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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good little boys, nicely brainwashed under the tutelage of corrupt rabbis Aviner and Druckman -- allowed to "express themselves"... so the government can catch at an early age who will be the next problem - promptly to be sent on a suicide mission?

 Gush Katif: ignominy forever - and those two rabbis collaborated.
Without the expulsion, none of the current turmoil would have happened.
No picture posted of them - on purpose - they don't deserve it.

Tightening Zionist Ties with the State of Israel

Sivan 20, 5770, 02 June 10 10:18
by Hillel Fendel
( The Disengagement, Amona, the destruction of outposts, the eviction of Jewish families, perceived police and judicial hostility, the construction freeze, media antagonism – the list of items with the potential of alienating young religious-Zionists from their beloved country is long.
To counter this effect, and to bolster the feelings of pride, belonging, and belief in the historic value of the State of Israel, Yeshivat Ohr Etzion is holding a day-long seminar entitled, "Clarifying Our National Awareness." It will be held at the yeshiva, in Moshav Shafir on the Kiryat Malachi-Ashkelon highway, on Thursday, from 3:30 until 9:30 PM.
Aimed at 11th and 12th graders from yeshiva high schools, the subtitle is, "Now It's Your Turn."
Asked to explain what that means, one of the organizers, Elchanan Shmuel, told Israel National News, "This seminar is essentially a follow-up to a special Shabbaton [Sabbath-long event] that we had here about three weeks ago, on a similar topic, in which Rabbi Chaim Druckman and Rabbi Shlomo Aviner spoke at length. However, there was a feeling that the students themselves didn't get enough of a chance to speak and express themselves – and therefore, tomorrow's event will be one in which the students will do the talking."
He said that the students will discuss among themselves what is and what should be their approach to the State of Israel, the government, and the historic process unfolding before us. Rabbis from the yeshiva will be on hand to provide guidance.
Two workshops will be held, on the topics of "The Army and Me" and "The State and Me." Afterwards, the students will gather together for a decision-making session as to how to get the message out throughout Israel.
Rabbi Menachem Manne will speak about his experiences during the expulsion from the Gush Katif town of Netzarim, and Rabbi Elisha Vishlitzky and Rabbi Druckman will also speak.

For more information on the series 'Meraglim" and its relationship to Rabbis Druckman and Aviner, see this link, or simply watch it in the sidebar of this blog.

.... I PREFER THIS RABBI, sz"l; at least he was genuine - if not the Mashiach.

And finally....'"they" always want to present a 'balanced approach, right? Well, now it's balanced.
A Jewish Analysis  
Prof. Paul Eidelberg
We don't need brilliant political analysis to reveal the obvious: that Israel' government consists of cretins and cravens.  We've known this since Moshe Dayan, with the unanimous approval of Israel's government, started the process of undoing the miracle of the Six-Day War by giving the Arabs control of the Temple Mount, the holiest site of the Jewish people.  The government thereby desecrated the Name of God on the one hand, and dignified Islam on the other.
In dignifying Islam, Israel's government painted itself in the corner: it could say nothing of the evil character and genocidal designs of the enemy.  Hence, we can appreciate a pundit who now urges Israel's government to tell the truth about this enemy.  But there is another truth that needs exposure, namely, that Israel's greatest enemy is its own government!
By undoing the miracle of the Six-Day War via the policy of "territory for peace," Israel's government has been pursuing a policy of treason—and not merely moral treason. I say this because the policy of "territory for peace" actually violates Israeli statutes governing treason. In other words, and as attorney Howard Grief has exhaustively shown, Israel's government—including its Supreme Court—has betrayed the birthright ot of the Jewish people. 
This means that Israel's government has betrayed God and the Sinai Covenant.  By so doing it has renounced the only justification for the Jewish state.  The only solid justification for the existence of the State of Israel is the Torah.  This is not a political conclusion but a Jewish conclusion based on reason and logic. In rejecting this Jewish conclusion, Israel's ruling elites have succumbed to stupidity and self-abasement. 
This stupidity and self-abasement is exemplified by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu' ardent desire to negotiate with Muslims dedicated to Israel's annihilation.  To negotiate with these enemies of civilization is pathological or symptomatic of a terminal disease.  Only an idiot or a madman would deal with those committed to his destruction.
No one should know this better than Jews whose history is punctuated by the envious and murderous hatred of the non-Jewish world—especially of Muslims. 
Thus, by abandoning God and the Torah, the source of Jewish wisdom and loftiness, Israel's government has become foolish and ignominious.  Isn't this obvious
Moreover, it's precisely the function of Israel's enemies to make Israel look ignominious, for that facilitates and perpetuates their own and ignoble and mendacious character.  Political analysis obscures the meaning of history, that Israel represents the God-given truth at Sinai.  This truth exposes the lies and idolatry and complacency of mankind.  Israel makes people feel uncomfortable and even lowly.   People want to feel good about themselves, and one way of doing this is by scapegoating others.  So Israel has served as the scapegoat of mankind—it's called "anti-Semitism"
Israel is not going to be redeemed by brilliant political analysis. Indeed, the latter may make a lot of people—pundits and politicians—"politically correct."  No, we need Jewish analysis on the one hand, and Torah-inspired statesmanship on the other.  Israel needs a war strategy based on Torah principles, including the principle:"Those who come to kill you, kill them first".


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