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Friday, January 30, 2009

One of the most brilliant columns of Barry Chamish I can recall. Thank you! Am adding his second column for convenience.

Barry, this time "the old man"outdid himself! Like old wine: getting better with time. Just brilliant! ( and yes, please let me sample some of your e-mails, thank you.


On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 3:09 AM, Barry Chamish <> wrote:

                                                                        OLD NEWS, OLD WRITER by Barry Chamish

      This writer must be getting old. The energy is fast dissipating. My hair is fading from red to gray. I can barely chew a peach. And the news is all old. I found the right perspective at the peak of my intellectual powers, and nothing has changed other than my desire to search for any new truth that may still be out there.
       Israel ended its latest mini-war in Gaza, and the war of attrition continues. And out of Gaza's rubble, great news. Syria wants peace.                                           

PM Ehud Olmert said that the Israeli offensive in Gaza may help reaching an accord with Syria. ''The negotiations with Syria will lead to an accord in the end,'' he said. (Guysen.International.News)

Meir Shetreet: Lease Golan for 25 years and then buy it from Syria

"And with regard to the Golan - I am for real peace. There will be Syrian
sovereignty in the Golan. Real peace means that they lease the Golan to us
for 25 years and after 25 years we will see that there is peace - we will
purchase the Golan from them. The Americans purchased Alaska. The area of
the Golan is half of one percent of the area of Syria."
Minister Meir Shetreet (Kadima) at meeting sponsored by the Council for
Peace and Security on 22 January 2009
as reported in a summary written by Uri Reychav

       Now may I can ask; what connection does Gaza have with peace on the Golan? What is Olmert mumbling about? Worse, Pres. B. Assad of Syria responded within two days of his mumbles, telling a Lebanese newspaper that he is ready to negotiate peace, "even with Netanyahu." Meaning, more great news for Israel in the next government. And as for Israel; it's prepared to buy the Golan from Syria.
       The old writer's memory kicks in and he's back to the mid-90s when he earned most of his income writing for trade magazines. I was glancing through the real estate pages of the Hebrew newspaper, Globes, when I saw a small item about a little deed Israel owns. It seems that the French Rothschild family, in the late nineteenth century, purchased 20,000 acres in the Golan Heights and in nearby Syria. The deed was later transferred to the real estate arm of Israel, the Jewish National Fund.
        I immediately saw the historic diplomatic significance of the item and called my PR source at the JNF. Back then I wrote for a few of the world's biggest water industry journals and the JNF were very pleased with my prominent articles. So I took the liberty of asking my source to photocopy this Syrian land deed for my next story. She promised to call me back and when she did, it was with a request to meet with the spokesman for the JNF.
       One can only imagine the extravagant office the head of an agency collecting hundreds of millions of dollars annually must be; the Georgian furniture, tasteful 18th century Flemish art, rare Middle Eastern carpets. Well, forget it, this was Israel. The only art were hoaky JNF redeem the land posters and the furniture was an old desk and the same chairs as in the reception area. The impression of the office has withstood the ravages of the writer's memory.
        As did what the spokesman told me. "We can't give you a photocopy of the deed. The government sequestered it. And, off the record, I'm asking you not to remind your readers about the matter."
        "Is that your idea?" I asked.
        "Between us, no. My superiors consider this a very sensitive subject."
        "Then you realize that the JNF owns proof that Israel owns a good chunk of Syria and we could negotiate with the Syrians with a pat hand?"
        "Owned. The proof was removed. And don't ask me the ways of diplomacy. This is the one JNF issue that we are banned from publicizing."

       The old writer has had it trying to convince the under-thinking public that a little 4200 member think tank in New York called the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) is determining the future or lack thereof of Israel. And he is under-exuberant about the tragically farcical state of Jewish political writing, full of complaints and a paucity of deep analysis. I will add CFR to the following characters of this tragic farce. You can google, CFR membership list, yourself and see if the old man was always right:

Column One: History's tragic farce
Jan. 23, 2009

It is a fundamental truth that while history always repeats itself, it almost never repeats itself precisely. There is always a measure of newness to events that allows otherwise intelligent people to repeat the mistakes of their forebears without looking completely ridiculous. In December 2000, outgoing president Bill Clinton (CFR) appointed Mitchell (CFR) to advise him on how to reignite the "peace process" after the Palestinians rejected statehood and launched their terror war against Israel in September 2000.
Given this, it is hard to believe that with the advent of the Obama administration, we are seeing history repeat itself with nearly unheard of exactness. US President Barack Obama's reported intention of appointing former Sen. George Mitchell (CFR) as his envoy for the so-called Palestinian-Israeli peace process will provide us with a spectacle of an unvarnished repeat of history...
           The likes of Madeleine Albright (CFR), Powell (CFR) and Condoleezza Rice (CFR) claimed that Fatah's collusion with Hamas and Islamic Jihad and its leading role in terror was a  
           consequence of insufficient Israeli support for Arafat.


