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Monday, January 26, 2009

Re: Mitchell: Apparently there is more than meets the eye with this Mitchell ( and Obama too) . Not only Yesha population control, but the NEW MIDDLE EAST PERES DREAMS OF: NO BORDERS.

First Alan, who is an Ulster specialist, has this to say about Mitchell, who brokered the Ulster deal.

And then look what the snake Peres has to say: HE loves Mitchell, of course, for a number of reasons, not least of which is Peres' NEW MIDDLE EAST VISION.

See below


 "What I have been saying all along".

2.DS asked:

So what does that mean, how do you understand this?



"they" are following the same model as Belfast. both the Tenet plan
  and Mitchell plan.

4.DS asked:

  OK, so how do you see things developing from here?



The same way as they did in Ulster, using the EU as the conduit to
  decommission weapons,and sell the agenda. United Europe no need for
  Irish Nationalist or British Loyalist/Unionists to keep killing each
  other over a defunct ideology. Ergo if the EU or EU clone were to be
implemented in the "Middle East" Peace in the "Middle East". No more
  Israeli's or Palestinians, rather a confederation, much like Cantonal
Switzerland, or the Benelux countries, only much more dysfunctional,
  being the "Middle East". All this fits nicely into the Peres/Gadaffi
  Israstine Economic paradise, which would be of sort like Vegas, but
  with much more history, and far more sleaze.

  The Paramilitaries in Ulster both Nationalist and Loyalist are still
  armed to the teeth, and biding their time, cognizant of their own
  conflict and history, they know it is only a matter of time before it
  all kicks off again, and are playing the splinter game inn the

6. DS asked:

I see. Thanks. But who is to say "we" will let him do what he wants. Of
  course, if the same zeros are up there, not a chance....
Shavuah Tov


7.ALAN replied:


I did not say that "they" would succeed, G-D has confounded "their"
plans until now. Unfortunately the other side is clear on it's agenda,
and do not tarry, and of course there is the 5th column.

8. And now, enters SHIMON PERES, and this is HIS opinion ( can't imagine why, can you?)

22:57 , 01.25.09


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Peres: Mitchell should be welcomed

President Shimon Peres called on Israel to welcome the new US envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell.


"In three days George Mitchell will arrive, and I've been reading in the papers that we need to prepare for pressure and almost to wear a bullet-proof vest. I'm not sure we should feel so pressured. How will the US pressure us?
To make peace?
I see Mitchell as an envoy of a good thing, of a country we support," he said. (Ronen Medzini)




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