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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Arab Nazis teach their kids that Jews kill Arab children to make Matzah for Passover... but meanwhile, who are the biggest consumers of Matzah in Israel? ... And....blood libel all the way to the U.N.; the U.S. joins the chorus by paying for it, and keeping mum.

  • video sent by Jack, with the comment: Please look at The New Nazism-- very potent.

  • Israel - Matzo No Treat for Jews, But Israel's Arabs Love It

Published on: April 3rd, 2010 at 09:25 PM
News Source: AP
Israel - Many Jewish Israelis can't stand the stuff, so there's something mind-boggling about their Arab compatriots: Why in the world do they choose to eat matzoh?

Despite decades of uneasiness in their coexistence with the Jewish majority, Israel's Arabs have developed a love affair with matzoh, the dry, crunchy wafers that observant Jews eat as a substitute for leavened bread during the weeklong Passover holiday.

Weeks in advance, Arab-owned stores across Israel stock up on matzoh, knowing their customers will clean it out.

The matzoh craving among Israel's Arab citizens — about 20 percent of the population — reflects their ambiguous place in the Jewish state. While they speak Hebrew, carry Israeli passports and wear Israeli brands, many say they suffer discrimination and identify themselves as Palestinians.

Still, they love matzoh.

"We eat it from the start of the holiday to the end, and when we run out we buy more," said Umaima Igbaria, a 35-year-old Muslim woman who lugged a carton of matzoh out of a supermarket in the Arab town of Umm el-Fahm in northern Israel.

She said she, her husband and their three sons all eat matzoh, usually with tea and slathered with chocolate sauce. She said they didn't care if it was "Jewish food."

Inside the store, a 5-foot-tall (1.5-meter-tall) stack of matzoh boxes stood in the entryway, all that remained of the more than 4 tons that owner Tariq Ifin ordered for the holiday, which began Monday night. He had no doubts the rest would sell.

In the Passover tradition, matzoh commemorates the biblical story of the Jews fleeing Egypt so quickly they had no time to let their bread rise. Jews also consider matzoh poor man's bread, eaten to remind them of their ancestors' hardships. Few consider it a culinary delight.

"I don't like it much, but it's part of the holiday," said Simon Mizrahi, 44, an observant Jew from Jerusalem who eats his matzoh with soup, cheese or butter.

Mizrahi said matzoh doesn't fill him up like bread, and he worries its carbs will make him fat. Many other Jews share his ambivalence, recognizing its traditional role while saying they get tired of it.

To prevent matzoh burnout, many have developed alternative recipes. Some stir crushed matzoh into warm milk or coffee to make porridge. Others add an Italian twist, topping it with tomato sauce and cheese to make matzoh-pizza or substituting it for noodles to make matzoh lasagna, or "matzagna."

Outside of the holiday, few eat it and few stores stock it. Many say they wouldn't eat it if they had other options.

Thus their surprise when informed that Israel's Muslim and Christian Arabs — who don't observe Passover and can eat any bread they like — choose matzoh.

The answer to the mystery is simple, said Arabs in several mainly Arab towns in Israel. They just like the taste.

"The kids love it. They eat it like cookies," said Wisad Jamil, a 43-year-old woman lugging a carton of matzoh and tub of chocolate spread to her car for her husband and five kids at the Umm el-Fahm store.

"Don't the Jews eat our bread? Fine, we eat their matzoh," she said.

Indeed, the mixing goes both ways, with Arab dishes like hummus and felafel now favorites of Jewish Israelis. And during Passover, nonobservant Jews often turn to Arab shops for leavened bread, which disappears from most Jewish-owned stores in the season.

Ifin, the supermarket owner, said some of his Arab customers once refused matzoh on ideological grounds, though fewer do now because of years of mixing.

"You can't say Arabs and Jews are one people, but we share the same land, so why not share the same food?" Ifin said.

While Israel's 1.5 million Arabs hold citizenship and vote in elections, they strongly identify with their Palestinian brethren in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Most still call themselves Palestinians.

Palestinians in the territories and east Jerusalem largely don't share the matzoh craze, and shops there don't sell it. Israel captured the predominantly Arab east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war, and Palestinians claim it as the capital of their future state.

