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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Re: This is my favorite picture of all . Don't you just love white flags? I'd like to see a lot more white flags like this. ...

Wouldn't you believe it? After I publicized the white flags picture, the arabs were SO ASHAMED, they REMOVED THE PICTURE FROM THEIR ALBUM ! I GUESS THEY DIDN'T WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO WITNESS SCARED ARABS HUMBLY WALKING TOWARDS  ISRAELI SOLDIERS, TREMBLING WITH FEAR. HA, HA, HA!! ITS' SO FUNNY; They don't want the world to see what COWARDS they really are.They just want everybody to feel sorry for them, and keep giving them money so they can waste it, food so their leaders can hog it, etc. etc.What losers!.

Anyway, let me describe the scene; about a dozen young men, women and children, all waving WHITE RAGS ABOVE THEIR HEADS, cowering in a group; in case you missed this picture...

Oh well, I'm sure we'll see plenty more of those in the future. Maybe not on Yahoo, and maybe not taken by arabs; taken by Israel Jews!!


Israeli troops invade Gaza - Yahoo! News Photos

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