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Friday, June 11, 2010

• NYC Ground Zero Mosque Founder Exposed - A MUST SEE video.... and another one, and another one.

See also:

 Take note, all of you in Israel who believe that Muslims who pretend to be your friends are real friends!

All three videos contributed by Gadi. Thank you, Gadi, they are great!

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DS said...

Eric Phelps of Vatican's Assassins said:

This is intended to further incite the deceived, White American people to a war with Islam espcially after Jesuit trained General David Petraeus is ordered to attack Iran by Jesuit Joe Biden. This is regarded as the ultimate slap in the face. And it is the Archbishop of New York City, Timothy Dolan, controlling the city and his CFR that is behind the plot.

When the war goes sour, all American Jews in general will be blamed for it. Then the military dictator will come to power, save the day and impose "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question" here in North America. Arnold Schwarzenegger may well be that dictator, as he, like Hitler, is a Roman Catholic and an Austrian with no allegience to the American people whatsoever.