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Saturday, January 24, 2009

This feeds right into the YOUTH BULGE THEORY.See below, the close working relationship between Mitchell and Zinni, and Zinni's take on the theory. Dayan might be quipping, but he is NOT FAR OFF!!!


This link tells you who George Mitchell is. First of all, a CATHOLIC, educated at the JESUIT UNIVERSITY OF GEORGETOWN, besides being of Arab descent ( and the son of a janitor: for sure he must love Jews!)

2. (MARCH 2002)

The Mitchell plan

The trip is Zinni's third to the region. Mitchell said his return does not mean his previous mission, late last year, failed -- but rather that the United States was simply persevering and patient. "You just have to keep at it until peace is achieved," he said.

The plan that Mitchell helped broker, dubbed the Mitchell Commission plan, calls for an immediate cease-fire by both sides and the resumption of security cooperation. Once those steps have been taken, the plan calls for a cessation of Jewish settlement construction in Gaza and the West Bank, a denunciation of terrorism and the resumption of peace talks, among other steps.



"Youth Bulge" vs. Resources

In line with the US's post-Second World War fears that a growing population of unruly young people could interfere with its resource flows, the "youth bulge" has also been seen, both before and after 9/11, as a factor complicating strategic control of Middle Eastern oil exports. Anthony Cordesman opens his remarks on the "youth bulge" and other challenges to the US military by noting that neither 9/11 or the "war on terror" changed the basic reasons for the US military presence in the Middle East:

"... we need to remember what our key strategic priorities are. The United States is ever more dependent on a globalized economy, and the global economy is becoming steadily more dependent on Middle Eastern energy exports."51

General Anthony C. Zinni, former Commander in Chief of US Central Command (USCENTCOM), agrees. In testimony before the Armed Services Committee in March 2000, he asserts that "primary among US interests in the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility is the promotion of regional stability and the insurance of uninterrupted, secure access to Arabian Gulf energy resources."52 "Youth bulge" extremism, he goes on, threatens that objective. Zinni, as well as other proponents of the "youth bulge" theory, also notes that population growth in the Arabian Gulf region is "increasing dramatically, putting pressure on natural resources, specifically water, and economic systems."


22:55 , 01.24.09


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Settlers concerned by new US Mideast envoy

The appointment of US Mideast Envoy George Mitchell is "very disturbing," Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan told Ynet Saturday.


"Soon we will need to get Obama's request to have children," Dayan said, alluding to Mitchell's objection to allowing natural growth in West Bank settlements. (Efrat Weiss)




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