      Now here is something to tickle the dying sense of humor of any old bard. It's so much harder to get a good laugh these days. The dictator of Libya, Muamar Qaddafi, was ordered to assume credit for a NY Times Op-Ed. Within, the real authors note that there "definitely" was a Holocaust, so the Jews have an equal claim to Israel as the Arabs. Qaddafi's thoughts alright!
      The old grey matter kicks in again. In the late 80s sometime, you look it up, I'm too overworked, Yasir Arafat's plane crashed in Libya, and Qaddafi allowed the US Air Force to go looking for him. I told you. Don't ask why. You think I know everything? Or even anything? They just did, okay?
      The Americans rescued Arafat alive and he was transferred to a military hospital where he, "underwent extensive neurological care." Afterward he was unleashed on the world. I told you, I'm not making this up. It really happened.

The New York Times January 22, 2009
Op-Ed Contributor
The One-State Solution
Tripoli, Libya

     Disappointment haunted all his dreams. The writer spent years researching his book, Save Israel, which proved that the top man on the Middle Eastern diplomatic food chain is King Juan Carlos of Spain, the Vatican's point man. Oh forget it. It takes too much time to explain. Sure you can eat anything you want, but how come Juan Carlos visited Qaddafi at the same time as the op-ed appeared. You think that was a coincidence, you moron?

 Just interesting!
King Juan Carlos is off to Libya tomorrow…

The movement to liberate Jonathan Pollard was as hilarious as ever this month. They actually petitioned outgoing Pres. Bush to pardon him. They claimed to have clogged
the White House switchboard. When it was over, the ancient scribe received this note circulating in the free Pollard world.

I have been trying for years to get to the bottom of this...maybe Barry Chamish is right?

     Whoopee. The closest any doddering old man longs for, reluctant vindication. In a last act of defiance before his motor conks out, the cryptic scribe wrote each of the e-mails requesting that I phone the White House for Jonathan; "PM Peres abused Pollard's data and created Iran Contra which almost destroyed the Bush dynasty, and you expect him to even consider pardoning him. Go waste someone else's time."
      Crank to the past. Six summers ago, a group of Pollard supporters, confused and some, disgusted, with the leadership of his "wife" gave me 3000 shekels to find out why Pollard is still sitting in prison. I had a head start and the energy to run with it. A friend, who won't allow me to name him, had written a book about the Bush family. A sizable chunk was about Pollard. He also gave me people to call. Fast off the marker, within a month I had the real story of Jonathan Pollard. It became a chapter of my book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. You go buy it at No more freebies from me. Just know that Pollard is now quoting me word for word. And tell your friends too. I'm worn out.

The Case of Jonathan Pollard Raises Troubling Questions
Richard Cummings - WorldNetDaily - [Original date of publication: December
21, 2008 ]

Pollard learned as well that Bechtel - the American construction giant for
which Weinberger had served as general counsel and for which then-Secretary
of State George Shultz had served as CEO - was facilitating the construction
of the plant through a number of different companies. The firms were
camouflaging it as a "dual-use facility that could be explained away as a
fertilizer plant..." When Pollard's handlers asked him to provide them with the information to
confirm that what Weinberger had told them was true, he produced the
"irrefutable evidence" - there was, in fact, a large chemical weapons
"Bill Casey wanted me out of the country," he asserts. "To understand my
case," Pollard sums up, "it has everything to do with Iran-Contra."


Lucky readers. You get a whole lecture from me. Write me at  for the DVD.

'Judea, Samaria and the 'peace' process'

pt 1 ~
pt 2 ~
pt 3 ~
pt 4 ~

Tough Judaism:



"...That's how the truth is buried in Israel, and somehow, these tricks work. The same methods were used to cover up the Rabin assassination..."

"...However, a few hundred thousand people saw the film on their screens and they will never forget the truth. If the Rabin assassination doesn't bury Labor Zionism for good, then 100,000 Radiations eventually will..."
Sabbatain Leader?

Several Iranian media sources are quoting Mahdi Khazali – the son of a leading supporter of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – as having written in a blog that the president has Jewish roots. So reports the Hebrew-language Omedia website and Radio Free Europe.

