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Thursday, June 10, 2010

POOR EXCUSE! Sounds logical though, doesn't it? But the real reason is A COVER-UP. "THEY" ( PTB + BARAK) DON'T WANT THE TRUTH TO COME OUT . Sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn't it? Check out the evidence, and then decide.


 Lies, lies, lies! They just don't want the soldiers to testify: complete GAG order on the soldiers' report!

If I were a soldier, I would want to testify anyway, even under threat of punishment; the truth has to be told.


Squadron 13 Soldiers Ordered to Close Facebook Accounts

Sivan 28, 5770, 10 June 10 01:07
( Squadron 13 soldiers fighters were instructed to close their Facebook accounts. In addition, soldiers were required to stop using cell phones with cameras, for security reasons.

The concern is that the soldiers will tell their friends on the network about unpublished information regarding the operation on the Gaza flotilla and thereby reveal classified activities.


COMPLETE COVER-UP. See my previous posts for the whole story, links below. 
By doing it in piece-meal fashion, maybe they think we won't notice? These people are such monsters.

But no worry, Barak, you won't be able to hide your crimes forever. At the end, truth will prevail: everybody will know what a miserable traitor and criminal you are; you and all your honey-speaking friends in high places.

For the entire list, please search the labels:
"flotilla", "Gaza","Ehud Barak", "Vatican schemes and lies"



PM Netanyahu: Inquiry Must Investigate Flotilla Organizers

Sivan 28, 5770, 10 June 10 09:51
by Hillel Fendel
( Speaking at the Marker Financial Conference on Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu began with a few notable remarks on the world community's demand for an inquiry into Israel's response to the provocative flotilla of last week. Netanyahu said the inquiry must investigate those who organized the flotilla, and their motives, as well.
"We are consulting with several figures within the international community," Netanyahu said, "regarding the appropriate procedure of inquiry that will corroborate all the facts relating to the Gaza flotilla. We know the truth and the people of Israel know the truth."
Who is behind the radical group on the deck of the ship? Who funded its members? How did axes, clubs, knives and other types of cold weapons find their way on to the ship?
"The Minister of Defense, Ministers, the Chief of Staff and I are prepared to testify and provide all the unembellished facts. But I remain firm in my position that, as always, the IDF will be the only organization to question our soldiers. This is the custom in our allies' armies and we shall behave in a similar fashion.  

"But I ask that the whole truth come to light, and therefore the inquiry must also include answers to certain questions that many in the international community prefer to ignore: 

"Who is behind the radical group on the deck of the ship? Who funded its members? How did axes, clubs, knives and other types of cold weapons find their way on to the ship? Why were extremely large sums of money found in the pockets of those people on the deck of the ship? Who was this money intended for? The world needs to know the whole picture, and we will ensure that the whole picture is made public."  
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday night that a final decision on who will investigate the flotilla events will be made by this Sunday. It currently appears that an Israeli team of lawyers, accompanied by two foreign observers, will perform the inquiry. The mini-cabinet of seven top Israeli cabinet ministers convened on Wednesday to discuss the matter.

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Report: Acting PM did not know flotilla raid was underway

According to a report, Acting Prime Minister during the Navy flotilla raid, Minister Moshe Ya'alon, did not know in real time that the raid was underway, and was apparently updated only after the operation got out of hand. (Ynet)