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Sunday, November 23, 2008

That would be very good, provided the selection process for residents is removed from the current occupants of Hevron, who only pick their own buddies to live there. Hevron belongs to the JEWISH PEOPLE, and not to A FEW SELECT FAMILIES! Any Jew who w

MK Ariel Proposes Hevron Renewal Program

Cheshvan 25, 5769, 23 November 08 09:00

( National Union Knesset Member Uri Ariel has proposed a renewal program for the Jewish community in Hevron, which would attract 10,000 residents. Writing in the weekly Torah study sheet M'at Min Ha'or (literally "a little bit from the light"), MK Ariel urged the creation of a Hevron development group that would facilitate buying Arab property. He wrote that there are several building programs that have been approved but are being held up by the government.

He also proposed enlarging archaeological projects in the city and increasing tourism. MK Ariel and his family stayed in Hevron this past Sabbath, when the Torah reading of the week opens up with the purchase by Abraham of the Patriarchs' Cave, where forefathers and three matriarchs are buried.

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