"We don't like anything that comes from them," said Jerusalem taxi driver Firas Salem, 27, when asked if he ate matzoh.

"And besides," he said — expressing a sentiment shared by many Jews — "bread tastes better."


So what does this tell you? Pushed to its extreme logic, it means that Arabs are CANNIBALS! 

Of course I am kidding; the Arabs know perfectly well that they are not eating the blood of an Arab child when they bite into that chocolate-covered cracker.

So wouldn't simple morality dictate that they reprimand their brethren who spread such evil and deadly canards about Jews, Matzoh and Passover? (But why should they, when even the United States stays silent in the face of blood libel against Jews in Israel??? - below)

The story lodges itself in the hearts and minds of their " palestinian" family at a younger and younger age, and guarantees the next massacre of Jews by their brethren..

PS : the theory is also being proposed that many of those Matzah-eating Arabs are in fact, JEWS who converted to Islam but kept their ancient and secret customs throughout their generations.

  • Syrian Rep Promotes Blood Libel at UN Human Rights Council

And the U.S. stays silent.

This article by Anne Bayefsky appears today on

Meeting today in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council heard the following statement from the Syrian representative, First Secretary Rania Al Rifaiy: “Israel…is a state that is built on hatred…Let me quote a song that a group of children on a school bus in Israel sing merrily as they go to school and I quote 'With my teeth I will rip your flesh. With my mouth I will suck your blood.'" The Obama administration chose to join this Council, the UN’s lead human rights body, and its representative was present. But they said nothing after hearing this blood libel.

On the contrary, rather than expose the Council and its anti-Jewish agenda, one of President Obama’s first foreign policy moves was a decision to pay for it. Hence, American taxpayers will pay 22 percent of the cost for this speech to be permanently posted on the UN website, translated and broadcast around the world.

There is a reason that none of the members of the UN Human Rights Council thought this statement was sufficiently repulsive or shocking to complain. The blood libel against the Jewish people is a calling card of UN proceedings, with UN members usually casting their anti-Semitism as vicious anti-Israel attacks. For instance, last week’s Council debate over the attempt by Turkish-backed extremists to break the Israeli blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza included the following outbursts. Along with references to Israel’s desire for “bloodshed,” came Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua’s accusation that “the Zionist regime” conducted an “indescribable” and “brutal massacre.” Pakistan said Israel committed “crimes against humanity,” Algeria described Israelis as “butchers,” and Libya distributed a statement entitled “The Massacre Committed by the Zionist Entity Forces.”

The UN Human Rights Council has a webpage for all those who follow its proceedings. Although it is now in the midst of its fourteenth session, and has thousands of videos from its many meetings since 2006, smack in the middle of its home page is only one video link. It reads “Human Rights Council 12th session Highlights” and has a photo of Richard Goldstone. He is speaking about his libelous 2009 report that claimed Israel deliberately intended to murder civilians in the 2009 Gaza war rather than defend itself against eight years of rocket attacks.

In the chair during the Syrian statement today was Council President Alex Van Meeuwen of Belgium, who also said nothing, though he has no trouble finding his voice when it comes to objecting to statements from Israel or other states and NGOs which refer to less popular subjects. Today, following this statement by Canadian representative Jeffrey Heaton – “Canada condemns the lack of respect of the Burmese regime for human rights and fundamental freedoms of its population” – Van Meeuwen responded: “before moving to the next speaker, I would like to ask once again all speakers to refrain from using words such as regime in reference to member states and uphold to UN standards when referring to countries.”

In February after Israeli Ambassador Aharon Leshno-Yaar called upon Iranian leaders to cease denying the Holocaust, Van Meeuwen exceptionally intervened in the debate to chide: “I would like to remind all speakers of the importance to deal with human rights issues with dignity and respect and to and to adhere to the well-established principles of the United Nations.” But when it came to dehumanizing Israeli children, Van Meeuwen had only two words to say: “Thank you.”

There are no more excuses for President Obama to pretend that there is a greater good in lending American credibility to an international vehicle for anti-Semitism. It is time to leave the UN Human Rights Council and to ensure that not a single U.S. dollar is used to encourage its sickening agenda.

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