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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shocking new information I discovered about the Rubashkin case....BLATANT ANTISEMITISM, PART II


Dear all,

Please read the previous post about this topic:

I summarized the story there, but will try to explain it more in detail here.

I have uncovered shocking,  brand new information regarding this case. It shows exactly who is behind it, how they did it. And it is so similar to the Haredi story in Israel, almost uncanny.


Brave Haredi parents, I support you fully; finally...

 and here:


Please see the article from THE FORWARD, which is full of antisemitic stereotypes:
“They leave so much to be desired in the moral and ethical treatment of workers,” Ouderkirk said of AgriProcessors."

“At the other two, they were more compassionate if an individual was hurt,” he said. “At Agri, they’d be more concerned about losing money than the individual.”" ( said the PETA investigator* - see below for more PETA information)

Again you have an antisemitic agitator , in this case a specially trained priest, who was trained to organize  Hispanic and other foreign, illegal immigrant, meat-packing workers, in a Jesuit Diocese in Texas.
"(5) Clerics are bound to obey their diocesan bishops in all matters determined by the canon law. Various Roman decisions have declared that by his ordinary authority, the bishop cannot oblige clerics to render to him any service not expressed in the canons. While the obligation of obedience is binding on all clerics, it is strengthened for priests by the solemn promise made at ordination, and for all holders of benefices by the canonical oath. The obligation to be subject to the bishop in lawful matters is not, however, a vow."

With other words, priests don't really have free choice in their life. Ouderkirk was sent by his Jesuit Bishop to Iowa, his home state, to do something he clearly loves to do anyway:  help illegal immigrants who work in meat-packing plants establish themselves in the US. As a priest he had to obey his superior. So the responsibility for this agitation falls first and foremost on the Bishop, who belongs to the conspiring class. The simple priest thinks of himself as having an avocation, as fulfilling a ministry he believes in. But WHO decided to send him to Agriprocessor? Why did he end up there and not on some pig slaughtering operation in Iowa?

Why did we only hear of the terrible conditions in the Jewish slaughtering operation, and nothing about THIS complaint?
Is the priest himself necessarily antisemitic? I don't know. But he is clearly an AGITATOR in line with the antisemitic Jesuit agenda.

After his training he was sent to Iowa, where the largest kosher meat packing plant was prospering, with the purpose of destroying both it and its owner.

The tactic used is also reminiscent of what is happening in Israel with the massive invasion of foreign workers, where again, the Catholic Church is taking upon itself to agitate against the Jews.

See the post:
INSTRUMENTUM LABORIS; Benedikt's visit to Cyprus, ...

It is worth reading carefully. You will see that the pope unabashedly discusses exactly this issue, how to organize the Catholics against the Jews, by insidiously working with the underclass, be it illegal Mexicans in the US, or illegal Africans in Israel,  and undermining the Jews who employ and help them.

Incidentally, the title of the paper, INSTRUMENTUM LABORIS, in Latin, is loosely being translated:

WORKING TOOL, TACTIC, STRATEGY, literally " the instrument of  work", how to do the job, tools of the trade, working instrument, etc., etc. I am sure you understand the meaning.

( I know, I had six years of Latin in high school many years ago, learning Cicero, Horatius, and all the other Latin authors. Got an A in all my finals, so I should know some Latin!)

Now you understand what is going on? The pope is openly discussing his strategy against the Jewish People, without actually saying that it is directed against us ( no, not against the Jewish People, not against Israel: against THE MIDDLE EAST..... go figure what it could possibly mean.).

And he is actively applying this technique in Iowa, in Israel, - and most likely also against the Haredim of Emanuel - if we scratch the surface deep enough, we will find the connection to the CATHOLIC church, not only to ChristianAid, a British Christian group, in the Emanuel saga.

