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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Re: this is where the pictures came from. "WE MAY NEVER KNOW"" highlighted. Some comments.

Zerach wrote:

There were 7 or 8 bias attacks against Jews in Brooklyn in the past week n half. The Police and the District Att wanted NO PUBLICITY. The war was about to be over and they figured if they don't announce the attacks the rest of them will keep quiet and it would all soon blow over. If they did announce maybe Jews would retaliate physically, rallies, or even politically.

DS replies:


Are WE supposed to stay silent , and beaten up or worse, just so that THEY can have calm? What's the matter with you, Zerach: now we are supposed to just absorb blows, turn the other cheek, JUST LIKE ISRAEL, so the world can have peace? Is THAT the idea? And YOU, of all people, are OK with it?


And I am asking:

In how many more cities were there "bias attacks''  swept under the rug,please tell me?

Is THIS the future of world Jewry: silent attacks, with no demonstrations or retaliation permitted? Is this how fast things are a-changing in Obamaland?


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