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Monday, January 12, 2009

Re: VERY IMPORTANT: REPORT FROM VICTIM OF MUSLIM ATTACKS ON JEWS IN NYC. IT HAS STARTED ALREADY! This is what Eric Phelps,expert on the Vatican, CFR, etc, has to say. Please pay attention, he knows what he is talking about!

E. Phelps writes:

Dear DS,
The Jews of NYC are targeted for elimination via the agents of the papacy.  What the Jesuit Nazi Gestapo and SS did to Vienna, Austria (that international, "diverse" city), they intend to do in NYC via the Department of Romeland Security.  Just as Hitler had the backing of Archbishop of Munich Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber, even so will Barry Davis Obama (or the coming fascist military dictator) have the backing of Archbishop of New York Edward Cardinal Egan.
And the Jesuits are the masters of the Ford Foundation.  If you check out 33rd Degree White Gentile Freemason Henry Ford, he had Jesuit ghost-writers who composed his series of anti-Jew articles in Ford's Dearborn Indendendent.  This is the same Henry Ford who backed both the Nazis and the Bolshevik Communists in preparation for WW II in which the pope would use both Jesuit Coadjutors Hitler and Stalin to purge the Jews from Eastern Europe---previously called the "Pale of Settlement."  And Ford was near to the Jesuit strongholds in Detroit, namely the University of Detroit Mercy, the Jesuit Provincial and Jesuit Community of Detroit---and most of all, the Order's great anti-Jew agitator, Priest Charles Coughlin, dubbed "the father of hate radio."
Thought this would help.
Brother Eric

DS asks:

Thank you for this extensive information, Dear Brother Eric.

What do you think, would demonstrations against the true perpetrators help at all? After all, in 2003, CONGRESS penalized the Ford Foundation for its support of Arab terror and forbade it to continue. Do you think they are honest enough, at this stage, to repeat the feat? Or is it too late in your eyes?


E. Phelps replies:

Dear DS,
It is never too late to do the right things.
I would carry out the demonstrations at those places listed below.  And for American Jews to demonstrate against Cardinal Egan in St. Patrick's in New York, at Rockefeller Center across the street from St. Patrick's, at Fordham University in the Bronx, at the CFR building in NYC, and at the Archbishop's Cathedral in Washington, what a message that would send!  It would prove to the people of the US and to the world that the Jews of NYC are against the papal Jesuit powers running the "political capital of the world."  This would diffuse much White KKK/neo-Nazi and Black NOI/neo-Nazi rhetoric that the Jews run NYC when in fact it is the "Powerhouse" of the Archbishop that calls all the shots---including 911.
Remember also, that the Ford Foundation is the mother of the Gameliel Foundation in Chicago founded by the Jesuit priest, Greg Galluzzo---Obama's secret master.  Obama's mother also worked for the Ford Foundation along with the father of the former NYC Fed Chairman, Timothy Geithner, now the Secretary of Treasury---the man who crashed the largely Jewish firm of Lehman Brothers and facilitated the Obama election.
Lord Bless,
Brother Eric


I was also thinking that it is interesting that the new "Kristallnacht" happened, of all places, in OBAMA'S TOWN CHICAGO. Now we see the link - thank you, E. Phelps -:

Obama's master is connected to the Ford Foundation in Chicago.... I wonder WHO was behind the vandalism of all those synagogues in Chicago, and did an actual repeat of Kristallnacht? Didn't I warn you, the night Obama was elected, that it was the 70th anniversary , according to the Jewish dates, of Kristallnacht?
Well, now it has come to pass, of all places, in Obama's old district. What do you say to that???

(Could we find out, surprise of surprises, that the Ford Foundation had SOMETHING to do with it? Let's follow this story closely.)


Actually, I have to correct A.M: this is NOT only the product of Islam. This is the product of the FORD FOUNDATION and its backers, the CFR, the Vatican, etc.,  and its activities inciting, supporting, financing, legalizing, abetting, defending, etc.murderous attacks and terror against Jews.


And if you have noticed, at the same time as this happened in NYC, they vandalized synagogues in Chicago.


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