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Friday, January 23, 2009

Re: Some responses to the question of whether to go hide, or whether to go confront Esav head-on; Some more responses. Please keep commenting: your opinion is very important to us! DS

Barry protested:

Esau is my favorite Biblical character. He has been defamed by you. He was a hunter, a man of action, who sold his useless birthright for a good meal. I'm not confronting him. We're on the same side. Barry

DS retorted:

What????????????????????? Do you have ANY idea what you are talking about?

I think, frankly, you need to study some Torah, to understand who Esav really was. Do you have ANY idea what the birthright meant? It meant RIGHT to ERETZ YISRAEL. ARE YOU READY TO GIVE THAT UP ALSO?

ESAV IS ROME, according to ALL THE sages. We are in the Galut of EDOM, EDOM is the other name of Esav, and it is a synonym to the Galut of Rome, since Rome destroyed the Second Temple. He was called EDOM because he was RED, a redhead, and red with blood.

You cannot be on the side of Esav, and at the same time, be against the Vatican. IMPOSSIBLE! If you think you can, that means you haven't studied Torah at all. GO BACK TO YESHIVAH!!!!

SHmuel continued:

Hard wiring I understand and it looks to me curiously related to a DNA loop arrangement...
that originally was not there and that was implanted by specialized selection.
I always suspected the Nazi other motives not just immediate extermination.
The hard wire examples are very good Jack.
Polo ponies in Argentina are inbred and conditioned for many generations for the polo game.
A thoroughbred pony would chase any rolling white object even if the animals have been
removed from playing for several generations.
"Ratting dogs" are formed over generations of terrible female dogs formatting into hating rats.
I will not detail how it was done.
Now to our thing...
We Jews cannot accept the "defending" profile implanted into our genes so it appears.
We must follow King David's and his generals ways
There are many reasons NOT TO REMAIN limited to intermarry amongst a few million survivors.
That is a sinister way to form Jews of the types we see here in control.  "Defending" zombies.
Ingratiating tl's. Capos. Traitors for the sake of own survival.
We instinctively formed plans addressing all of that.
Bottom line is that we must have the people recognize their real danger and flush the formatted
galutiennes KBNMT.
Why us?
For some strange reason some of us did not fall into the pool and detected the flaw.
Regretfully if we do not break loose from the pit, our being aware will not help.


DS asks:

what is tl, what is KBNMT?


Yaakov added:

I don't know why us? Why, for some strange reason some of us did not fall into the pool and detected the flaw, as you say. I have thought about it many times. It was not an easy transition in my case, although my father was a fighter. I never saw him do it and it was just stories to me, except that it's in the cellular memory, like the thrill of the hunt and the knowledge that associates it with the sight and sound of the shofar. Still, it was not easy. I have not related the story to many people of how my transition began, the awakening experience, but it is one of the things I have written for my children and grandchildren. See the attachment.


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