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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Re: So, fellow Israelis, what do we do now??????Article from DEBKAfile - Iran has enough nuclear material for a single A-Bomb IAEA

SHmuel said:

Jews will do what we always do. Talk and talk and do some wine and cheese parlor meetings and then whine and either run away or die.
We have tried for almost a decade to wake them up but they keep on crossing tees and doting i's, pontificating, blabbing, "majering", shvetzing, protesting/whining, writing interminable missives, begging...
Here it goes again
The unJews knew for well over 10 years that Iran planned to build nuclear weapons. And did nothing.
Much as the gruesome trash did nothing to defend us during the Lebanon War or they do in Sderot and Ashkelon and ototo in Ashdod.
The unJews are murderers and cowards dressed up as "ethrogim".  They will mass murder Jews rather than fighting for the Nation.
That is the post Jewish israeli "j..a".
STEP #1:
THE PEOPLE MUST WIPE OUT from any position of control ALL OF THE unJews.From Peres and down the line. To jails and to courts, freely elected courts.
THE PEOPLE must elect a new JEWISH NATIONAL ASSEMBLY replacing the corrupt "knesset".
THE PEOPLE MUST disband the self elected garbage passing a "supreme court" and VOTE for NEW JEWISH JUDGES.
And then severely replace the military, police and 'shabbak' commands.  The Jewish Sektion must be erased and ALL there detained prior to judgment. 
Void all Oslo agreements and derivatives and issue a 48 hour ultimatum to Iran to comply and suspend all nuclear activities. Those actions to be corroborated by JEWISH officers residing in Eretz Israel.
Should they fail. Destroy all of their facilities and if anyone goes to their defense also assure their utter destruction.
There is a problem with Russia and some others on this but we must do what we need to do and so be it.
After assuring National survival proceed to re deploy diplomatically.
Cut all links with the UN.
All Embassies must move to Jerusalem or leave the country.
Our diplomats will be changed and those in countries that refuse to move to Jerusalem shall leave our embassies there.
Other subjects as a NEW LABOR UNION, settlements, education will also be completely re vamped.
DS replied:
I am all for it. How do we begin??

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