The problem with the haredim is that they have detached themselves emotionally from the fate of AM YISRAEL, and that is not good. But the good part is, they don't have FALSE FEAR OF THE STATE, they have FEAR OF GOD.

      Re: racism. Yes, there is racism in Israel, but this is NOT a racist issue.

      Plus I challenge you to come and live among the Sephardim. We shall see how long you remain so loving and open-minded. The culture is very aggressive, not respectful of others.

      And anyway, before the creation of the state, they were the racists, the ones looking down on Ashkenazim. So now the tables are turned and they complain.

      What goes around, comes around.

      But overall, the racism is not of an extreme nature in the religious community. The secular community is just as racist, if not more.

      steve klein said...

      DS, you are right. I live in the US presently. I plan to make Aliyah, the sooner the better. I am hoping I can get out of here with more than the clothes on my back.

      I expect I will ally with religious Zionists in Israel; many who live in the territories.

      I do have a problem with the state when it orders Jewish soldiers to carry out immoral orders, such as forcibly removing Jewish families from our land. There have been brave soldiers that have refused to obey these immoral orders; who, like these parents are willing to serve prison time rather than violate the commandments regarding our land.

      I financially supported Gush Katif and Friends of Gush Katif (which I visited in the early nineteen eighties), alas to no avail. Gush Katif leaders decided (in 2005) there would be absolutely no resistance to the expulsion decree by Ariel Sharon; Netanyahu also voted for it. I believe this was a mistake.

      I will try to maintain an open mind on this situation. I am not a fan of Israel's High Court. I do not like their judgments. That being said, even a broken clock can be right twice a day as they say. We'll see what comes out in the days and weeks that follow.

      At this point in our history, I cannot think of anything more important than resisting immoral American pressure to commit national suicide. President B. Hussein (and Bush just before him) will, if he is able, establish a Muslim-terror state in Israel's historic and Biblical heartland.

      I am surprised Haredi rabbis do not see this as the grave sin it is; a violation of our Torah and our covenant. If they can generate 100,000 activists for this issue, I wish they would mobilize 100,000 protesters over this breach of our covenant. The land of Israel is our covenant with God. Don't they understand this?

      DS said...


      So you see, overall we do agree.

      I also find their indifference re: the Land quite outrageous. But in this case I do support them. Anything to break the hold of this evil court and evil government on the people.

      As I said, I am not a Haredi, and would not want to live among them, as they probably would discriminate against me too.

      Still, here they ARE RIGHT!

      steve klein said...

      DS, one more thing. I grew up a secular Jew. Maybe a heathen. Neither of my parents were religious Jews. It was not until I was nearly thirty that I began searching out my Jewish identity. I spent time in a yeshiva in Jerusalem and Monsey, NY. I came to identify with Orthodox Judaism, though I am not as Observant as I could or should be.

      I hold that Orthodox Judaism is authentic (authoritative) Judaism. That having been said, over the years, I have learned to make the kind of distinctions that not all observant Jews make in terms of what I believe (and would like to believe God thinks) critical -- of paramount -- importance and what is of lessor importance with regard to the commandments.

      The integrity of our God-given land is one of these critical issues. Sabbath is also very important as it is also a sign of our covenant.

      As I said, I do not smoke. Smoking on the Sabbath; I cannot make a big issue out of it. Can you? Establishing a Muslim-enemy state in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem, to me this is a huge issue.

      steve klein said...

      "Still, here they ARE RIGHT!"

      You may be right.

      DS said...


      About smoking on the Shabbat:

      again, your comments reflect the fact that you live in Chutz Laaretz. If you lived in the Holy Land, if you perceived the holiness of Shabbat, and the complete desecration of that holiness a cigarette represents, you would understand.

      Desecrating the Shabbat in public here is one of the worst things you can do.

      How on earth do you expect blessings from Heaven if you don't observe Shabbat? Shabbat is MEKOR HABRACHAH, the essence of the blessings. Without blessings, the Land will be overrun by heathens and barbarians.

      Come and live here, in a Yishuv, and you will understand.

      steve klein said...

      No, I understand. When I was in Jerusalem I remember the Sabbath. It was a delight. The streets were quiet in the religious neighborhoods, except for a few children playing outside in the street. Sabbath is meant to be a family day at or in the home. I understand all of this.

      When I am at the grocery store, I do not enjoy the smell of smoke wafting around outside, where people (the employees) are congregating. For me, it is a bit nauseating. Yet the fact that someone smokes on the Sabbath (lots of people in Israel smoke, don't they?), is this really the essense of Sabbath observance?

      I used to set all these timers around my house, so I did not have to turn anything on during Sabbath. Often I would set a timer wrong and then I'd just sit there in the dark lest I dare touch the thing and G-d forbid(!) violate Sabbath.

