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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amazing testimony about the origin of Islam: the Vatican! Coming from a serious source ( sorry about the slant of the narrator). I've told you all along that Islam and Rome work together; now you'll understand why and how: nothing has changed over the centuries.

German Jesuit Cardinal Bea with Rabbi Heschel, 1960s

"Alberto Rivera, deceased Ex-Jesuit turned Bible-believing Christian..., reveals the history Jesuit Augustin Cardinal Bea taught him about the origin of Islam.  We cannot forget that Cardinal Bea was one of the most wicked Jesuits who ever drew a breath.  As a German Bavarian Jesuit priest, he participated in the anti-Jewish fury unleashed in Bavaria prior to the accession of Hitler who wielded absolute power over Pope Pius XII’s Third German Reich.  It was Bea who later served as the confessor to Pius XII and who also participated in the cover-up that sought to conceal the Jesuit Papacy’s foremost role in the carrying out the Eurasian Jewish Holocaust.  And it was Bea who worked with leading religious Jews in further securing Israel—the Pope’s Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem—in anticipation of the building of the Third Hebrew Temple for the final Pope to be murdered....Thus, it was this diabolical Augustin Cardinal Beahere. who was the true source of the origin of Islam revealed in the video

Since the time of the release of Rivera’s most important information, Venetian Count Vittorio Vivaldi III has confirmed on your editor’s broadcast the basic tenets of the story.  The Count fully substantiates the Vatican wrote the Koran; the Augustinian monks were the true movers of the Pope’s False Prophet Muhammad; and that the Islamic Crusades called “Jihads” merely killed off the true enemies of Satan’s Roman Papacy—the[]Jews and true, Bible-believing Christians.
And as Rome used Islam to kill her enemies during the Sixth and Seventh centuries throughout Arabia and North Africa, even so will that Great Whore of Rome, that “Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth,” use Islam to kill these very same enemies within North America."

This comes from Eric Phelps's website, Vatican's Assassins. Eric Phelps has been a frequent contributor to this blog, with unvaluable historical information about the Vatican, popes, Jesuits, etc. This is another stellar contribution of his via his website.

 And now, do contemplate the following in that context:

