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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Re: this is where the pictures came from. PLEASE READ BELOW, IMPORTANT.

SHmuel has this to say:

I think they should hide and write copious articles once there.
That's the ticket!
As you know I was raised amongst Gauchos in the Pampas and knew very little
about the origin of the Holocaust but did know about many other instances of Jewish
self driven disasters.
Fascinatingly it took for me to make "Aliah" to learn at least some of the key factors
leading to the Holocaust.
Here and in particular since "oslo" it has been a well displayed scenario easy to
understand.  We act collectively as suicidal maniacs and in my view probably genetically
distorted to be VICTIMS in all situations.
And to be honest with you what have seen so far deepened my initial suspicions
about our own people allowing and or even prompting such disasters.
It is really unbelievable that the associated murderers from oslo have huge pictures of
themselves all over Tel Aviv, ect, as "the candidates" again.  We must be totally
insane to even allow that rather than detaining the filth and electing NEW COURTS
to dump them into.
The WAR TIME honored alternatives for those in the midst are:

One cannot have both... Not ever. Un winning was not until oslo a war alternative.
One cannot really send soldiers to die so one can gain political or financial points.
Example: Halutz was edging his stock holdings in advance of war...
To passively hide is not one of the WAR scenarios recommended practices.
Unless of course one hides in ambush to destroy an enemy.   
Neither is "unwinning" Wars. Entering into wars to "minimize", "educate", etc, is simply
idiotic. In fact treasonous to the extreme.
WARS are the most terrible type of destructive confrontation whose objective is to
totally collapse the enemy. To WIN.
Finally. It is without a doubt a fact that the GoI in Eretz Israel has increasingly exposed
its unfitness to exist, leave alone fighting wars.
Concurrently Jews have proven to be a perfect match to that suicidal setting.
Since at least after the Yom Kippur War we observe the following israeli "war making" set up.
The GoI CAREFULLY brushes our deadly enemies into a neat little pile and places it under
a carpet as LIVE enemies and pretend that the fields of combat are "clean.
Many lives are lost doing that and many are maimed.
We had Arafat cornered in Beirut and allowed him and his beasts to board ships to
Africa rather than destroying that ghastly garbage. The rest in known. 
Nothing has changed since, in fact it is far worse.

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