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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Re: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND TIMELY INFORMATION: don't think that with this election behind us, all is nice and dandy: IF OBAMA GETS DECERTIFIED DECEMBER 1ST, AND 13TH, BE PREPARED FOR MAJOR RIOTS AND POSSIBLY.... see below

 Jack the lawyer wrote:

I'm not about to second guess this one. As they say, the Supreme Court reads the election returns and they know all hell will break loose if they disqualify Obama on "technical" Constitutional grounds. On the other hand, here is a man arogantly flouting the courts and the Constitution. Does the law govern everyone or not? If he lost his citizenship and did not reacquire in when he reached age 18, then he is not a citizen at all and cannot sit in the US Senate either. Some suspect that his real biological father was Frank Marshall Davis, in which case, the birth certificate (if there is one in Hawaii) the space for "father" might have been left blank. With his grandmother deceased, there is no one who can testify to paternity. If it lists Davis as the father, then he would not have lost his citizenship when his mother renounced hers. That would be the only way to avert either a Constitutional crisis or a capitulation to a flagrant trampling of it. Stay tuned.

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