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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My friend Democast the video reporter did it again: excellent job!


This young man, Daniel, is a Tsaddik in pure Jewish tradition.

His single-minded act of bravery made him an icon in the world of decency. This video was picked up by a major media outlet and has since gone viral ( UPDATE JUNE 6th, over half a million viewers, and I can honestly and modestly say that it got its wide exposure HERE FIRST, at ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES, from where the SPECTATOR exposed it, and then NURIT  in Los Angeles - as Nurit says: the POWER OF ONE).

Daniel is a symbol of the Jewish People : through him, the world can understand how David vanquished Goliath, how little Israel vanquished the arab nations surrounding it in 1967. Undeterred, full of Bitachon, of belief in God and in the righteousness of his cause, he marched unflinchingly among the screaming, enraged, murderous but helpless crowd.


Kod Hakavod, Daniel. May there be many more like you. May your example be a beacon of light in a sea of violence, ignorance and hatred. I salute you, just as I salute the brave soldiers who dared face the murderous Muslim thugs, armed only with paintball guns, small pistols, and their trust in God.



                    When the crowd gets very unruly, after the cordon of policemen is already in place, the person directing, choreographing the show is NOT an Arab: he is a white, Anglo-Saxon ( or European) man.

                    This is characteristic of all the violent demonstrations against Israel all over the US and Europe: they are MANNED BY ARABS, but ORGANIZED AND PAID FOR BY WESTERN, usually leftist or church organizations, such as the FORD FOUNDATION , Adalah, ANSWER,  GEORGE SOROS's NGO, etc.

                    The AGENDA IS THE AGENDA OF THE PTB. Without their support and funding, Hamas, Fatah, etc, would be powerless. This is cynical use of carefully fanned arab and muslim rage by Western antisemites, chief among them the Vatican, where all the incitement came from, and is still coming from, TODAY. Please read my other posts for explanations.


                    UPDATE :

                    Why 16-yr old Daniel breached the lions' den: Iranian-heritaged Jewish teen explains his confrontation; recognizes Muslims' intentions to eradicate Jewish State through device of "Palestinian-ism"


                        From Nurit:

                        Please share this video, filmed by DemoCast News...this is how ALL of us need to behave...what a wonderful, informed and intelligent 16 years old young man to be proud of him!
                        The segment shows that what happened on board of the Convoy of Terror, could have happened here, in Los Angeles, just in front on the Israeli Consulate, where the lone young protestor stood proud for Israel!
                        Watch.  Then watch again.
                        The mob, vs. today's demonstration.)

                        From Joel :

                        Excellent video. Reveals not only the courage of these Israelis in the LA area, but also the utter ignorance of Muslims. The stupid young man is apparently unlearned in a basic fact of history: the Jewish holocaust. Yes, I absolutely believe that the vast majority of Muslims in this country are a blight on this land and the Americans are going to pay a fearsome price for their presence here.


                        YMedad said...

                        As always, a majority of one. Good work.

                        Stephen Buckley said...

                        Good on you, son. Ignore what the idiotic British Foreign Secretary has had to say: some British people are behnd you.

                        Benyaminov Shamil said...

                        Those palis are bunch of savages. DUMB ASSes, Jews come from all corners of the world stupid brain dead palis.. bunch of racist hatemongers. We come from Morocco. Ethiopia, Yemen, Iran Kavkaz (Azerbaijan, Georgea), Uzbekistan, Russia, Spain Egypt and etc...]

                        May Hashem watch over that young boy, a true patriot of Jewish nation. Hello from East Coast and thank for your braveness and pride.

                        Israel, Jerusalem Zion Forever

                        ron said...

                        אכלה גבר!

                        Ros Morris said...

                        Really, really brave. How many others would have done the same? He represents the best of Israel.

                        Anne-Kit said...

                        Brave, brave Daniel. I salute you as I salute and stand with the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

                        A Christian supporter in Australia.

                        Anne-Kit Littler
                        Perth, Western Australia

                        Anonymous said...

                        As a high school student in Israel I salute this brave man. I consider him as one of our soldiers in the war against terror and hatred.
                        Can you please publish his full name so I could contact him and let him know the entire Jewish nation and the entire state of Israel is behind him.

                        DS said...


                        I will try to get this information, but I cannot promise. Thanks for your support and the support of Am Yisrael. Yes, we all are behind him, and we need to learn from his brave actions.

                        May Hashem bless him.

                        niconoclast said...

                        The Israelphobes are merchants of hate.They infest the mainstream media.It only takes one solitary person to expose their racism!

                        Kimberly P said...

                        Countless posts I have read and every response by a supporter for the Turks and Gaza have been violent, and full of hatred. The very first thing I noticed while watching this video was the non-violent but purposeful stride of this brave young man. My heart swells with admiration for his faith. My prayers and well wishes stand firmly with the State of Israel and it's people. Shalom!

                        Yosef said...

                        I would like ton interview Daniel. We have a AM radio station and a blog

                        How do I get in touch with him?

                        Unknown said...

                        kol hakavod
                        we are proud
                        you will be a good comando fither

                        Anonymous said...

                        Daniel, this is the toughest thing I've seen for quite a while. There should be more people like you, standing up against the moslem tyranny. I'm really proud of you!!

                        cheers, some german dude

                        Tubutsch said...

                        He is calm and cool-headed, although he stands alone against dozens of Israel-haters. The other side is loud (oh, these girls crying fanatically) and disagreeable and hateful and aggressive.
                        Sounds familiar, somehow...
                        Brave. Lots of admiration from Berlin

                        Gerrit said...

                        I hate that everyone associates critic against israel with racism.

                        We need the right to crtizie a state without being declared as racists.

                        And I hate how different religions denounce each other all the time. Every reolgion has the right to exist. Generalization is the worst thhing someone can do.

                        jan said...

                        What an incredible young man....there should be thousands just like him, we all should be marching carrying Israeli flags! AM YISRAEL CHAI!

                        Anonymous said...

                        You are courageous, and you carry the Israeli flag with honor. Excellent job, well done Daniel. A true Jewish spirit.

                        Anonymous said...

                        Kudos for such bravery. As a parent of teenage boys, I can't imagine letting them do something like this, or even trying it on my own! It just shows how the young have a lot to teach us adults. If you're not willing to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what come, then those who do will win. Kol HaKavod for both your actions and your ideals. May you be an inspiration to all of Klal Yisrael.