Why Do Muslims Murder Americans?
- Daniel Greenfield - July 7, 2010
The latest talking point in the Western terrorism apologist camp is that Islamic terrorism against Americans began in 1968 when a PLO supporter named Siran Sirhan assassinated Robert Kennedy. Thaddeus Russell, a radical professor and author of something called, "A Renegade History of the United States", circulated the latest version of this meme when he wrote;
"Not one American died at the hands of a politically motivated Arab or Muslim until June 5, 1968, when Robert F. Kennedy was shot to death by Sirhan Sirhan. The killing came shortly after President Lyndon Johnson declared that the U.S. would become Israel’s major sponsor"
Of course there's one problem with this claim. History.
The difference between History and Radical History, is that the former is a record of events that actually took place, and the latter is a distortion of history based on a political agenda. The idea that Muslim terrorists began murdering and trying to murder Americans, after an LBJ announcement isn't history. It's radical history. So let's take a look at history instead.
In 1958, ten years before Sirhan Sirhan began polishing his gun, the United Arab Republic (a geographical Frankenstein's monster under the rule of Egypt's Hitler-worshiping General, Gamal Abdel Nasser) funded and armed a Muslim revolt against the Christian Lebanese government of President Chamoun. Eisenhower responded by sending in the US Marines as peacekeeping forces. The Muslim terrorists responded by setting off bombs in public squares, restaurants and department stores where Americans were likely to be found.
A Beirut cafe filled with US soldiers was bombed. So was a bus outside the Capital Hotel, which was filled with Americans. The ABC Department Store, a five story building frequented by Americans was hit by a suicide truck bomber. The same building also housed the local offices of the Singer Sewing Machine company. A bomb went off 30 yards away from the car of the US ambassador. A US Sergeant was shot and killed by a sniper. But of course we've already forgotten the Marines storming Red Beach on 24 hours notice. Yet the terrorism still went on. The US embassy was bombed in 1967 and bombed again in 1969. And all this is only a snapshot of Arab Muslim terrorist attacks against the US in a single city, in one country.
But apologists for Muslim terrorists will go on to claim that we just shouldn't have been in a Christian country, one which was being claimed by Muslims. Just as they would similarly agree that we shouldn't support Israel, a Jewish country being claimed by Muslims. Or Thailand, a Buddhist country also being claimed by Muslims. In essence we should just stay out of every non-Muslim country being claimed by Muslims. Which includes much of the known world-- including parts of Europe, such as Spain. (and now, a parcel of land near Ground Zero, for the construction of their Victory Mega-mosque.  --  aem)
So instead let's stay at home. Surely Muslim violence will not trouble us here. Not before the dreaded year 1968, when LBJ and RFK said something positive about Israel. That has to work. Doesn't it?
Then let's go back to 1930, before there even was an Israel. Before US forces were carrying out peacekeeping operations in the Middle East. When the Nation of Islam was founded by W. F. Muhammad. That friendly religious order which claims that white people are subhuman and that America is the devil. The Nation of Islam is however more than just a letter on a baseball cap or a crazy leader occasionally appearing on talk shows to explain why he hates the very people who are giving him a platform. Like just about everything with Islam in its Islam, it has had a long and bloody history from the very beginning.
In 1932 Robert Karriem, one of Muhammad's followers, gathered 12 other followers together, along with his wife and children, as he tied down a tenant of his, James J. Smith, and stabbed him in the chest and then smashed in his skull. Karriem proclaimed "The unbeliever must be stabbed through the heart" and "every son of Islam must gain a victory from the devil. Four victories and the son will attain his reward". All quotes from Muhammad's teachings about Islam. Kerriem was caught and put away, but the violence only grew.
In that same year, the Reverend J.D. Howell, pastor of St. Stephen's African Methodist Episcopal Church, warned against "the sinister cult of Islamism" which "toppled sanity into homicidal fantasies".
Reverend Howell also emphasized that "The Negro race cannot, as such, be held responsible for the actions and teachings of fanatics. Their 'Arabian' leader is solely to blame. There must be quick and just punishment of those who come among us and, for personal gain, lead us astray. The Islamic 'Bible' and the Nation of Islam must go"
In 1955, the FBI described the Nation of Islam as an "Especially Violent and Anti-American Cult." Its publication contained the quote, "Of all the governments in the world, there has never existed one so wicked as America, which has misled the holy people of Allah." The FBI internal bulletin found that the Nation of Islam presents "...a threat to the National Security of the United States."
The Nation of Islam murdered "infidels" who left the movement or criticized Elijah Muhammad. Some were stunningly brutal, the murder of an entire family in Philadelphia, including drowning two infants. But the worst was yet to come. Unlike the Son of Sam or the Zodiac killer, the Zebra Murders, which took place in San Francisco in 1973 have been generally forgotten... because it is politically incorrect to recall painful history.
