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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FW: Petition: No visits for Shalit? No Visits for Hamas prisoners!

C sent this. Thanks


As Naomi Ragen says, I don't normally forward petitions, but...



I don't usually get involved in forwarding petitions.  But this one is such
a good idea, I
feel compelled.  The petition asks the Israeli government immediately stop
all visits to Hamas prisoners held in Israeli jails until  such time as
Gilad Shalit is released, or  allowed visits.  Given the fact that Shalit
has not been allowed any visits from anyone, including the Red Cross, this
is not too much to ask.  The petition is in Hebrew.  There are three boxes.
In the top one fill in your name.  In the second, your age, and in the third
your city.  Please sign and pass on.



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