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Friday, June 25, 2010


Supreme Court to Hear Second Suit Against Itself

Tammuz 13, 5770, 25 June 10 08:45
by Maayana Miskin
( The Supreme Court is facing a petition against itself for the second time in one week. Residents of Emanuel have filed suit, arguing that the court jailed residents of the city despite lacking the authority to do so.

A similar suit was filed by the Israel Law Center, which filed a writ against the Prison Service and the Israel Police for obeying the Supreme Court's allegedly illegal order. The Supreme Court turned down the suit.

Dozens of parents from Emanuel were jailed last week after refusing to send their daughters to a school in which a chassidic track had been integrated – by court order – with the rest of the school. The parents argued that the integrated track would expose their daughters to influences not suited to their chassidic lifestyle.

The Supreme Court accused the parents of racism against Sephardi Jews, despite the fact that several of the parents were themselves Sephardi, and held them in contempt for failing to uphold the order to integrate. The fathers of girls from the chassidic track were ordered jailed for three weeks, as were several mothers.

According to the prisoners, represented by Attorney Aviad Visoli, the court had no right to send them to jail. "The mass arrest of the plaintiffs, together with the other parents, is grave and unprecedented... As it is now clear that this arrest was illegal, it would be appropriate to act quickly and release the plaintiffs at once. The honorable court is therefore requested to hold an immediate session regarding this plea, and to order that the plaintiffs be released from this obviously illegal detention," he stated in the petition.

Visoli accused the court of refusing to listen to previous pleas, and holding sessions regarding appeals against the mass detention of parents behind closed doors. During sessions that were made public, the parents and their attorneys were not given time to speak, he said.

Mesika: Emanuel Parents 'Guilty of Two Sins'

Tammuz 15, 5770, 27 June 10 08:31
( Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Mesika, speaking at a Melave Malka protest outside Ma'asiyahu Prison Saturday night, said that instead of being pushed aside, the National-Religious and Hareidi-Religious communities should be leading the state. The event was held to support parents from Emanuel who refused to obey a court order to send their children to a Beit Ya'akov school in the town.

Mesika said “the incitement by the far left against you is because you are Hareidi, and Heaven forbid, 'settlers' as well. This is a sin they cannot forgive. Our communities should unite to lead the state,” he said. 

Court Accepts Compromise in Emanuel Case

Tammuz 15, 5770, 27 June 10 10:44
( The High Court has released the fathers of the children who refused to obey a court order to send their daughter to a Beit Ya'akov school in the town. The release was ordered after the court was presented with a compromise plan, drafted by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and the Rabbi of Slonim, the Hassidic group to which the imprisoned fathers belong to. According to the plan, the children from both sides of the argument – those of the parents who refused to send their children to the school, and those who filed the petition to force the school to accept their children – will attend a three day seminar on Jewish unity, to fill out the remaining days of the school year.

The parents have agreed to consider this activity as fulfillment of the original court order to integrate the classes, and as such, the court has released the fathers and cancelled the arrest orders for the mothers of the children, which were suspended last week.

Showers in Central Samaria

Tammuz 15, 5770, 27 June 10 07:29
( Rain was falling in central Samaria Sunday morning, in a rare summer rain shower. Drivers were urged to take extra caution, because of the slippery roads.


  • I do find it strange, I must say, that a community which is so staunchly opposed to secular courts, nevertheless takes it upon itself to file suit in just such a court. I understand the reason, but still, it undermines the strength of the Slonim community's argument and legitimacy.If you are going to be principled,  you should be principled all the way, or your principles end up having no substance, and will be ridiculed and disbelieved by outside observers.

