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Sunday, June 7, 2009

One of our readers comments, re: Obama's actions...

Joel writes:

Shalom Daisy,

I'm very sorry that Israel ever trusted the American government to keep its word.
They should have learned during the elder Bush administration that the American
government cannot be trusted. Now that we have a Muslim president, what do the
Israelis expect, more favorable treatment than under Bush 41?

Israel can thank the American Jewish community for Obama, and the weasels in
the Olmert administration, giving the Americans the very clear impression that Israel
can be pushed around.

The majority of the American Jewish community has in large measure helped to
bring Israel to a maximum point of danger. And even in Mitchell's London US
State Department team, we have two other perfect examples: Daniel B. Shapiro

(the head of the National Security Council's Middle East desk), and State
Department deputy legal adviser Jonathan Schwartz.  I cannot imagine what it
must be like for Israelis to be looking across the table at American Jews
that are working steadfastly for the demise of Israel.

The "Endgame" plan is far past its halfway point and despite Israel's best
efforts, the Nethanyahu government will conform to the desired end of the
Quartet and Arab League. Knowing that the Americans will absolutely not
permit Israel to attack Iran, Israel will sign a peace treaty. If you need
proof read Daniel 9:27. A treaty will be signed and it will be confirmed by
Israel's ultimate enemy. Read Daniel 11 for insight into the false Mashaich,
who multitudes of Israelis will welcome as their true Mashiach.

Israel literally appears to be just a few short pen strokes from national
suicide, but if you will read Psalm 121, you can rejoice greatly. When
Israel appears to be on the edge of disaster, the Lord of Glory will cause
the wicked Gentiles and Jews to drink very deeply of the wrath they want
force on Israel. Sort of like Haman's gallows for Mordecai. The Lord
knows how to undo His enemies. Read David's Psalm 110. It will challenge
your understandings, and combined with Psalm 2 provides incontravertible
proof that the Lord will extirpate His Jewish and Gentile enemies.

You can already see the hand of the Lord at work. I understood it is the
hand of God when I saw N. Korea redirecting the US from the Middle
East to Asia. Eventually I think the Lord's redirecting the US to Asia
will bring a much larger conflict, that will result in the US being pushed
out of Asia. At the same time, the Middle East will be more in the hands
of the French, British and EU, that is, what we call the Revived Roman
Empire, with Germany at its center.

The Lord will undo them all, no matter how ascendent they seem right now,
the Russians, Chinese, Arab and non-Arab Muslims are going to see their plans
for the destruction of Israel completely undone. Daniel 2:34-35 actually
describes the Lord as a mighty mountain that will fill the whole earth with
His righteousness.  A-Men



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