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Friday, June 4, 2010

VERY RELEVANT AND ACTUAL: THE COMMITTEE OF 300, the ruling body of the world behind governments. The Gemara also speaks of 300 princes . And don't forget Rome, certainly as important! Their connection according to the Gemara below.

(some useful information here; lots of antisemitism too.)



(j) (R. Avahu - verse): "Akron will be uprooted" - this is Kisari of Edom which sits among the sands; this was a dagger to harm Yisrael in the days of the Yevanim.
(k) When the Chashmonaim overpowered the Yevanim, they called it "Achidas Migdal Shir".
(l) (R. Yosi Bar Chanina - verse): "I will take away his bloods from his mouth, and his abominations from between his teeth, and he will also remain to our Lord" - Hashem will remove their idolatries, and the shuls and Bais Medrashes of Edom will remain to Hashem.
(m) "And it will be like a teacher in Yehuda, and Ekron like Yerushalayim" - these are the meeting places, in which leaders of Yehuda will publcily teach Torah.
(n) (R. Yitzchak): "Lesehem" is Pamyas (the source of the Jordan River); "Akron will be uprooted" is Kisari of Edom, which was a city of kings.
1. Some say that it was a place where they raise kings.
2. Others say that it is where kings are appointed.

(a) It cannot happen that both Yerushalayim and Kisari are both desolate, nor that both are settled.
(b) If one is settled, the other is desolate.

1. (Support from the verse): "I will fill the destroyed" - if this is full, the other is destroyed.
2. (Rav Nachman Bar Yitzchak): We learn this from this verse - "one nation will overpower the other nation".
(c) (R. Yitzchak - verse): "The Rasha will be graced, he will not advocate" - Yitzchak asked Hashem to be gracious to Esav.
1. Hashem answers: He is evil!
2. Yitzchak: One cannot speak well of him?
3. Hashem: He will destroy Eretz Yisrael in the future.
4. Yitzchak: If so, he should not see the greatness of Hashem
(d) (R. Yitzchak - verse): "Hashem, do not give the desires of a Rasha (evil one), he should not carry out his plot" - Yaakov asked Hashem, do not let Esav the desire of his heart.


1. Let him not carry out his plot - this is Germamya of Edom - if they would be released, they would destroy the entire world.
2. (R. Chama Bar Chanina): Germamya has 300 crowned princes, and 365 provinces in Edom; every day, they confront one another, and kill one of them, and they are busy appointing a new king.

"There are 300 princes of Edom in Germany and 365 in Rome. "

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See what is going on today, and draw your own conclusions.

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