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Monday, January 26, 2009

Somebody of a somewhat similar mind, although not totally: after all, WHO is the REAL RULING ELITE? The 18 families and the Supreme Court, or the Vatican?? Who is obeying whom?? WHO decides in which direction the country goes?

Let's cut through all the fluff.


There is only one reason to vote Likud and that is to make sure that Kadima does not get a chance to form a government with the Haredim (which they will readily agree to because of the BBI Factors: Bribery, Blackmail and Intimidation --- the Democratic Process).


On the other hand, Bibi has already made it clear that he is not to be trusted (just in case someone was in doubt) and neither is the Likud. I cannot explain why Benny Begin has joined but it doesn't matter. Bibi has packed the party with people like Dan Meridor, who is in the Likud (when he is in the Likud) only because his name is "Meridor." Being that he and people like him are the ones featured by Bibi means that the party is committed to the continuation of national debasement and surrender in the name of "peace." On the other hand, if Likud runs much stronger than Kadima and Labor, someone pointed out quite realistically, then Bibi will prefer to form a coalition with Kadima and Labor and leave the right out in the cold in feckless opposition.


Lieberman has come out in the past in favor of territorial exchanges with the "Palestinians," trading places like Um Al Fahm for the settlement blocs. But we know, as Eve Harrow pointed out, that any place given over to the Arabs will become a firing position against us and the world will sanctify it as "peace process." So Yisrael Beiteinu cannot be trusted either.


Yihud Leumi has yet to prove that it can even pass the threshold, let alone be big enough to be an effective force in either the coalition or in opposition. What to do?


Frankly, on the whole issue of the election, citizens, I fear we are shadow boxing. If, after all the country has been through in the last 16 years, we still have the same failed leaders being shuffled around like musical chairs, then there is no point in the whole game. If no one can get tens of thousands of Israelis out on the pavement in outrage, demanding an end to the Oslo process, constitutional reform, clipping the power of the Supreme Court and the criminal system of justice, and end to the iron control of the ruling elite, then Israelis are brain dead and voting for another ensemble consisting of the same old talking heads will change nothing.


Ya'akov Golbert

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