  • Another remarkable and strange thing is, no matter how much I tried to find IMAGES of arrested Haredim on Google, searching with words such as "Haredim, Emanual, Jerusalem, arrests, Maasiyahu, Haredi parents", they were not there. THEY ALL DISAPPEARED. You can find pictures of police arresting rioting and violent Charedim, and of Chareidim attacking the police. But the mass arrest of PEACEFUL AND INNOCENT CHAREIDIM BY POLICE IN JERUSALEM IS NOT DOCUMENTED ON GOOGLE IMAGES, at least not available with a simple search. Did Google deliberately remove all pictures associated with this mass illegal arrest of Jews in Jerusalem? Maybe the Hebrew web has pictures, but in English, they are nowhere to be found, at least not by googling the words. They can be found on specific sites, but without the necessary captions and/or links for an easy search.

By the way, the same thing happens with pictures of violence against Jews in Judea and Samaria: miraculously a lot of the pictures somehow disappear. But of course pictures of violence against Arabs in Judea and Samaria appear prominently.Just try to google it yourself, see what you find.

The logical conclusion is that there is GOOGLE CENSURE of such images, which would make sense, considering that the CEO of Google is a strong supporter of Obama and works with him. Unless, simply, the interest of the world in violence against Jews is minimal, and therefore the pictures end up at the bottom of the barrel. But this explanation doesn't hold, in my view, because certain searches only yielded two, three pages, and even there, no pictures were to be found. So I hold with the explanation that Google is censoring pictures that show innocent Jews being arrested.
See the next post, "Ponies and Balloons" to understand how media blackouts work; listen to a credible witness to deliberate suppression of information by the PTB. This system is at work here as well. On the surface, these separate incidents don't seem to have much in common, yet they really are not separate at all: they come from the same, evil source called the NWO, another name for GLOBALIZATION, another name for WORLD RULE BY NWO LOYAL GOVERNMENTS,  THE UNITED NATIONS, THE COMMITTEE OF 300, THE BILDERBERG GROUP, THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION, THE CFR, etc, WITH THE VATICAN RULING THEM ALL AT ITS HELM.

See here one of the ways in which the media blackout is being put in effect; for instance, as regards the BP catastrophe:

"BP has admitted to buying Yahoo and Google keywords in an attempt to control publicly available information in the wake of the catastrophe. " ( the Flu Case)
So to extrapolate to violence against settlers by the Yassamniks,  and injustice against the Haredim: who might be buying out keywords? How would that work? 

  • Re: the statement by Gershon Mesika:

I couldn't have said it better. This is precisely the point, and this is what the Vatican and the PTB cannot tolerate either, just as the left cannot tolerate it. Settler - Haredi, Haredi settler, is in their view a deadly combination that has to be eliminated at all cost.

In fact, Torah, unflinching loyalty to Mitzvot, and Eretz Yisrael is the powerful combination that is simply unshakable, whose power comes directly from Hashem, and that the evil ones, as well as we, know they cannot defeat. That is why they will do everything in their power to destroy this nucleus of pure Torah, which is bringing about G-d's blessings. What can they do against G'd's blessings? They are simply powerless.

  • All is well that end well... for now:

The rabbis themselves came up with the right solution. Exactly what is needed: unity of Am Yisrael, BY Am Yisrael, with the courts OUT OF THE PICTURE. The court managed to put its dirty fingers in the pot anyway, and it does not come out smelling like a rose at all: something is very foul in the state of Israel; but BLESSING AND UNITY sprang out of the Kiddush Hashem of the loyal and steadfast Jews of the Shomron.

And just as a proof of His blessings, Hashem is sending rain in the middle of the summer to the Shomron.


What is administrative detention?
And what is arbitrary arrest?

So, lawyers, which one is it? Your input is welcome. Either way, it is nothing a TRUE DEMOCRACY would do. They are both symptoms of a very sick and fascistic regime doing everything it can to protect its totalitarian rule over a dissenting, and increasingly aware and rebellious, population.

Make sure to read and watch the first two posts on this topic:

Brave Haredi parents, I support you fully; finally...

And if you also want to understand more about the BP catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, read the posts that have the label "BP". There are a few very extensive ones with in-depth coverage, videos, explanations, links, etc. etc. Very interesting, and makes you understand the situation there better - at least I hope so.

Shabbat Shalom.


