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Monday, June 8, 2009

CONTACT THE PM - Correct contact info





Dear Friends and Family,

As we all know, Israeli's Prime Minister has been under pressure to cave in to things not in the best interest of Israel, yet he has stood his ground.  Last week I sent an email address for him, but here is a more direct line to him.  


I called and I spoke with one of his staff and they said that he needs to hear this both from Jews in Israel and Jews around the world.  We must stand with him.  We must let him know that what he envisions for Israel is what we want as well and not to piece-meal Israel for peace.

Pass this information on to Jews that you know support Mr. Netanyahu's stand on protecting us and let us all let him know that he is doing a great job!




Phone number 972-2-670-6161

emails that will get directly to him send to 

snail mail letters

To the Honorable Benjamin Netanyahu 

Prime Minister of Israel

Kaplan #3





Everyone is always sending petitions and all kind of things via the Internet.  Please, this is important.  Like Moses hands needed to be lifted in order that the Israelites could prevail against our enemies, so we too, modern day Israelites, must uplift our leader who is fighting hard for us!!

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