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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Car "accidents" again! First Nadia Matar's husband(?), who thank G-d survived; then this lovely girl from Hevron. It seems the murderers are at it again, KILLING LEADERS AND THEIR LOVED ONES. These "accidents'' timed to coincide with US involvement.

Hevron Teen Killed by PA Car
Sivan 14, 5769, 06 June 09 10:45

Henya Meshulam, a Jewish teen from Hevron, was killed Friday afternoon in a car crash near the city of Efrat. The accident occurred when an Arab driver failed to give the right of way to the vehicle in which Henya was a passenger, and crashed into the side of the car.

Several people were injured in the crash.

One day earlier, Israeli citizen David Matar was wounded under similar circumstances near the site of Friday's fatal crash. Matar suffered broken bones when an Arab driver crashed into his car.

By the way, I SAW a white car totalled at the junction, I was driving there Friday afternoon on my way home. It did look like a terrible crash. I didn't understand how it could have occurred there, as this is a pretty safe stretch of road. After reading these news, I DO understand how: somebody WANTED IT TO OCCUR. Remember the tractor drivers in Jerusalem a few months ago.....

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