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Monday, January 12, 2009

Re: Shame On Bush And Condi SOME MORE COMMENTS and discussions...

Zerach said:

Tactically speaking, there is a perfect way to fight this fight and win, without any innocent blood spilled....  All citizens of Gaza will be asked to leave their homes to a Tent City for one weeks time... All of their needs will be taken care of.
Once the city is empty of civilians, only the Hamas will be left.... At that time, the IDF can go house to house and seak the hidden storage places and destroy all the weaponry.  The only lives lost will then be Hamas members.
If the goal is to win.... this is the plan that will work.
After all the weapons are destroyed (or at least removed from the hands of Hamas) then we can work on securing the borders & tunnels... Then we can work on Peace. Anything less will never be safe. 

Scott Brown
646-417-2736 Cell

DS replied:

Good idea! The only problem is, Fatah and a zillion other groups are also working alongside Hamas. Maybe you mean, CIVILIANS should leave?

Zerach responded:

civilians is the word I meant .... if the terrorists want to walk out unarmed and leave their arms behind... that's ok.   At a minimum, the goal is to remove their weapons... ALL of them. If we an take away all the weapons and stop the flood of weapons into the area... then we can deal with the "terrorists" later.

DS answered:

Great idea. Isn't it what Obama wants to do with the citizenry?


radio rote said:

Should there be a puncture in the relationship, I would think it would come from the Israeli side. Dealing with the passive-aggressive behavior of Carter and Bush 1 was one thing, being physically bullied and otherwise threatened by Bush and Condi is another.
Since 2001, correct me if I am wrong, 8,000 missiles were delivered from Gaza and maybe 800 this last year(?).
There was a Lebanese campaign goaded on by Bush and Condi as a way to force Iran into a settlement on Iraq, as the admninistration simutaneously invited an Iranian 'moderate' , Khatami, to the US while the conflict escalated. The admninistration dropped support in the Isaeli-hez war, Khatami visited, and nothing was resolved.
How much aid does Israel receive from the US? Less than 2% of the Israeli GDP? For a poor country that is OK, but really a drop in the bucket. It is 'safe' to hand out a yearly foreign aid package to Israel, considering the money will be spent on US arms -- but not enough money to hold over Israel's head.
Israel needs the US now and then and vice versa. There is little holding them together and Israel could care less after what it has been through from being a pawn in the US-Iraq war to Gush Katuf.
If the Obama ("Bushrak") administration drifts from Israel, it is only due to the course set by Bush. One can not turn a ship of state that quicky to another direction, if that is what is to happen.
That is just the way it is and nothing more.


Carl said:

What kind of misled statement is that?


My other question is:

Will Olmert, Livni and company EVER wake up and realize that we have NO FRIENDS in the world, except Hashem?...

DS replied:

Well, Carl, you are so right, That was not fair of me. Maybe I meant, friends as heads of state, etc. This is how I should have expressed it, Yes, you are right, we do have friends, unfortunately, our friends are also going to find themselves in a difficult predicament. All countries have sold us out, just look at the vote of the US, not ONE country on our side.

So, do we, or don't we have friends ???

In friendship

Carl commented:

Every head of state is subject to the Jesuit General and the Vatican.  Therefore, their politics must be geared towards doing their bidding.  So you know where that leaves Israel.  Only those that trust in Moshiach and his promises for Israel can be Israel's true friends.  Roman Catholic doctrine is straight from hell and leaves no room for any promises for Israel.  Therefore, the Roman Catholic heirarchy believes and says Amen to Ahmadinejad's desire to "wipe Israel off the map."  In fact, I doubt if they were even his own words, but the words of his master who rules from Rome. 

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