The full number of those murdered by the "Death Angels" of the Nation of Islam may never be known. Estimates range anywhere from 71 to over 200. Those targeted were children as young as 11 year old Michele Denise Carrasco and as old as 81-year-old janitor Ilario Bertuccio. Salvation Army cadets, college students, a retired coast guardsman. The victims were shot, mutilated, raped or decapitated. Some were so badly mutilated that their identities have never been learned. The killers were Nation of Islam members and in some cases used NOI businesses to carry out their atrocities. Their defense was paid for by the Nation of Islam. The horrifying crimes had been committed because the Black Muslim perpetrators believed that murder was their "ticket to heaven".
The Zebra Murders were the worst acts of Muslim terrorism perpetrated on US soil, until September 11, 2001. Like virtually every Muslim atrocity, they have been swept under the rug, their memory scrubbed away and banished to the dusty archives. Because it is much easier to claim that Muslims began murdering Americans in 1968 because they were angry over Israel-- than to admit the ugly and unpleasant truth: that Islam is not any fundamentally different than Communism or Nazism. It is a political ideology which calls for world conquest and the absolute dominion of its leaders.
Let us step back then before 1973, before 1968, before even 1955 and 1932. All the way back to 1786. When Muslim pirates were preying on American ships, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams met with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the ambassador to Tripoli, to try and understand what his justification for these attacks was, the ambassador replied that, "It was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise." Thirty-five Americans died in the Barbary Wars, long before LBJ, RFK or Theodore Herzl were even born. (And the same motivation exists – unchanged and unchangeable – to this day. –aem)
The justification of an 18th century Muslim ambassador for his piracy against the United States shares a common theme with the Zebra Murders taking place on American soil, nearly two centuries later. The Islamic Supremacism which insists that Muslims have the right to kill those who are not their kind, for reasons of religion or race, and that those who commit the murders will have a ticket to heaven. It also forms the common denominator with the ideologies of Muslim terrorist groups of the present day.
Apologists for Islam focus on the practical motivations behind Islamic atrocities. The Barbary pirates wanted slaves and money. The Death Angels enjoyed rape and torture. Hamas and Al Qaeda want to rule over different countries. But they are united by the common denominator that Islamic teachings served to dehumanize their enemies and turn them into subhumans. And that is, and has always been the problem. The idea that others are subhuman, and that you can therefore enslave them, kill them and abuse them justifies any number of crimes of opportunity. This goes back to Mohammed and his followers, who embarked on epic sprees of murder, slavery, rape and robbery because they were doing the "Will of Allah," and those who hadn't gotten on board with Islam, were enemies and infidels.
In the 1930's, European countries tried to deal with Nazi Germany through appeasement, by ignoring the realities of Nazi ideology, and instead treating it as a symptom of economic and political grievances. The result was that Nazi power grew, and so did their atrocities. They went from street violence and a few murders, to conquest, war and genocide. Like the Barbary Pirates and the Death Angels and Hamas-- the Nazis had practical motivations for their crimes. Some of them wanted loot. Some enjoyed torture and murder. But they had the same justification-- that everything they did was correct and even praiseworthy, because their victims were subhumans.
Most murderous ideologies will harness some sort of popular grievance and appeal to their follower's baser desires to kill and plunder. But to ignore the actual ideology, is a dangerous form of denial. To try and appease it is even worse.
Muslims did not begin murdering Americans in 1968 because they were angry about Israel. They were murdering Americans in 1929, because they were angry at Jews. They were murdering Americans in 1909, because they were angry at Christians. In 1973 they were murdering Salvation Army cadets, homeless people and a teenager who was bringing a teddy bear to his little sister, because they were angry at Americans. In 1955, it was because the Americans were there with a peacekeeping force to prevent them from slaughtering Christians in Beirut. In 1786, they were killing Americans.. because they were just there.
That is the ugly bottom line. Islam justifies the murder of non-Muslims. It says that their property may be taken and their wives raped-- if they don't submit to Islam. The Koran states that Allah is the enemy of infidels. It states that jihad is mandatory for all Muslims. It promises paradise for those who join in. The Christian or Jew has a choice of either submitting to their rule, and becoming a dhimmi, a second class citizen-- or being an infidel and a target for anything a Muslim cares to do to him or her.
Americans are targets because they are non-Muslims. That is why Obama emphasized in his Cairo speech that America is a Muslim country. That is why Russia joined the OIC. Both are ways of saying, "Don't attack us, we're one of you." But why does that need to be said? It needs to be said, because Islam places Muslims and non-Muslims in different categories. Because it assigns different categories to Muslim and non-Muslim countries. In Islam, there is the Dar Al Islam (The Muslim Realm) and the Dar Al Harb (The Realm of Devastation). A country that is not Muslim, is not in the process of becoming Muslim, and does not have a treaty or truce with whatever a given Muslim faction considers to be real Islam-- is part of the Dar Al Harb, to be made war on, conquered and subjugated.