Actually, now that I think of it, it appears to me that the timing of these two legal verdicts, coming so soon after the publication of Instrumentum Laboris in Cyprus, right after the flotilla, June 4th, 2010 is not coincidental:

The war of the pope against the Jewish People, his crusade, just kicked up another notch, this time in the legal arena, attacking Judaism from within, whether in Israel or in the US;  in addition to the flotillas - this latest one blatantly and unashamedly Catholic -,  his physical external war against Israel..

 This is becoming a pattern that is easy to recognize.

So, next time you see some strange and irrational verdict being passed against religious Jews, and/or against Israel, look deep enough, and you will find the church's dirty fingers all over it - I guarantee you!



At first I was quite shocked when I read the report of the Shechitah at Agriprocessor.

I am mostly a non-meat eater myself, so I can relate to the sensitivities of PETA to a certain degree: the group does have a lot of valid points.

What I was more concerned about, though, was the opinion of various rabbis about the film showed on the PETA website. As I started to review the names of various rabbis , two names popped up: Rabbi David Rosen, and Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen. So I decided to look further. The legal complaint against Agriprocessor  above confirmed my suspicions: the two "CHIEF RABBIS" rabbinical witnesses named in that complaint are precisely those two rabbis. These rabbis are the lackeys of Rome, everywhere to be found defending Rome, working for Rome, helping Rome, promoting Rome, etc., etc. So their testimony is simply INVALID. This negates the entire PETA campaign. And it proves to me, once more, that ROME is behind this blatant miscarriage of justice against Rubashkin.

Now, as to whether Kashrut was observed or not during Shechitah is not a matter I am qualified to determine, of course. For that I would have to turn to rabbinical experts versed in Shechitah: if there really were serious Kashrut violations, then the bankruptcy of Agriprocessor was completely justified, and proportional punishment is certainly in order.

The way I see it, THIS IS A BLATANT CASE OF ANTISEMITIC PERSECUTION of a  religious Jew: it has very little to do with Kashrut violations, and everything to do with Jew hatred .


Nightghost said...

Doesn't surprise me a bit. Pope was, after all, a member of the hitler youth corps., wasn't he?

DS said...

Shmuel said:

Interesting to compare to the Rubashkin judgment...

Breaking News: High court sides with ex-Enron CEO Skilling; ruling doesn't necessarily overturn conviction
News Alert: High court sides with ex-Enron CEO Skilling; ruling doesn't necessarily overturn conviction
10:37 AM EDT Thursday, June 24, 2010

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court has sided with former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling in limiting the use of a federal fraud law that has been a favorite of white-collar crime prosecutors.

The court said Thursday that the "honest services" law could not be used in convicting Skilling for his role in the collapse of Enron. But Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in her majority opinion that the ruling does not necessarily require Skilling's conviction to be overturned.

For more information, visit

DS said...

DS replies:

Is Skilling a Catholic?

DS said...

SHmuel replied

I do not know but the blatant bias is self evident.

DS said...

Here is the story as presented in the Forward. It is filled with antisemitic stereotypes. Nasty.

DS said...

Here is the story as presented in the Forward. It is filled with antisemitic stereotypes. Nasty.

Geus said...

I really loved this article.
It is not the Jews only, who are persecuted by the Papacy. And I figure that infiltrators in other societies often can be traced back to the Roman Catholic's, when they seem to be anti-semetic. Adolph Hitler was also a Roman Catholic. Because isn't Jesus Christ a Jew from the bloodline of King David? And should not the Christians bow to the Jews or at least their royal bloodline for that? And never persecute!

The Pope is the Antichrist. Martin Luther, John Calvin, and all the Reformers where right. But all European media claim the opposite today, and Ian Paisley from Northern Ireland is the last European in Media and Politics in the EU that tells the truth, for as far Roman Catholicism is concerned.
Will Noah be a Jew again?

What can I say. Jew, your enemies are my enemy. I am grateful for this blog, grateful for the Bible, grateful for knowing the truth.