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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Re: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND TIMELY INFORMATION: don't think that with this election behind us, all is nice and dandy: IF OBAMA GETS DECERTIFIED DECEMBER 1ST, AND 13TH, BE PREPARED FOR MAJOR RIOTS AND POSSIBLY.... see below

 SHmuel said:

I suspect the subject mainly because Mr. Obama has caused those suspicions. If Mr. Davis was his father the rest is irrelevant. If he is not recorded as his father and he did not report that... BIG PROBLEM.
My guess is that the subject will be put to sleep after they put good ole O under the rope in waiting.
He will be told to either toe the line or else the truth would somehow be made public.
We have here large amounts of "files" that were used to blackmail targeted folk either into our out of "office" and then set aside.
Lets wait about three weeks...

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