      This is what is critical to God? I used to have my own "Shabbos goy" while I sat inside studying and 'praying' (I am in the nursery business) until I read in the Torah "you shall not do any work, you....or your male servant or your female servant or your ox or your donkey or any of your cattle or your sojourner who stays with you."

      We Jews have developed many intricate commandments ("fences") around the written law of Moses that I wonder if even Moses - much less God - could have imagined!

      Why make things so more difficult and exacting than they already are? What happened to, "Whatever I command you, you shall be careful to do; you shall not add to nor take away from it." (?)

      Some of this I fear, is what is driving these protests and the defiance within Emanuel. Maybe?

      Israel is surrounded by mortal enemies (Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, etc.) who are, more and more, engendering support & sympathy from from an increasingly evil international community, led by US President Hussein. We are facing existential threats unlike anything we have seen to date and Jews are concerned about exacting observance of the finest details of the Oral law?

      Is this what it means to be a good Jew DS?

      DS said...


      I do appreciate your concerns and your questions, but frankly I don't think this is the venue for them. First of all I am far from being a rabbi, and therefore whatever I would answer you would be strictly my opinion.

      Are we really debating the strictures here? I am not. I am not following their minute strictures, which I also find sometimes foolish. But that is not at all the issue here. The issue is freedom of worship, freedom to raise your children as YOU see fit, and not as the state sees fit ( reminiscent of dark regimes), and the issue of POWER. The courts represent the foreign regimes, the enemies of Israel you so rightly loathe, and their agenda is suppression of the Jewish People, to accommodate their vision of this state. They follow the foreign agenda to the letter. Whether you agree with each detail of how the Haredim lead their lives is quite irrelevant. What is relevant is the ABSOLUTE RIGHT of every Orthodox Jew to OBSERVE THE TORAH AS HE OR SHE SEES FIT IN ERETZ YISRAEL. And that includes the education of your children, a most important topic. Whether you follow this or that Nussach, this or that Massoret, is really not the issue at this stage.

      Are you a parent? You don't sound like one.

      steve klein said...

      No, I am not a parent. Not yet. Maybe I won't be, though I do understand the paramount importance of parental rights - over state intrusion - especially when it comes to the education of ones children. You make a valid point. If I had children, if I were able, I would home-school them rather than put them in our horrid government schools. My next alternative would be private school. I know what government schools are like. I attended government schools.

      I am against the state promoting abortion and contraception in the schools against parental choice. Government schools should not be providing children contraceptive devices in the absence of parental authority, thereby subverting parental authority. I am a political conservative.

      My initial concern about this was the notion of Jew vs. Jew "ethnic" intolerance. Maybe that is simply media spin in Israel. Like I wrote on YNet, I did indeed learn of and see some of this "ethnic" (Jew vs. Jew) intolerance when I was in Israel; something you acknowledge exists, as in "what goes around comes around."

      If it is ethnic intolerance, racism, what have you - even if it is directed by the parent - will you acknowledge the state has some obligation here?

      If there were a school that did not permit the enrollment of Black children or Jewish children here in the south where I live (based upon the right of southern parents to religiously educate their children as they deem fit) would you support these parent's right to make these demands on the school without any state intrusion?

      DS said...


      All this discussion is irrelevant at this point, Please go back, and read the NEW EXPLOSIVE INFORMATION I have just uncovered. It really makes all these points moot.

      steve klein said...


      DS said...

      Tell everyone, you saw it here first! At any rate, it is not enough to stop at the NIF, which is the FRONT organization for all the other, enemy NGO's funding it.

      NIF Steam-Powers Anti-Hareidi Campaign
      Tammuz 8, 5770, 20 June 10 07:13
      by Hillel Fendel

      ( Organizations funded by the radical-left New Israel Fund (NIF) are behind the court case against the Hassidic parents who refuse to send their daughters to a school in Emanuel with lower religious standards than they desire. Michael Puah of Arad, who has been following NIF causes, says this explains why the media in Israel has been so one-sided on the case.

      No’ar KaHalacha, which filed the suit in the Supreme Court against perceived ethnic discrimination, is backed by two other organizations: Merkaz Tmurah and Achoti, both of which are funded by the New Israel Fund.

      The NIF also funds or funded most of the Israeli organizations that testified against Israel before the Goldstone Commission.

      “Most unfortunately,” Puah told Arutz-7, “I keep on seeing the long arms of the New Israel Fund… I suddenly understood why the entire media in Israel was enlisted so strongly against the hareidim.”

