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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Re: Wow! More evidence of the TOXICITY of fluoride. Time to stick to spring water until further notice, wouldn't you agree? BTW, do they fluoridate water in Israel, anybody knows?

Re: the issue of water fluoridation, I received quite a few replies. It seems that fluoridation is a subject that arouses intense debate.

One one hand is the dental community, with dentists honestly and deeply convinced that fluoridation is all good.

On the other side of the debate are environmentalists, activists of various stripes, and doctors as well, who are convinced that fluoride is dangerous for overall health, no matter what the effect on teeth is.

Since I am really no expert on the matter, I will post the replies I received on both sides of the debate. It seems to me that the best way to determine who is right and who is wrong would be to examine ALL the evidence, from all sides, and then decide. Since I frankly don't have the time to do this, I'll leave it up to whoever wishes to do so. Meanwhile I tried try to gather whatever information I have so far on the topic. So here we go:

A. On the side of the dentists and the ADA, here are two replies I received.

1. From Dr. Robert Lichtenstein, a respected dentist in NY:

DS  I usually  respect your opinion, and forward it to some colleagues.;however this bit on fluoride is utter nonsense. No one presented any evidence, not even anectodal. If you are interested in the truth, look up the Aerican Dental association bureau of scientific affairs.
Dentist are pleased to see that dental caries has significantly decreased since the fluoridation of public waters. Fluorosis, which these quacks claim is poison is really a benign stain on teeth and happens exceedingly rarely from public water fluoridation. the only place I knowhere it did happen is in the Rocke y   Mountain area.

2.From Dr.Eugene Tunick, a retired dentist in Montana, through his nephew on this list:

NO, I DO NOT AGREE!!!!!! This kind of semi-scientific BS has been going around since the benefits of fluoride were discovered. Let the experts at the WHO, the ADA and the state boards of health decide. Before we had water fluoridation, we had horrific decay in children, since it's become almost universal, decay rates have dropped dramatically at an enormous saving in tax payer dollars, not to mention the pain and suffering.

In WW II, almost 1/3 of recruits were deferred because of dental disease. In the 1950s (in the US), 50% of adults age 50 had artificial dentures. 50%!!!! Dental caries is not just a nuisance, it has serious side-effects, such as poorer nutrition and loss of income because of pain. Stopping fluoridation is like stopping the use of polio vaccination.

There is a group of people who have always opposed water fluoridation. If you look at who they are, you'll see a very strange group indeed. More later.\


Eugene D. Tunick, DDS

Rexford, Montana, USA

B. On the side opposed to fluoridation:

1. First there is the video I had received and sent:

2. In addition, months ago, I had received this series of videos from Brasscheck, that I frankly found quite impressive. I leave it up to you to watch them, and make up your own mind. I know Brasscheck is sometimes quite biased, and in addition is VERY antisemitic; still, one has nothing to do with the other. We are talking science, and evidence here.

"Toxic waste is good for you..."

Would you believe that a toxic industrial
waste product is routinely added to water
supplies all across the US?

The story defies belief and yet is absolutely


C. Now, to top it all off, information about fluoridation in Israel. Some of it is not new, so .... I guess we all will have to make up our own minds.

1.CZ , who had sent the original video, wrote:

Jerusalem city water is not fluoridated, I do not know anything about the rest of the country…

2.and bill sent this reply re: water fluoridation in Israel: thank you!



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Regards, and thank you to all for your replies.


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