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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BEWARE! BP Catastrophe PART VI: another Jane Burgermeister analysis; it does make sense, but is Jane right, or is she jumping to conclusions?

I was wondering about the very same thing,  listening to that woman speak; but her tone was so sincere, I believed her after my initial suspicions. And the world believes her too. Is she genuine, or just a very good actress?

  • Why did Kindra Arnesen get security clearance from BP when no one else did?
By Jane Burgermeister Kindra Arnesen is a Venice, Louisiana woman who was given security clearance by BP and allegedly saw and heard things that the media are barred from seeing….
And that even though she is a fierce critic of BP.
Hmm…Now, someone has emailed to say Kindra Arnesen is a fighter for truth like myself.
But I guess if were like Arnesen, I too would have be given security clearance to something like Baxter’s facilities in Orth an der Donau where 72 kilos of seasonal flu were contaminated with the bird flu virus. Or to visit WHO’s SHOC room where supercomputers linked to UN security forces track the spread of a pandemic.
I never was given any such security clearance.
Not only did Arnesen get security clearance, she went on CNN TV to tell Americans how dangerous the situation is and how they must evacuate [to FEMA camps].
I guess that would be like me telling people how dangerous the swine flu virus is and how they must take the toxic vaccine on CNN.
Whether she knows it or not, Arnesen seems to be a tool of BP to push their agenda. This is all about hyping the dangers of the oil spill and getting people to go to the FEMA camps. And the oil or tar but even more the dispersant BP is using really is poisonous.
But is the situation really so bad that a mass evacuation is needed? BP bars all independent reporting.
We have little idea of what is going on. There are irregularities. The video footage of the gusher does not appear to show a Blow Out Prevention Stack, for example.
How do we know what gusher this is?
How do we know what kind of clearance Kindra Arnesen got?
The international corporate crime syndicate behind the false swine flu pandemic, the oil spill and the financial crisis are sure to be changing their propaganda tactics as they recognise the power of the internet. By giving a Venice woman like Kindra Arnesen the task of spreading the message that an evacuation is needed, it sounds more plausible.
She tells us she had to take her kids away also for four days and the respiratory problems cleared up. But who can take a child out of school for four days?
She ends her “passionate” condemnation of the lack of respiratory equipment by calling for her local officials to organise an evacuation.
However, there are grounds for believing that there can be no danger great enough to justify a move to a FEMA camp – and that is the only place where so many people can be brought.
The very same people who caused the oil Gulf spill and the swine flu pandemic and financial crisis will be running that camp. But this time, they will have complete power over the inmates.
The people in the camp will be disarmed and totally powerless and trapped.
So great is the degree of control over the mainstream media, that literally millions of people could be sent there and die there and there be not a word would be written about it.
The internet kill switch will shut down the blogs.
In Relatives and friends can be told that their loved ones cannot be traced because of the confusion of the evacuation/lack of internet at the summer camp down by the beach etc where they are, and they should just be patient till the internet is fixed….
Anyone who thinks the murder of millions of people in camps is not possible should just read the history of Nazi germany.
The Nazis also kept all reports of concentration camps out of the mainstream media. Studies show that most Germans really did not know about what was going on the highly secretive concentration camps in as far as the media was their only source of information they had, and that media was completely in the control of the Nazis.
In addition, we know from history books that the Jews were deceived into going into the concentration camps.
They were told they were work camps, temporary camps etc in order to get them to enter them of own free will.
Other Jews were given the task of assigning people to the transport units.
By the time, the victims recognised that these were death camps, it was too late for them to escape.
Everything is in place for a repeat of the Holocaust in the USA but on a bigger scale: the 800 FEMA camps are in place in secretive locations; the special units to transport Americans to the camps and guard them have been set up (FEMA, Homeland Security and Blackwater); and the transport trains are ready.
Preparations for a media black out are almost ready.
The emergency laws to allow any crime by the government are in place.
It is fair to assume some office has been set up ready to register and obtain all the assets of the people sent to the FEMA camps. There is a lot of money to be made from people dying there, after all.
And didn’t hedge funder George Soros do just this job of registering the assets of Jews who were sent to be murdered in concentration camps in Hungary as a kid?
There is a lot of real estate, assets and businesses to be bought up for a song if the Gulf state residents are evacuated – and never come back.

  • This is Kindra:

  • This fisherman's name is also Arnesen - one big happy fishing family, with roots in Scandinavia, from what I can tell.

Seeing what she has seen, I can understand her outrage.

  •  And here she is in a previous video, interviewed by CNN; read her story below, it's interesting.


 My feeling is, she is for real, but you never know. Maybe she is being used by the PTB? Or maybe she simply believes what they believe, and so is a very useful tool for them.

Whatever it may be, the same principle always applies : KABDEHU BECHASHDEHU. Take what she says into consideration, but use your own judgment.

What that translates to is: Do your own homework, check your sources, see if your life circumstances warrant staying put, or leaving. But do not succumb to panic. Prepare in advance, have a plan of action in case the balance tilts in favor of leaving. Make arrangements in advance for a place to stay, in case you have to leave on short notice. 

Stay in control, that is the main thing. Don't wait until FEMA takes you out. If you see there is danger, ACT BEFORE they do.

Here is something I just received, that confirms my approach:

Thanks, Anonymous.


See all my previous BP articles, by searching for the label, " BP". They start on June 11 ( page 1 and 2). Try to read them in chronological order, they will make more sense that way. The first one related to the catastrophe is titled :" If even Dr. Len Horowitz...."

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