      Even without the NIF, Puah said, “the media doesn’t love the hareidim… but the minute the NIF is involved, [the hatred seems to increase.] Its public relations offices know how to work amazingly well. It is very easy to see that all the media organs are working as if they were coordinated… Otherwise, it is hard to explain the absurdity of Sephardic parents being put in jail for the crime of discrimination against Sephardim.”

      Puah, a religious-Zionist who lives in the Negev city of Arad, acknowledged that there is some discrimination, but emphasized, “It is clear to anyone who can see that the purpose of this public campaign is not to help the Sephardim, but to hurt the hareidim.”

      “One who knows the NIF,” Puah said, “knows that their method is to take a real problem that exists somewhere in Israel, and then to leverage it in order to weaken the State of Israel, Judaism, the hareidim, and the nationalist camp. They then get the best lawyers to file innumerable petitions in the Supreme Court, and to get the best PR offices for their publicity campaign - namely, the NIF. This is how it worked in Emanuel, and with Vicky Knafu and her march to Jerusalem from Sderot, and with the Reform, and with Palestinians.”

      “If we can identify the NIF’s modus operandi,” Puah concludes, “we’ll have half the solution.”

      The NIF website boasts that the two organizations mentioned above have been backing the fight against the “racist” Hassidic school in Emanuel for over a year.

      steve klein said...

      The sledgehammer approach
      06/20/2010 21:22

      In imprisoning dozens of parents, High Court justices have done nothing to improve Sephardi-Ashkenazi relations. Instead of promoting peace, they advanced acrimony.

      Talkbacks (15)

      Other points of view:

      Talkback #6. Intellectually Dishonest
      Author: Michael Esq.
      Country: US
      06/21/2010 12:44

      How dare you engage in such an intellectually dishonest comparison between the Amish and the Haredim. Whatever you might engineer will collapse if you apply the same reasoning as you have here. The alleged degrees of strictness argument is nothing but a ruse and pretext to promote racial theories of Ashkenazi superiority. It is both hurtful and dangerous by it's undermining the unity of the Jewish people; to engage in such disruption,especially at a time when Israel is in such peril, is both stupid, selfish, violative of the love and respect each Jew should feel for the next. This is but another haredi hillel hashem and example why the haredim are deserving of contempt and punishment.

      . Hillul Hashem, pt. 1
      Author: Haredi Sefaradi American
      Country: El'ad, Israel
      06/21/2010 15:46

      It is too bad that the author tries to manipulate the details to remove any wrongdoing. While I agree the Court shouldn't have handled the issue, the "event" last week was a Hillul Hashem - something along the lines of Haredi Ashkenazi Pride Day which included for many the freedom to throw rocks and try to enter Rabbi Ya'aqov Yosef's home and threaten his life, as well as his kids and grandkids, causing him to quit. Laloum similarly did the same today in response to receiving death threats - the law is the street it seems. This doesn't vindicate them, nor do the token Sefaradim.

      10. Hillul Hashem, pt. 3
      Author: Haredi Sefaradim American
      Country: El'ad, Israel
      06/21/2010 15:55

      Try this at Howard University and see if it flies. Shas and the majority of the Sefaradim have remained mostly quiet, biting their tongues while they ached inside at the opening of old wounds that never went away. I know I and many others were waiting to see how the Rabbis you spoke last Thursday dealt with the discrimination issue (certainly there was more understanding about the High Court aspect). Not one of them mentioned any “brotherly love” with the Sefaradim. The most they could offer was “how can we be racists, we learn their poseqim.”

      11. Hillul Hashem, pt. 4
      Author: Haredi Sefaradi American
      Country: El'ad, Israel
      06/21/2010 16:01

      How convenient, deny culpability by referring to geonim from hundreds of years ago. Then, they trotted around their token Sefaradim. What a spectacle. Maybe next year the girls in the Sefaradi track should update their uniforms to include yellow stars for a bit of nostalgia. The events were supposed to bring about unity? To whom? To the Haredim? Yes. Oh right, you don’t include Sefaradi Haredim as part of the Haredi community, only the ones that are mishtaknez. You created separation just like in the Slonim school for a few more bucks, a big ego, and the media spotlight.

      13. Hillul Hashem, pt. 5
      Author: Haredi Sefaradi American
      Country: El'ad, Israel
      06/21/2010 16:09

      The media circus diverted the attention from the source of the problem with MKs camping in front of the prison instead of working on the rift that has widened by the issue. Don’t worry Shas will stay with you through thick and thin like the Cinderella sibling who always gets slighted, but keeps coming back for more. But the sad part is you showed to what the Sefaradi Haredi public thought was their “own people” how you really think of them. Some of them will still want to become like you, but for others, a cold winter came too soon, and may not warm for a long time to come.