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Monday, January 5, 2009

Fwd: Israeli soldiers are saving Palestinians


Well, how crazy is it that Israel bombs their fuel depot and supplies them with fuel every day; they make Kassam rockets to shoot at Israeli cities with electricity supplied by Israel, iron sewer pipe bought in israel; they make the expolsives using sugar and chemical fertilizer supplied by Israel andf Israel funnels money to the Palestinian Authority, knowing that much of it is transfered to Gaza to pay "police" officers, who are in fact terrorists who shoot at Israelis? Do you think this country is run by people from a psycho ward? They are conforming to what the world demands of Israel. The fact is that the Israeli government does it quite willingly. The will of the world has become their own so they help people to kill Jews, whom they have the duty to defend. Is it any wonder that the government's objectives in this war are unclear to us? They are unclear to the psychotics who run the government.

From Gilbert

How crazy is that. Israeli soldiers are saving Palestinians from a tunnel that was built to kill them (the israelis).


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