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Monday, January 26, 2009

Re: going after the Ford Foundation and the Vatican - some responses, ideas, and questions.

  1.Carl asked:

24 hours elapsed since I sent this e-mail: I see whole armies have volunteered!...

Seriously, how come ONLY ONE PERSON responded positively to my call to go after the Ford Foundation and the Vatican? Don't you think it is important? Or is it that you are scared? Or too busy?  Usually I get lots of responses when things are not that critical; yet,- at least I think so -, going after them is the most useful thing we could do to save Jews... and nobody really seems interested - so far. Please tell me why.




I have only one question, WITH WHAT?



I would say:

First of all, EXPOSING THEM and their dirty tricks.

LET THEM KNOW that WE KNOW they are behind all the horror we have witnessed these past few weeks. We know what they are all about. We know what they are planning, We see through their masks.

You see, one thing I learned from studying Torah, is that ESAV IS SCARED TO BE FOUND OUT THAT HE IS A MURDERER, because he is AFRAID TO BE PUNISHED! That is why he always hides behind others. The ultimate user of HUMAN SHIELDS is the VATICAN, for your info. That is what their fronts are all about. We have to BLOW THEIR COVER, SHOW THE LINK, PUBLICLY, BETWEEN THE FORD FOUNDATION, THE VATICAN, and the WORLDWIDE RIOTS we have seen recently,


Let them not hide anymore behind the Muslims, and let the idiot savages take all the blame.

Let them show their faces to the whole world, as the MURDERERS THAT THEY ARE. No more sheep in wolf's clothing, let the whole world SEE THE WOLF'S UGLY TEETH.

Then they will GET SCARED, because THEY ARE COWARDS, and that is WHY THEY HIDE!

The way I see us do that is with massive DEMONSTRATIONS in front of their HIDING PLACES!


2.Lise wrote:

Can you get us into this activity?
Guidelines Being Composed Right Now
- Perhaps a known connection w. Ford? 
And then to broaden it.
This is Ford.

Broadcasting Authority to Clamp Down on B'Tselem Reportsby Hillel Fendel

by Hillel Fendel
( The Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) is working on a new set of guidelines to help it weed out the bias from sources such as B'Tselem.
The initiative is the result of a request by the President of Israel Media Watch and former Minister of Public Security, Dr. Uzi Landau. In a letter to IBA Chairman Moshe Gavish, Landau asked a series of questions based on research showing that B'Tselem – a left-wing human rights organization – generally releases one-sided and sometimes deceptive information.
"Does the IBA deeply check the veracity of B'Tselem reports before they are broadcast?" Landau asked.  "Why does the IBA not note when reporting on B'Tselem that it has a very clear political and ideological agenda?  Is the IBA aware that it has become a propaganda tool in the hands of an organization that wishes to advance its own controversial ideology, without great concern for accuracy? Is the IBA aware that by its very publication of B'Tselem reports, it is hurting its own reputation for truthfulness?"
Guidelines Being Composed Right Now
In his response to Landau, Gavish acknowledged that despite the importance of this matter, it has not yet been dealt with.  Gavish wrote that a new set of guidelines is in fact currently being composed, and its principles are already being brought to editors' attention. 
Gavish included in his letter the protocol of a recent top-level IBA meeting, in which took part IBA Director Moti Shklar, Ethics Committee Chairman Yuval Karniel, Television Committee Chairman Yaakov Shoham, and others.  Material submitted by Israel Media Watch regarding B'Tselem was discussed.
The participants agreed that it is their obligation to check the data of B'Tselem, and similar organizations, before publicizing it.  However, they said, it is impossible to do so in an absolute manner.  It was therefore decided that, when a given report causes harm to a third party, that "aggrieved party" must be afforded an opportunity to have its response publicized during the report in question.
It was also resolved that before recycling the report in subsequent news broadcasts, deeper checks of the data must be conducted.
JCPA vs. B'Tselem
The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs published a report in October showing that B'Tselem had reported exaggerated and inaccurate numbers of dead Palestinian civilians in clashes with Israeli troops.
Yonatan D. HaLevy, author of the report, wrote that Israel's security network "barely does anything to combat its enemies who are trying to rule the message and the data that are fed to the news outlets and to create the 'historical truth.'"

DS comments:

Lise is doing fantastic work re: the Ford Foundation, I am getting tons of material from her, Yasher Koach gadol to her! Anybody who would like the material and is willing to help, please ask. I'll have to put it all together. Soon hopefully. She has given me so much information.

And of course, Eric Phelps is a fantastic resource with anything having to do with the Vatican, CHEERS AND KUDOS TO HIM TOO!

We need to put our heads, minds, and energies together, and we should be able to pull this off, between all of us!


3.And Adina said:

DS, which active groups in Israel do you think would most likely call their members to demonstrate against the Vatican? Since they are the principle mischief maker I believe they should be the prime target and it should be done in front of their main base in Jerusalem .

There are several Christian voices in Jerusalem like Stan Goodenough from 'Jerusalem Newswire', and also a Dutch Pastor(I am not sure of his name right now)who might want to assist.

DS answers:

I am asking all of you:

Please contribute with your ideas, together we should be able to pull this off!

Also, Adina, WHERE is their main base in Jerusalem????

4.bill said:

According to the Talmud, the sun stands for the power of the gentile nations.--That is why so many of them worship the sun.
When the sun is eclipsed, it hints that their power is waning.--Perhaps a hint that Moshiach is getting closer and closer.
Cheer up, all these troubles will soon come to a joyous end.

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