Why do Muslims murder Americans? Because they're not Muslims. And even when they are Muslims, it's because they're not the right kind of Muslim. Because Americans have things they want. Because America occasionally interferes with their goal of recreating a Caliphate. Because American power is an implicit insult to Islamic Supremacism, which demands that non-Muslims cannot have more power or taller buildings than Muslims. But in the end as always, Americans are a target because they are non-Muslims, which makes them inferior, deprives them of equal rights in Islam jurisprudence and renders them subhuman.
Had America never allied with any non-Muslim country or Muslim country, that Muslims have a grievance with-- Americans would still be murdered. Because so long as an ideology embraces both violence and the dehumanization of those outside the ideology-- murder is inevitable.
This did not begin in 1965. It began in 610. And it's not over yet.
 Note from CJHS:  To all of you who are reading this and have rabbis who believe that interfaith dialogue with Muslims will bring us to a world where we are all living in peace and harmony, have them read this.

The above piece thanks to A.M.

  • Knowing this should help us put their joint war against us into a whole new perspective. What's the point of getting mad at the Muslims if we don't include ROME in our wrath, and attack the right target? After all, SHE is the real monster behind the horrors of Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmedinajad, etc. The Church created this murderous Frankenstein, and now hides nicely behind all its evil deeds, the terror, etc. Radical Islam has taken the place of the Inquisition.

 An interesting topic is the Vatican itself. Notice that it was built on one of the many Roman hills, close to the hill dedicated to Janus, the two- headed god.

 This is a very good description of the Vatican: one face to the world, nice and sweet. The other true face in the opposite direction, hidden from view: the face of violence, murder, death, oppression, burnings, hangings, torture, decapitations, mass murders, terrorism, mass graves, Holocaust, etc. etc., etc.

That is the Church, and if you don't understand this, you do not understand what you are seeing with your own eyes. The real face of the Church is TRYING to hide. But thank God, it is becoming more and more visible to all  these days. 

The Flotilla saga gave us a glimpse of the total cooperation between the two entities, the Church and Islam. And of course ROME is THE SOVEREIGN, while Muslims are the SUBALTERNS, THE UNDERLINGS, and don't appreciate it, I am sure.

Remember that the King of Saudi Arabia defers to King Juan Carlos of Spain, in the Knights of the Golden Fleece ( and so does Queen Elizabeth, by the way):

So when Obama bowed deeply to the king of Arabia, he actually bowed to Rome. Did you know that? Does HE know that? 

  • On a related topic:  Just today I wrote about some other monsters the Church created, now coming back to bite them . Islam is one more powerful such example.


DS said...

Make sure to read this post too, I wasn't able to add the link inside the text, for technical reasons. A real eye opener!

Natalie said...

I think both Roman Christianity and Islam were created by the same ancient power elite that had used to rule various pagan empires such as Egypt and Babylon. The continuation of pagan symbols and rituals is too obvious to be a coincidence. They, of course, tried to destroy Israelites on many occasions and erasing even the name of our God YHWH (very successfully since the Rabbi still teach us to replace His name with "Adonai" - really?).

And I'd like to see some evidence of "Jews persecuting Christians" in the 1st century c.e. other than the christian writings. It's interesting that even most non-Roman Christians don't like to acknowledge that it was the Jewish teachings, not Christianity, that was the main competition of the Roman pagan dogma. I mean, there're Christian authors as late as IV century complaining about Christians going to the synagogues!

ahmed said...

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Unknown said...

Interesting, I will definitely look further into this. One thing that's in the film that was a little off, being raised Catholic (not so much active now) is that there's a Blue Army Shrine a couple of miles away. My mother took us there as children and I've gone here and there as an adult. There's no army there. It's a shrine. They have mass, sometimes retreats, sometimes it gets crowded on Holy days. I was just curious if there was thought that it was an armed militia or did they mean like people who do the things I said? I never saw anyone like that, I've never been asked to take up arms in any letters. Otherwise interesting and worth the read, would definitely think over the bishop who said this being from, I believe it said Nazi Germany, as well. I would only say to just think, I'm not denying anything. I was always a bit curious of these visions myself. Thanks much and will probably come back to read again.

DS said...

Thanks for your comment, Joan.

Same to you, Ahmed and Natalie, whom I didn't thank earlier.