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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ISRAELI FEARS: Behind the Strategy of Appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

Thank you, ET, for this most penetrating article.  DS

Behind the Strategy of Appointing Hillary Clinton
as Secretary of State

The proposed appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has many political observers baffled, but it shouldn't. It's actually a quite clever move, which can be summed up in two words-- Plausible Deniability.

And a major target for which that will be needed is Israel.

Appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State will create an interesting situation because as a major former rival, Hillary Clinton will be seen as distinct and even independent from Obama, freeing him from a good deal of the responsibility for her actions. With just about any other Secretary of State, their actions would reflect on Obama. But Hillary Clinton is such a major personality that it will be easy for the Obama Kleptocracy to disown her at its convenience.

Hillary Clinton wanted a whole other role in the Cabinet, but instead as Secretary of State she will have very little domestic power but a great deal of power overseas. This will close the door on her ability to threaten Obama's power base at home, while at the same time cutting off the head of the conservative Democratic Leadership Council, a major source of interparty opposition, and freeing up a Senate seat in New York for a major ally of his. A solid three pointer.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will carry most of the weight and blame for what will happen in Iraq and Afghanistan, making her into a highly visible lighting rod for the Anti-War camp, which is already assailing Obama.

More importantly though, Hillary Clinton will be a gun pointed at Israel's head. There is one foreign policy accomplishment that the Clintons are known for and that is Oslo. Over the last decade and a half, while Russia has gone from democracy back to tyranny and radical Islam has run wild across the Muslim world, the State Department and successive Secretaries of State and President have had one foreign policy priority above all others, to force Israel to make enough concessions to Terrorism to birth a "viable" Palestinian state.

Hillary Clinton is an ideal choice for the job. First she has bafflingly high ratings from the Jewish community. This makes her perfect for sticking in the knife without anyone daring to complain. Second of all, she's associated with Oslo by way of her husband, and will naturally be able to drag in Rabin and the usual bundle of cliches.

Third once in office she will have no choice but to go after Israel. Secretary of State is a mostly thankless job. The only way she can succeed and distinguish herself with a major triumph that would give her a legacy and position her for a hypothetical 2016 Presidential run. And there is only one place she can go for that legacy, and that is by following her husband with another White House Rose Garden photo op between Abbas and Livni, putting into place a Palestinian State.

This cynical awareness is behind her appointment and her slow reluctant acceptance. Her job once in office will be to take a beating for the lack of change abroad and to browbeat and blackmail Israel into cutting a deal that will create an expanded terrorist state headed by a puppet government ripe for a Hamas takeover... with its capital in Jerusalem.
That is the ugly bottom line. It's also why the new motto of Pro-Israel activism should be "Obama Hands Off Israel." A cynical game in which Hillary Clinton is forced to play Bad Cop on Israel while Obama gets to play the Good Cop is an intolerable deception that must be torn down by holding Obama accountable for pressure placed on Israel to give in to terrorism.

With a likely National Security Advisor who wants NATO troops in Israel's West Bank protecting Fatah and Hamas terrorists, the game pieces are being moved into place. It will soon be the time for bold confrontational activism that challenges the Kenyan occupant of the White House directly by attacking what he values most, his popularity.

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