Khazali, son of Ayatollah Abu Al-Kassam Khazali, says that Ahmadinejad changed his Jewish name on his ID card in order to hide his roots. Khazali the son says that the president hides his Jewish roots by attacking Israel and the Jews, and by expressing strong Muslim religious beliefs.

A record of the name change still appears on the president's ID card, however, says Khazali. His old name was Saburjian, and he hails from the Aradan region of Iran. The accusations appear in an article Khazali wrote entitled, "The Jews in Iran." He says the time has come to "reveal the truth" about the Jews' role in Iran.
Ahmadinejad's relatives once told the British paper "The Guardian" that the family had changed its name for "a mixture of religious and economic reasons."

Let it be said that I accurately predicted this war in my book Bye Bye Gaza.

"You've done it. Your news service is more informative than your writing."
Not REALLY a compliment, but my alternative news service is becoming very popular with its readers. And it's pay as you can. Write me for free samples.

  ISRAEL LOSES and How It Could Have Been Different
                                                                                   by Barry Chamish

    Such a waste of lives, property and dignity, just to pave the way for the next and bigger waste of lives, property and dignity over Gaza.
    Condeleeza Rice forced a ceasefire down Israel's throat, co-signed by Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Britain and the EU...the usual gang of warmongers. This, as the IDF was poised to rid the world of Hamas and bring in Fatah to rule Gaza. It's heads or tails anyway you look at it. But for this fight, Israel had the quiet, jubilant backing of Egypt, Fatah and the ruling establishment of much of the Arab world. It won't ever be this good diplomatically again.
     Knowing that the government was about to betray the south of the country, and its bravest soldiers who saw comrades fall for nothing, as usual, an atrocity was launched to immediately change public opinion. In the spirit of the shadow government's slaughter of  Arabs in 1994 to push along the withdrawal from Hebron, another Arab was chosen as the object of the Israeli people's instinctive pity. A Gazan surgeon who works in Israel, Dr.Izzeldin Abublaish, had his home targeted by an Israeli tank, losing three daughters, and the hideous scene was reported seconds later by the grieving, shocked doctor by cellphone to TV Channel Ten's reporter Shlomi Eldar.
     And if you think this ghastly massacre wasn't planned, then you don't know the psychological warfare the Israeli government and media play with the people.
     Now with Israel pulling out, Hamas will tell its people they won. And God save anyone who disagrees.The little bully Hamas will shout that Israel cheated. They played dirty. And the mean old Americans backed them up, thus, we stood up to the greatest fighters on earth. Therefore, we are the bravest of them all.
    (He said we were hiding all through the fighting. That's slander. Behead him.)
    But bigmouth Hamas knows he was overpowered and he's already preparing to bring bigger kids with him next time. But first, a little body-building course is called for. And someday the pipsqueak boaster is going to grow up and he's going to be bigger than Israel. And Israel will regret not finishing him off when they had their chance. But Israel chickened out and it will eventually pay for it.
    For now, Israel is going to learn that mass destruction isn't winning. That 1400 enemy bodies isn't winning. Only victory is winning.
    This is in stark contrast to the war I fought in, the Lebanon War of 1982. Then, the government stated the war's goal was to remove the PLO from the region. To do so, at great cost, it entered Beirut and surrounded the PLO's neighborhoods. It took almost two months but the PLO were forced onto ships out of Lebanon.
    To prevent loss of life, the IDF showered a targeted neighborhood with leaflets offering a choice; the PLO surrenders within 24 hours and comes out with its arms in the air, or your neighborhood will be destroyed, including, if need be, by carpet bombing. Innocents were told where to gather safely. It was up to the PLO to save the neighborhood by complying with Israel's terms. There was no room for negotiation. It was unconditional surrender or continuing war.
    It was a nasty strategy interspersed with utilities cutoffs and the like, but this was a war of survival and Israel won it. And if Israelis with a different agenda hadn't shoved the Oslo war accord down the country's throat a decade later, this latest bloodbath would never have occurred.
    In this invasion Israel should have offered as a first condition; bring us Gilad Shalit, or more likely, his remains, to our lines within 24 hours or face our wrath. That is war with a purpose. The only purpose of the latest invasion was to prepare for the next one. And I have a fair idea when it will come.
    Few bothered to notice, but in the twenty days of the Gazan operation, it only rained once, and barely. By joining Jordan and the PA with Israel's water grid in the name of peace, the Kinneret and the artesian wells which served Israel well for 60+ years, in drought and plenty, are all but used up. Come summer, the next fight will be over a glass of water.

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