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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Re: This is brilliant! Ending the West’s Proxy War Against Israel ; please read below

Adina commented:

DS, while this analysis is truly brilliant I would add one more dimension. I believe that all the 'leading lights' in the west who refuse to dismantle UNRWA know precisely what they are doing. They are aiming for 'destruction of Israel by(western) proxy'.Tragic, but no less true.


And DS replies:

I was fascinated by this idea of the youth bulge, and as I was checking out related articles, I stumbled upon this amazing expose of the whole concept of the YOUTH BULGE, and how it is a axiom of the CIA , and therefore how the CIA does everything it can to stop youth bulges in countries it wishes to control.

Now, extrapolate this to YESHA, and you start to understand Olmert/Barak/CIA policies. The theory is, once a population reaches a youth bulge of 20%, the potential for revolution by all these "angry young men" is magnified.

So, even though the settler community is not black, is not "brown", it is considered threatening because of its ideology opposed to secular culture, and also because of the high fertility rate of its women, who marry very young. Hence the PATHOLOGICAL, FRANTIC DESIRE on the part of the CIA/CFR allied Israeli government to STOP THIS YOUTH BULGE IN ITS TRACKS.

This article is a real eye-opener. I will not print it, but you can read it at this link:



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