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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fwd: War Crimes Charges Against IDF Officers

Thanks, A.M.


While Israeli judges have compiled a list of at least six categories with thousands of
specifications of International War Crimes committed by the Hamas leadership,
Europe is busy preparing to arrest Israeli military officers who travel to some 
European countries on business.
This is one of the reasons that the USA has not agreed to recognize the authority
of these political courts throughout Europe. Will BHO and the Dems reverse our
policy? Will they sign these sinister (leftist) treaties? So far, it's an open question
-- and we may all find ourselves subject to the jurisdiction of foreign courts for
alleged crimes never committed in their territories.  Wait and see.  - Allan

> War Crimes Charges Against IDF Officers
> Yechiel Spira - YWN Israel  -  19 Jan 2009
> Senior IDF commanders wishing to travel to Europe, for personal or professional reasons, are instructed to first check with the IDF Judge Advocate General before departing, and they may be instructed to postpone the trip. Officials fear that international arrest warrants may be issued against them for "war crimes" pertaining to their actions in Operation Cast Lead.
> Israel has learned that some human rights organizations have already busied themselves in gathering statements, photos and other evidence and are moving against Israel in The Hague International Court of Justice, seeking to charge Israel with war crimes. Officials in Jerusalem believe they will succeed in torpedoing such efforts by using diplomatic channels to block an in-depth investigation in such cases.
> Israel is increasingly concerned however with the possibility of European courts serving as hosts for cases seeking to charge senior government officials and senior IDF officers with war crimes for their role in the Operation Cast Lead. The European courts have by and large adopted the international standards and therefore, they are permitted to accept such cases alleging war crimes without proving any connection to the incidents in question.
> Israel realizes these courts do have the authority to immediately issue an international arrest warrant, a move that can be addressed in time, but not prevented. Some officials in Jerusalem fear the Arabs nations and their allies will work tenaciously to portray Israel in a very negative light, making comparisons to China following Tiananmen Square (1989) and Serbian leader Slobodan Milosovicz.
> Israel continues to explain to the international community that Hamas used women and children as human shields, but it appears it is not doing much to help the situation. In addition, with Gaza opening and the foreign media entering the area, photographers will be busy building their cases against senior government and military officials.
> In the past, trips to Europe of a number of former senior military commanders were canceled in response to arrest warrants including former IDF commander Moshe Ya'alon, former IDF Southern Commander Doron Almog and former senior Gaza Division officer Aviv Kochavi.

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