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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Caisse Group Benin Sarl
Networking Information and  Resources Worldwide.
Cadjèhoun, Route Inter-Etat Cotonou/Lomé, Cotonou.
Email: (


I am  Adelou R. Akambi a broker with Caisse Group Benin Sarl, Benin Republic. We
have a client a top government official  who is interested to invest in your country on partnership basis.
Sequel to this , she has asked me to look for and recommend a reputable and reliable person/company who can conveniently and sincerely be in partnership with her in the Real Estate investment or other field.
In her quest, I deem it most necessary to contact you, if you can willingly accept this offer and forward us with business opportunities in your country which will be very lucrative to both parties in the nearest future.
We will most appreciate it if you can give this investment enquiry a food of thought as we want you to respond to this message as quick as possible.
Finally,be informed that all capital investment shall be provided by my client while all business plans,feasibilty and ideas shall be made available by you according to the code of investment in your country..

Kindly send your reply to: My Private Email: (
For easy communication you have to send the followings informations.
(A) Your Telephone and Fax Number
(B) Your Full Name and Contact Address.
(D) Your Company Name and Address.
Best Regards,
Adelou R. Akambi
Director of Operations.
Caisse Group Benin Sarl

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