עו"ד אביעד ויסולי: ניצחון הרבנים על בית המשפט  - רק הרבנים החליטו בנושא חינוך הילדים
עו"ד אביעד ויסולי שייצג חלק מהאסירים מגיב להחלטת הפשרה עם בג"צ: החלטת בג"צ הוא ניצחון הרבנים על בית המשפט. בית המשפט נסוג מההחלטה שההורים יחתמו על קיום פסק הדין, וקיבל באופן מלא את ההסכם של מרן הרב עובדיה יוסף עם מרן האדמו"ר מסלונים שהבנות תצאנה לשלשה ימי עיון על אהבת ישראל, והפרקליטות הודיעה שההסכם מהווה מבחינתה קיום פסק הדין, מה שלמעשה הביא לניצחון שבכל נושאי החינוך הדתי והחרדי יכריעו הרבנים ולא גורמים חיצוניים. כמו"כ מדגיש עו"ד ויסולי  שההורים הודיעו שהם אינם מתחייבים דבר בנושא פסק הדין אלא ההסכם היחידי המוצג לבית המשפט זה ההסכם בין הרבנים, ובית המשפט נסוג מהדרישה שההורים יחתמו או יודיעו שהם יקיימו את פסק הדין.

לפרטים: אביעד ויסולי 0505-791746


Attorney Aviad Vissouli, who represented part of the prisoners, reacted to the decision of the Supreme Cour with the following statement:

The decision of the Supreme Court is a victory for the rabbis. The court renounced the demand that the parents sign the court decision, and accepted in full the decision of the rabbis Ovadia Yosef and the Admor of Slonim, that the girls participate in a three day seminar on the topic of Ahavath Yisrael; and the prosecution agreed that this decision is equivalent to a court decision. Which in effect is a victory, because it means that in every case having to do with religious and Haredi education, the rabbis will decide, and not a foreign element.

In addition, Attorney Aviad Vissouli stressed that the parents stated that they do not themselves in any way to accept this decision of the court, and that the only agreement that was achieved in court was the agreement between the rabbis, and the court renounced its requirement that the parents sign that they will obey the decision.

For details, Aviad Vissouli, ..... 

- From Arutz7:

"The agreement between the top rabbis was brokered by Shas Chairman Eli Yishai.

Attorney Aviad Visouly, who represented several jailed fathers, said the compromise was “a victory for the rabbis over the High Court.” The court, he noted, backed down from its earlier insistence that the parents sign a commitment to send their daughters to the school. By accepting the compromise between the rabbis, the attorney said, the court essentially admitted that the rabbis  were sovereign to decide the matter, not the court."

Received from SHmuel, thank you.


DS said...
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DS said...

An inside source writes:

Note that the weekly council session of the “Sanhedrin” came to the exactly the same conclusion this past Tuesday.

( re: Slonim filing suit in the secular courts)

DS said...

Y. writes:

you fight with whatever weapon you have. If your enemy shoots a gun be prepared to shoot back and if your enemy uses court to have you arrested file suits back that serve your immediate cause or that show the mockery of the entire system.

DS said...

SHmuel says:

Attorney Vissoli has made a trademark tilting against wind mills usually calling about the "illegality" of court decisions, claims that end up just as invariably dismissed. Still he tries as he knows best.

It is generally accepted that the Supreme Courts are not the first and only court to act on criminal files, but that is in normal countries. Normally lower courts attend to the files and if called upon, the real SC's may consider or dismiss calls for review of those lower courts decisions.
In the ghastly yentz pile called here "justice system", formed of self elected courtiers, that is not the case.
Their "branjas", be them the politzei, "Jewish sektion" or the various and sundry "shalom ajchafff" things will go directly to the peon "judges" and direct them to act against targeted people, in general JEWS and or JEWISH Icons or Heritage.

Basically then, one cannot be both in that putrid system and out of it.

BOTTOM LINE: The judicial circus here will do as they please for as long as they are in any way considered by the people.

The PEOPLE must dissolve the present system and replace with FREELY elected Judges and other elected officials but never from the unJewish core now in place.

DS said...
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